8 Things That Suck About Being A Tall Guy


1. People assume that you play basketball

8 Things That Suck About Being A Tall Guy

Just like not all short people are war-mongering Frenchman, not all tall people play basketball. Stop asking!

2. Women are intimidated by you
8 Things That Suck About Being A Tall Guy

Come and talk to us, we'll treat you well. We don't bite, I promise!

3. Short guys are always trying to fight you

8 Things That Suck About Being A Tall Guy

Relax little man, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to go about my day.

4. Harder to attract women
8 Things That Suck About Being A Tall Guy

Some women like taller guys but do you know how difficult it is to talk to women when you are always a foot taller than them!? Look up here please! :(

5. You always hit your head on stuff

8 Things That Suck About Being A Tall Guy

The world isn't build for tall people :(

6. People (especially women) constantly ask how tall you are

8 Things That Suck About Being A Tall Guy

I'm 6'5". Stop asking!! I'm not a monster :'(

7. Leg room (or lack thereof)

8 Things That Suck About Being A Tall Guy

You short people are lucky, you'll never know the struggle of having to squash into a aeroplane seat!!!

8. Harder to gain muscle

8 Things That Suck About Being A Tall Guy

It sucks. Shorter guys can spend a few months in the gym and they can be ripped, but for tall guys it's much harder. So when you see a tall guy with a good body, make sure you appreciate how much effort he has put in.

8 Things That Suck About Being A Tall Guy
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  • ThatJarHead
    Even though yeah taller guys tend to have lower metabolism and such it's just as hard or as simple for us to gain muscle and strength as other men but I DO tend to notice it takes more work for it to show through.
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  • BuchitaBuchys
    How do you have trouble finding women? Most women jizz at the thought of a tall guy.
  • SoAddicted
  • Smmyskittles

    5 & 7 I agree with.

    1. I do not assume

    2. Would approach if you were attractive to me

    3. Don't think this is true.. >.>

    4. lol, see #3. Number 4 is invalid

    6. Don't usually ask, just wait to be told

    8. My brother is 6'2" and packs on muscle easily, thanks to my dad's genetics. So maybe *MAJORITY* do, but not all.
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Yes I agree - For each type there are some pros and cons - It is interesting for those that are not that type to read a take like this - I have a very tall friend who tells me that it is really hard to get trousers often have to get them tailored in the leg length.
  • ProbablyTooMature
    HAHAHA. That cop picture was fanTAStic!

    I dunno, when I started high school I was 5'1" so I got used to always being short. Now that I'm 5'10" I'm taller than a good number of guys, but since I was always short it never bothered me.

    I do often wonder how tall really tall guys are, but I'm not asshole enough to ask.
  • NotTheFBI
    Number 5 all day long. I spend more time walking about praying I don't hit my head on stuff. -.- Great Mytake.

    An my reaction to number 4 is...
  • JCPD14
    Unless you're near 7ft you don't have it THAT bad. I'm 5'7" so I'm not a midget but I'm kinda short. I've noticed that guys taller than me tend to get more respect. Seems like I have to work for it. Plus nothing is worse than trying to flirt with a girl that's taller than you 😂
  • Flames_864
    Honestly the whole "tall guy" fad is everywhere and I think men have this sort of pressure for being taller and somewhat macho. Lol as for the shorter guys trying to fight, shouldn't that be amusing? And it's just a complex. I think an issue a tall guy would have is showers too
  • howzit2015
    people do ask me if I play basketball. But women are not intimidated by me. A lot like my size. My muscle gains are pretty good, but I have to eat SOOOO much food to increase my muscle size.
  • lanternhill
    I'm surprised you didn't mention people asking to get stuff off the highest shelf.
    Also interesting @ #8. Do you have evidence lol
  • Malloy1997
    Tall guys are usually stronger and they actually gain muscle easier. Almost every muscular guy is tall. And women LOVE tall guys! The taller, the better (unless you're talking over 7 feet tall). We're more intimidated by short guys.
    • Why would you be intimidated by short guys?

      Your knowledge of the world must be severely limited if you think taller = stronger.

    • Josht13

      I don't think I've ever heard someone say they are more intimidated by short guys WTF.

    • Malloy1997

      @Josht13 Because short guys make many average height, and tall girls feel like giants lol.

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  • kholland65
    as a short guy you are full of shit on most of this. being tall is always an advantage for attracting women. Not sure wha your problem is.
  • Mustachekitteh
    It's hard looking up at tall dudes for a long period of time, messes with your neck after a point.
  • Tombstone1000100
    Number 6 though 😂 I answer that daily.
    I'm 6" 3ish and sometimes it gets so annoying that I say m 7" 5 or something and some idiots actually buy that. Lol
    Number 8, Damn tell me about it.
  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    People assume that you play basketball? Not necessarily, some tall guys play volleyball, or water polo...
    Women are intimidated by you? Not really, most women like tall guys.
    Short guys are always trying to fight you? Yeah, that's true, short guys are feisty like roosters :P
    Harder to attract women? As I said, most women like tall guys, but I understand it's very difficult to find a girl if you are too tall (7 ft or taller).
    You always hit your head on stuff? Obviously true :D
    People (especially women) constantly ask how tall you are? Nah, only once is enough ;)
    Leg room (or lack thereof)? True again.
    Harder to gain muscle? Hmmm, I'm a tall girl but I'm very well toned, I find it hard to believe that tall guys can't gain muscle...
    Anyway, very cool mytake :)
  • CuteBæ
    I love tall guys.
    Especially ones who are about 5'11-6'1 ♥ xD
  • YourFutureEx
    2. Gay!
    3. Really? They're scared.
    4. *Yawns*

    Carry on bragging, fella.
  • iAMNirvana
    Come one, its not harder to attract women. With all the things you've mentioned I conclude being average is the best.
  • This_is_my_username
    @posted o.0 did you just write a take about this :P hbahhahahahahah
    • posted

      He beat me to it!
      2. Women are intimidated by you. seems acurate ;)
      Omg same height haha.

      shits all so true, I love the pic for #3!


    • @posted Are you serious? I wouldn't have thunk that women are intimidated by y'all tall asses. Since they go on about tall men. Do people srsly ask u guys about your height non stop? :P

      #3 IS bomb Lol that officer Your pic.. Is not working.

    • posted


      I get basketball a lot, height fairly often yeah. I worked doing a reno in a house with like 5'8 doorways from the 1900s or some shit. Was crouch walking errwhere

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  • Polocrew
    6'3 and jacked chisseled to another lvl. Mad?

    U nerds gotta stop being obsessed with height doe lmao
  • RedVulcan
    Just constantly having to look down at everything. That's not good for posture.
  • chc0009
    Well, I'm 6'2" but I still don't get the women because of my Asian American heritage. If I was white, I'd have a better chance.
  • Octavius
    I'm 6'3

    1 has become so annoying that I kind of just want to be a hermit so I don't have to be asked about basketball anymore.
    3 is the reason why I don't go to bars or clubs much.
    5 I basically need a helmet at work.
    7 is hell on earth on planes when the person in front of you reclines all the way back. I decide to put headphones on and start rocking out so it disturbs them and they pull their chair back up or they make a fuss and then I say they can ask to be moved because I am not going to sit quietly with half their chair in my lap.
    8 I'm also an ectomorph so it's a bitch to build muscle especially around the forearms and calves.

    I don't exactly relate to the others though.
  • Cxxlin
    girls love tall guys wtf. they might not have a preference but talk guys are always good for them
  • MrShinyPants
    Dont forget people always asking you to get stuff they can't reach, yeah i like helping but come on 8+ times a day? Dont forget finding clothes that fit and how much more expensive they are and cars, fitting in a car is a nightmare, first you got to try for several minutes getting your head in because the low roof then you have to figure how to get your legs in without them resting squished against the dashboard, forget about drive if you dont have a moon roof, when i drive i have to have mine open so i can stick my head out and see, get a lot of stares but come on average sized sedan or suv is more like a clown car
    • Dont get me started on riding motorcycles, when my brother taught me how to ride on his, it felt like riding a kids bicycle lol his was a 1500cc kawasaki cruiser, one time he had to pick me up from my doctors because the isurance wouldn't pay for a ride back, long story, i had to sit on the back of his bike, oddest looking thing ever, he's 5'7 his head only came up to the bottom of my chest and my feet dragged against the ground, everyone stared seeing my big ass in the back and him in the front lol, cars are your worst enemy when your tall. My neighbor tried picking me up once and it was a chrysler sebring coupe, i looked at him and said "nuh uh" i can't fit in that, somehow i managed to squeeze in, knees up to my chest my head low, he went over a speedbumb and i broke his vanity mirror and put a dent in the roof of his car

  • sirdabs
    5ft 6in so I have short person complex... we dont pick our parental genes tall or short.. so guess just play the cards ur delt
  • MissMc3
    It's not any harder for a tall person to gain muscle
  • datgirl
    I lurveee tall guys so don't feel bad about being tall.
  • sp33d
    The extremely tall guys have difficulties in the footwear department.
  • _HimigNgKalayaan_
    I don't know m8.. Harder to attract women? Chicks love tall men.
  • iyatsu
    ever see the episode in the big bang theory where rajesh koothrappali complains about the difficulties of sleeping with two women but is actually just bragging? this is exactly the same. and shorter men trying to fight you? man! as a short man i can see it's the tall guys who keep calling me a shrimp, manlet and so on to provoke me. of course i'm mature enough not to be enticed into that but it's actually tall guys who are obsessed about it and for some reason need to keep making me notice i'm short even when it's totally irrelevant and try to get me into a fight. of course when they do they look manly rather than immature and stupid, and if i fought back i'd be an angry little man rather than manly...
  • Jeeevan
    Yes to all of these and the amount of times I've hit my head for being tall is unreal
    • Yup, I've lost count how many times I've cracked my head on things, from branches to doorways to car roofs to signs etc..

  • scooogy
    From what the 4th pic shows, with such women you technically could have a bj while walking
  • Supersonic_Sex_Ninja
    If there's any real justice in the world a short guy will end up knocking you the f**k out!
    • Josht13


    • @Josht13 Not really.

    • Its possible, just because a guy is smaller doesn't mean he can't fight, look at bruce lee he kicked the crap out of one of his students, forgot his name but he was a professional basketball player, big afro, anyways yeah kicked him so hard he left prints on his face

  • teelly14
    I'm a 6'1 girl and i can agree with a lot of things
  • helloitsmethere
    "Harder to attract women."
    Was that one a joke?
    • nah, that squares with what I've seen in general... the sweet spot for guys (in terms of attracting the most women) tends to be about 6'1"-6'2" or so.
      there are also endless studies on this, and they come to pretty much the same conclusion.

      Over 6'3"-6'4" you start getting into the "awkward tall" zone. Both in terms of the guy's body itself, and in terms of the way the majority of girls feel standing next to him.

    • @redeyemindtricks Ohhhhh that's what he means lol

  • Rissyanne
    I love tall men... my boyfriend is 6ft 2
  • Goldie757
    But how tall are you?
  • Dtegesd123
    forgot to mention they have shorter life spans
    • Especially if they have giantism disease, that kills you fast

  • Mrwoo99
    Number 9: Taller they are, harder they fall
  • lifeisbeautifulxoxo
    short privilege lol
  • Alex88F
    you forgot
    girls assuming you have along penis
  • Pacificblue62
    Sorry, but don't feel sorry.
  • ButteredToast
    Seems like a rough life. You have my condolences
  • Hunterb
    ye tall guys have it so rough
    • Table20

      dam foreal? how tall are you?

    • Hunterb

      @Table20 5'11 the perfect height the perfect body

    • Table20

      thats kinda tall,... not really though

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  • Danfrombackhome
    meh. Fuck em, be a god damn viking
  • May07
    I love tall guys!
  • Anonymous
    My husband is 6'4" and I am 5'3"... he never intiminated me. I mean making out was awkward in the begining but you get used to it quick. The only thing that bothers me now about his height is that he tends to put everything up high forgetting that most people are not 6'4"-lol.
  • Anonymous
    My best friend is a tall guy. He gets so pissed off when someone takes the only tall desk in class and he's forced to sit at a regular sized chair.