5 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being a Tall Guy!


Hey! It’s your boy Hal and today I’m gonna talk about something interesting. Yes, height. Well I’m not some “Way-big” but I’m 6 feet which is 5-6 inch taller than an average person in my country. So, here are some advantages I enjoy being a tall guy-

5 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being a Tall Guy!

1) You get a greater sight

This is one thing you all might have observed. Tall guys never go unnoticed. Even in the crowd, they are the ones being pointed out. They don’t face trouble watching their favourite singer on stage no matter how much people are around. Moreover, tallness is somehow related to masculinity(I don’t know how lol) so you still have a chance being an “Alpha Male” lmfao😂😝

5 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being a Tall Guy!

2) You get a higher chance with girls

Tallness is a headturner for many girls. Most girls love to be with guys taller than them and when you’re “too tall”, you simply have a higher domain. And some girls are so crazy that for them, any super-tall guy is a heart-melter no matter how his features are. So yeah, you’re on a brighter side XD

5 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being a Tall Guy!

3) You don’t get problem doing chores

Being a tall guy, one thing I’ve loved the most is that “step-stool” isn’t a part of your life. Unlike tjose shorties, you don’t have to struggle and jump and cling on those chairs to grab some book kept in the shelf. You don’t have trouble touching the roofs of slightly lower altitude. And when everyone around calls you for help with something residing at the height, you feel none less than Superman😂😂

5 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being a Tall Guy!

4) You feel comfortable on your legs

You get a nice set of long legs which help you cover larger distance in a time duration. You run faster than others even when you’re not that active. Long legs are like wonders for you. You enjoy counting on your legs and why won’t you? You’ve finally got something you can be proud of lol.

5 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being a Tall Guy!

5) You are never denied entries

Well I don’t really watch “adult” movies but the last one I watched was a year ago- Kingsman: The Golden Circle(I even wrote a review on it). It was 18+ here(strict censor board lol) and I was just 15 then but guess what? I’m tall, so I look older and no one stops daddy from entering the movie hall 😂😛

5 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being a Tall Guy!

Well that’s it for this time😬

Thanks for reading this and tolerating me lol

Love ya all❤️

See ya!😛

5 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being a Tall Guy!
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  • CubsterShura
    6 feet and above is a no for me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-
    Issokay bro you're still appreciated. :3
  • Dumbbrunette
    Yeah I agree with you being tall is fun especially as a girl cause you get to shame all the short guys!!:):)
  • Blackbrowny
    ohhh 6 feet? how cute :D... i am 6,7 but dont worry i would still date you if you are a nice guy even if you are that short ;)
    • That's really tall for a girl or even for a guy. I'm 6'5.

    • @Blackbrowny I’d give you a call someday😜😂😂

    • ahh how sweet... but sorry iam taken :D

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  • Angelina25
    Dude I'm older to you. And guess what I'm 5ft. Only.


    I've embarrassed myself enough today !!!
  • simplyaramdomgirl
    Number 2 is completely acurrate. I'm 5'9 which is above average in girls and tall guys always peak my interest. I think I'd look weird with a short guy. Not to mention all the awkward things that with a taller guy would be so much smoother. My preferred heigh is 6'0-6'4 since even with heels the guy's still a few inches taller than me. I just love a man that can embrace me and spoon me and make me feel tiny and cuddly. There's just something about a taller guy that makes me feel safe and loved.
    • LeFae

      Same here, I'm also 5"9 and a taller guy just makes me feel safer and protected, it's weird but not something I can help feeling or thinking. I also don't like being tall, it's something I'm self conscious about so dating a shorter guy would just remind me of that all the time and make me feel like a giant. :(

    • @LeFae Ugh same. Short guys for me are friends, not really dating material. I just cringe when I see a tall girl with a short guy, which is like pretty rare on its own. I don't know I just figure that it would look so uncomfortable, and kind of silly. It's partly why short guys are just not for me. Haha.

    • Thanks for being honest so, I'm pretty much doomed 😔

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  • Celtero
    6'3" guy here to say it's fucking overrated. Back problems, knee problems, hitting your head on shit, never enough leg space, need a lot more muscle mass to look muscular, you don't actually notice you're taller from your own perspective, it doesn't actually help with girls if you've got low self-esteem and social anxiety, getting clothes that fit is a bitch.

    #5 is false when you've got a baby face like me, #4 is false if you get shin splints like me, #3 is false if you've gotta clean something close to the floor... But hey, at least I can see over some heads in a crowd.
  • Nxtawm
    The step stool thing is true! I've only had the problem of trying to reach for a high shelf a few times, I usually just climb the counters, but I don't have that problem much. So I couldn't relate to what other short girls meant by having trouble with reach high shelves. But now I know how that feels, was shopping and what I wanted was on a high shelf. I had to jump a few times to knock the item down😳. It's difficult.
    • Nxtawm

      I relate to that shopping image so much

  • hsshannah96
    Problem is if the guy is too tall I get very sore calves. From reaching to kiss him if I’m dating a very tall guy
  • My step sisters boyfriend is 6 ft 4 but his legs are shorter than hers and she’s only 5 6 lol that happens too bc being tall doesn’t mean your torso keg ratio will go to legs some people just have long torso / so you’re lucky... he’s got a ton back problems 😐
    • Hwlsop

      Not always but girls usually have longer legs and guys usually have longer torsos.

    • @nope. optical illusion. Women have longer pelvic area and waist - not legs. So their hips may come up higher than a man of the same height without the legs actually being longer. men do have larger torso bc they have basically no waist area. not bc women have longer legs. women also are bigger on bottom than top giving it the impression of a pyramid making the bottom olok longer. men are more square. but the legs themselves are longer on average relative to body not relative to torso- bc women's pelvic/waist takes up many more inches (for baby).

    • you are very cute :)

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  • BellaIsQueen
    You're an alpha male who can be used as a charming ladder. ❤️

    #5 I have to carry my ID even though I'm 19. 🙄
  • dipta
    My husband also tends to call me shortie every time I've to climb on a chair to get to the highest part of the kitchen cabinet. My arms are also not as long as his, but I'm by no means short - he's just too tall.

    Either way, yeah, you better enjoy the percs of being tall :)
  • AngelicSin
    Lol as a 5'11 girl I have to congratulate for this take
    • Lol thanks😂😂

    • AlexEfron

      Could you two give me some condolence? My heart writhes in pain 😭

  • nbbn5
    Helps in the first conversation with girls , I am shy
    So girls are like hey , how tall are u? Or you have got more tall in the past few days or something related to the height lol
    With many girls my first topic was if height (they started it , including my crush ) and it helps seriously
    I walk a lot faster than many people
    Helps me in sports , a girl in a coaching centered was having a conversation with me randomly we talked for the first time and then when we stood up she was like you are Soo tall 🤦🙈
  • Mornin23
    As a fellow tall guy, there are a couple issues.
    1: Hitting your head on everything you look at
    2: Feeling like most people are miniature and having to be gentle with everything if you have mass proportional to your frame.
    3: Constantly here:
    -Wow you're tall
    -Do you play basketball
    -I bet you have a girlfriend who goes up to 'here' (being your shoulders, at best)

    Buuut yeah it's pretty great
  • SG_04
    Lol, great take
    I am jealous! I wish I was tall or average height at the very least
    Once again, good job! <3
    • Lol, thanks^_^
      Eh, ain’t ya tall, huh?

    • SG_04

      Haha no!
      4'11 is my height. Ik to short!

    • Lmaoo
      You’d look like my daughter if you’d be standing beside me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • DinaM
    Well, I'm glad you're comfortable in your own skin, dude. ^_^
  • Justacatlady
    I like tall men. Although they can't just be tall, need to be well built as well.
  • candycanehearts
    haha I agree with most of them except I love using step stools theyre fun
  • VaIiant
    I second this MyTake, my first love is 6'5 and I had to jog to keep up with him.
  • SpiderManFan2002
    As a girl who is about 5'1. I cannot relate and the stepping stool is essential.
    I only enjoy 1, 3, and 4. I don’t care about what girls like and I was never interested in adult shows/movies.
  • chc0009
    Too bad tall isn't enough. You have to be white or Latino to get the women too. I'm a 6'2" Korean American and I got rejected all the time.
    • Cheetah23

      This is so not true. My boyfriend is half Australian & half Chinese, he's also shorter than me, and yet he can get girls. Myself being solid proof :)
      Your height has nothing to do with it. Neither does being white or Latino.

    • @Cheetah23 true that

    • Haha such excuses. My husband is Korean. Korean men are crazy popular these days thanks to dramas and kpop.

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  • jp612612
    Yeah? Well, I'm 5'4" so you can suck my undersized Asian penis. ;-)
  • alinakhanx0x
    As 5'9 i totally agree with all the points. We get many advantages. But what's with the 5 one. Do they really deny entry?
    • You're 5'9? Wow impressive 👍👍

    • Pink2000

      Yes. They. Do. In my state it’s 17 plus. I’m only 5’0 ft. I didn’t have my ID once and they wouldn’t let me in...

    • @Schrodingerscat take few inches of my height plz😂

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  • Tohhhru
    As a 5'11 man I can tell you girls still think I'm short
  • JustWorthlessMe
    I think being 6'5" is the ONLY reason I get any women lol
  • ADFSDF1996
    Tall stature is aesthetics. While you do make valid points, there are many occasions where tall stature doesn’t make a difference and in some cases it can even be a disadvantage.
    • Jonny317

      Its never a disadvantage (6'7)

    • @Jonny317 Being too tall makes you susceptible to leg injuries and bad knees. Tall stature also means you have a high center of gravity and will have to put in a lot more effort to carry something heavy. That’s why Eddie Hall (6’1”) outperforms Hafthor Bjornsson (6’8”) in the strongman competition. Another thing is the ability to fit I smaller places, tall Navy men often say that they wish they were shorter so they could move around easier in their environment. Tall people also don’t live as long as short people on average due to most of them lacking the longevity gene. Last but not least fluidity. This has more to do with full contact sports. A shorter competitor has more fluidity than a taller competitor and that’s why shorter competitors often but not always win against larger competitors in full contact sports.

    • @Jonny317 Let’s adress the elephant in the room. And that is how the media and society tends to ego stroke tall individuals. Heightism: the Type of Discrimination That You Didn’t Know Existed ↗

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  • LeaLee
    Yeah my husband is 6' and I totally love it. Nice take!
  • Iron_Man
    I'm a little bit over 6 foot tall am I considered a tall guy?
  • bacca400
    Don't you hate hitting your head on door frames? I'm average height but I've been in a few (very old) houses where the door height was less than standard and bumped my head. I thought "This is what tall people must go through."
  • TuMeManques
    This is like writing "5 reasons why I like being beautiful or rich" ummmmm obviously you like it, what's not to like?
    • It's not obvious. I'm 6'5 and fine with it but many people would consider it to be too much.

  • QuarterNote
    great. it's great to have something you love about yourself to combat self-esteem and social anxiety issues.
  • malealpha00
    I have all the same advantages as you except i'm 6'3 so better than you
    • And you’re 33 while I’m just 16 😂

    • at this rate you'll soon get the nickname Chewbacca

  • D_Bone_Steak
    5'10" here and I've been rejected because I don't meet the criteria of 6'1"... way more than once or twice.

    That's 3 fucking inches people. But for some reason it matters a lot to some women... women that are like 4'11" to 5'1". They'll be all about fucking me (look at my profile pic), but then they find out I'm not the right height and their perspective of me changes big time. So yeah, hands down, I'm going to say height is one major advantage in this world. I've never been rejected or seen any dude rejected for being too tall.

    • dipta

      Not dating someone because they don't meet the 6'1" criterion is the lamest excuse I've ever heard. You should be happy not to get involved with that kind of people.
      I'm also pretty sure some guys were rejected for being too tall and bringing too much attention upon them. Not everyone likes to be seen from a mile away.

    • @dipta Yeah, I should be grateful they blessed me the absence of their shallow standards. It is one of those noticeable things though... along with cheating women that will give you shit for cheating, even if she is the one you're cheating with. It's as if the standards are one sided and the awareness level of it isn't even there.

      It's like I said... a mere 3 inches and their short af, plus I have a huge dick, so I know it isn't that. There is just something about numbers and some females that I can't put my finger on... In this case number as in height, but other cases it will be things like weight... they'll freak out even if you make them look like a model in the mirror, because they weigh about 160 lbs. and 10 lbs. heavier than they did when they looked like trash. The whole muscle weighing more than fat fact doesn't register and it all becomes about that number change. Like fuck the mirror... but muh numbers. It makes no sense.

  • Logorithim
    The real benefit is getting more girls, especially tall girls.
  • Jertitzi
    I personally was very much dependent on online games. Many times I tried to quit and managed to give up a maximum of six months and again played 1-2 months. After gathered his strength and began to play sports. It really cheered me up and gave me strength to fight my addiction. The bottom line is that I'm calm about gambling and other addictions. If I see that pulls - go to training and knock out all this stuff from my head. Maybe you like my advice and you can help yourself / your loved one. I wish all good and good luck!
  • ImSoSquishy
    i'm 5'12" while i enjoy all those perks, i keep getting asked by random people if i can help them grab stuff on the top racks and shelves while i'm out shopping.
  • xZoeyx
    Lol I was just complaining about being tall. But I'm not a dude so I guess it's a different situation
  • HereIbe
    And sex with really short girls is EVEN HOTTER! Don't forget that one. When you're a door-frame brusher and she's small enough you can move her around with just one arm--yummy.

    Even though I'm not exactly short or even average.

    most of those don't apply to me... lol
  • AndyDoc
    Maybe I should make a MyTake about the disadvantages about being tall because I enjoy being pretty tall at times but it can also be annoying.
  • Schrodingerscat
    The only reason is because you get grils
  • Pink2000
    Booooy did you just call yourself daddy 😂
  • NikkiMelan
    It doesn't matter how tall. as long as he is taller than me :)
  • kirali55
    good take, love it
  • Muhammad1999
    well im 5'10 and i dont have problem with most of these.
  • Rissyanne
    My boyfriend is 6ft 2 and I am 5ft 2... I love it.
  • WaywardMoose
    And I am here at 5"1 reading this 😂😂😂😂
  • samsmoove
    Lol... six foot isn't really tall where I'm from. You still won't be able to see at concerts