Drug Addiction! Is This Your Final Cry For Help?

Drug Addiction! Is This Your Final Cry For Help?


First because you are a human being, you are an important part of the community you are in and that is important to me and to everyone that lives in your community with you.

The nature, makeup, health and well-being of each community is determined by that of it's community members.

I'm part of a Nationwide Volunteer Search and Rescue Team and was deployed last month (November 2018) to the worst fire in California history in the Paradise California fire area to rescue people or animals, wherever we were needed at the time.

The team I was on ended up being deployed at the last minute to be part of the strategic rescue of hundreds of ducks, rabbits, goats, dogs and cats. This cost us each hundreds of dollars of our own money, no one paid our transportation, shelter, food, drinks or other supplies to be there. We breathed through masks the whole time we were there. We could see the fire over the hill from us where the flames reflecting off the smoke made it look like a magnificent sunset in the middle of the day. When I got back I was sick for a week due to the breakdown of my immune system resulting from the smoke inhalation.

I only said all that to let you know the kind of love and dedication first responders that do these types of things have for our communities and those that live in them, and our strong desire to help.

Don't get me wrong, I love animals and I loved rescuing so many of them from the ashes, but my passion is with people, I love people and would have much rather been with the teams that were rescuing people.

Now, I want to rescue you from addiction and maybe death ...I'M NOT KIDDING!

And I know you are here on this site. I have seen too many posts about it, some even bragging about how great drugs are.

Yes, I know, they may seem great at first when you are in control, but guess what? ...very quickly, you are the one being controlled by the drugs, not the other way around, and that is by the design of those that manufacture and distribute these drugs, even the legal, over-the-counter ones.

A wise man once said ..."Control your mind, or your mind will control you!", and I want to help you do just that and take back control of your mind and your life!

Drug Addiction! Is This Your Final Cry For Help?


1) Because you are desperate to fill an emptiness inside your heart, soul and spirit

2) You are addicted to illegal drugs because of #1 above and/or #4, 5 & 6 below

3) You were put on some legal drugs by doctors that are trained and controlled by the pharmaceutical companies

4) Many times it is due to a traumatic experience, either physical or psychological

5) More times than not it is one, or more, of many forms of abuse, including sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse and/or some of these combined together.

6) Your brain is actually "hijacked" by these drugs and control of your thinking is taken over by them. When you brag about the greatness of drugs, this is no longer you speaking, but the drugs themselves speaking through you ... https://newsinhealth.nih.gov/2015/10/biology-addiction

7) Because the drug dealers want you addicted ...plain and simple!

Drug Addiction! Is This Your Final Cry For Help?

FIRST CLUE: It's not you!

Let's get real! There are individuals, corporations, companies and organizations, operating legally and illegally, that are benefiting BIG TIME by your addition.

Let's just call them all "DRUG DEALERS" for the sake of the following discourse.

There are two groups that benefit from your addiction ...

1) "Illegal" drug dealers and manufacturers

This ranges from the manufacturers in North and South America to the poppy fields of Afghanistan, throughout the eastern hemisphere and beyond, through a plethora of middlemen, to the neighborhood pusher-man who targets you and your children for a lifetime of addition making profits that go directly into his, or her, pocket on a reoccurring basis.


2) "Legal" drug dealers and manufacturers

Don't kid yourself, there is 'BIG MONEY" to be made selling drugs legally as well. Contrary to what we would like to believe, pharmaceutical companies are giant corporations that exist for one reason, and one reason only ...to make the largest profit possible for them, and their shareholders, and what better way to do that than to get as many of the world's population addicted to, and taking their drugs, not just one time, but for a lifetime.

You could probably easily guess that a majority of medical training is centered around prescribing drugs. Makes sense right, after all there are some benefits to them when really needed, like anesthesia drugs when you are about to undergo surgery, right?

But, I'll bet what you didn't know is that statistics for the number and amount of prescriptions that are written by various area's of general practice and medical specialty areas are kept, for far more than just statistical analysis.

The control of the pharmaceutical lobby over the medical oversight industries has it's tentacles intertwined throughout these oversight bodies to a point of nearly complete control.

For example, did you know that there is a number of prescriptions that each general practice or specialty medical practitioner is suppose to give out and if they don't adhere to that number that they could actually loose their license to practice medicine for medical malfeasance and malpractice. I'll bet you didn't know that ...am I right?

Did you know there are cures for cancer that are nearly 100% effective and the individuals that discovered these cures have been incarcerated for false and frivolous charges of medical malpractice. You see there is far far more money in "treating" cancer than there is curing it. HELLO! ARE YOU THERE?




Drug Addiction! Is This Your Final Cry For Help?


Do you know who easy it is to obtain opioids and to become addicted to them? Here's the story ...



Drug Addiction! Is This Your Final Cry For Help?

Anyone and everyone can become addicted to drugs, some knowingly and others by complete surprise.

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about drug addiction ...



Trust me ...drug addition takes no prisoners, once the drugs are finished with you ...YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS FINISHED!

Finished in a state of waste and emptiness, having been left behind in a trail of loneliness and despair.

Your life is gone and it will make you feel like you don't even care. But I care and there are many people who care and I'm not giving up on you without a fight!


Listen to me carefully, I'm going to say this in the nicest way I know how... I hate you for what you are doing!! I hate your guts!! There isn't a place in hell hot enough for you!! Do you hear me?? hello!! ...Or do I need to make it clearer for you? I am dedicating this powerful and meaningful song performed by John Kay and Steppenwolf exclusively to you pushers of drugs on our communities! Listen to this carefully too!! ...

And for those of you that are on these terrible drugs, Colin Allen & Jimmy McCulloch wrote this song for you, sung by Jimmy McCulloch and Paul McCartney with Linda McCartney on keyboards. The words are below if you can't make them all out on the song.

What's wrong with you?
I wish, I knew
You say, time will tell
I hope that's true

There's more to life than blues and reds
I say, I know how you feel
Now your friends are dead

Dead on your feet, you won't get far
If you keep on sticking your hand
In the medicine jar

Now don't give up
Whatever you do
You say, time will tell
I hope that's true

If you go down and lose your head
I say, I know how you feel
Now your friends are dead

Dead on your feet, you won't get far
If you keep on sticking your hand
In the medicine jar

I said, "Dead on your feet, you won't get far
If you keep on sticking your hand
In the medicine jar"

Check it

What can I do?
I can't let go
You say, time will heal
But very slow

So don't forget the things you said
I say, I know how you feel
Now your friends are dead

Dead on your feet, you won't get far
If you keep on sticking your hand
In the medicine jar

Dead on your feet, you won't get far
If you keep on sticking your hand
In the medicine jar

Medicine jar

PLEASE ...I know it is not easy to get off addictive drugs, but it can be done, and you can do it!

Here is who loves you...

Your Family

Your Friends

The thousands of volunteers at emergency help centers, churches, shelters and drug addiction agencies, to name a few


Tomorrow is TOO LATE! Listen to me!

Call one of the numbers below NOW, DON'T WAIT! OK?? PLEASE!!!! ...


SUICIDE HOTLINE: (800)273-8255



Drug Addiction! Is This Your Final Cry For Help?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • BeautifulMind59
    I really agree with you on everything.

    I just want to know if by staying away from prescription drugs, do you mean abusing prescription drugs or overuse of opioids, or do you mean all prescription drugs, even those for depression/anxiety which are the main reasons people turn to drugs?

    I have definitely noticed that everytime I see a doctor, they offer you medication first to treat the condition, even if it means you would need it long term, rather than addressing the root of the problem or suggesting one time cures such as surgery. A lot of times they try different medicines on you to see if the problem goes away rather than ordering lab tests or imaging or other diagnostic procedures that would find the root of your problem. I hate it. It's frustrating and those medications often enough have lasting side effects.
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    • OMG!
      You have nailed it!
      Physicians (MD's) are not trained in preventive medicine, which means "no medicine" except when all else fails.

      The opposite is true, they are trained on which medicines to use in all cases and can be charged with malpractice and loose their medical license if they don't prescribe drugs to you under nearly every circumstance, from a snivelly nose on up. There is literally almost nothing that they cannot prescribe a drug for.

      Kids who are naturally energetic and have a hard time controlling their energy will be prescribed with a three letter condition and put on drugs. They have children by the millions on drugs just for being too energetic. It is sickening tbh!

      Probably 90-95% of all medical issues can be dealt with in a natural way without any prescription drugs whatsoever.

      I recommend ND's (Naturopathic Doctor) as a first choice. The problem is that the pharmaceutical industry is so powerful that insurance companies will not pay for the services of an ND.

      How much sense does that make when medical costs would actually plummet with preventative and natural cures rather than using MD's and a lifetime of drugs.

      This just shows you what control the pharmaceutical industry has. They actual control the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) from top to bottom. They provide millions to the FDA and to politicians to maintain this control. It is very sad.

      Did you know that autism is caused by the vaccines given to our children? Watch the documentary "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe". You will be left with your mouth wide open in horror as to what is happening to our children.

      The pharmaceutical industry got a law passed in California that you have to give all vaccines to your children or you can be arrested or have your children taken from you for neglect.

      Tell me that isn't raw power as perpetrated by the pharmaceutical companies.

      Sorry for the rant but this is very personal to me. I have studied this since middle school.

    • What concerns me about autism and vaccines is that the CDC absolutely refuses to do a study on it. It's absolutely hillarious😂 They don't do it because they know what the results will be: not in their favor.
      I'm all for uprooting nasty diseases such as they did with smallpox. But concealing the truth from people is not the way to go. Why not invest in finding a good solution or correcting the one we have? The American Academy of Pediatrics lies to people too. There is ample proof of it. But it is concealed in plain view. You just have to put 2 and 2 together and apply common sense which most people won't think to do because they trust such institutions.
      The FDA is constantly recalling stuff. I don't even care if they have approved anything anymore. They've all lost their credibility. Trust is a valuable thing.

    • Talk about it being in plain view, what about the TV commercials where they start the laundry list of side effects at the end, for whatever drug they are pushing, and one of them is DEATH! ... HELLO? ... YOU'RE KIDDING, RIGHT?

      No, people, they are "DEAD' serious! ARE YOU AWAKE SOMEBODY... ANYBODY?

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  • princessfromjupiter
    While I don't think anyone with considerable drug problems would even have the attention span to digest this wall of text, as someone who does drugs on occasion I think this is a noble attempt to raise awareness. But I also think the human condition is one that requires a little anaesthesia, at least in the more sensitive among us, and I highly doubt that this my take is going to reach the people you intended to reach with it..
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    • I understand completely everything you are saying Ms PFJ and want to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to provide your opinion.

      If anything in it reached you, that made the many hours it took to put this myTake together worth it all for me.

      I don't expect to reach the multitudes. It's more of a "each one reach one" effect.

      Maybe if I can help one person, they will do the same and when it's all over, there will be a multitude.

      The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step ~Lao Tzu

      Drugs are addicting for a many reasons, the first one is to get the money from your purse into the money vaults of those that push and manufacture those drugs and to keep in flowing in there.

      I am working in many ways, this just being one, mainly through education, to see that their vaults become empty.

      Drug Addiction! Is this your final cry for help?

Most Helpful Guys

  • yucel_eden
    I really cannot praise you enough for writing this.

    I went through many traumas and for years I was clean. Didn’t touch weed till I was 21.

    After multiple repeated traumas I was addicted to cigarettes, weed, coffee, alcohol. Cocaine was on my mind as weed was no longer enough.

    That was a year ago. I battled by myself for a year with stop starts stop starts but now I have been clean for months. Only thing I take is coffee, in low doses and every now and then modafinil as it is anti depressant
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    • to Anyone considering starting anything or not addicted, stop now as if you don’t. Like she said, when you’re in control it’s fucking amazing everything could not be better you feel like you finally solved life but a month later and you’re not aware you are addicted and a month later you can’t live a moment without the drug. Life has no meaning without it.

      Trust me, it’s the emptiest I’ve felt. Like a ghost walking

    • I am so proud of you Mr Yucel!
      You have made the many hours, and days, that I have put in this myTake all worth it already, by your wonderful comment alone!
      I know there are many others like you out there too that I hope can be rescued.
      You may be surprised how your testimony here may open the eyes and help many others.
      Thank you so much!

    • Thanks blondie

    Is this still revelant?
    • I am so glad that you liked it, thank you for taking your time to review it!

    • Jjpayne

      Many People need this and I am glad you addressed this and showed other gaggers in need a little love

    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the MHO, but more importantly, thank you reaching out to those in need, it is that heart for people that I find to be special, the world needs more of people like you

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  • Massageman
    A sorely needed post. Thank you. Lost a friend who drugged up, "manicked out" and hung himself because he couldn't take the mood swings. But I digress- - - The doc gave me a script for Norco after shoulder surgery a year ago. I got off of those suckers in two days! Didn't want to risk any further use since I was zoning on and off like a traffic light! Instead, took staggered ibuprofen and acetaminophen and got fine results without opioids. Have a good New Years.
    • I am so happy to hear that you were successful in weaning off before it was too late!

      It seems just this year that Americans started to acknowledge the opioid epidemic that plagues us.

      Thank you for your kind regard and Happy New Year Mr MM! :)

    • ... and so sorry to hear about your friend :(

    • He was bipolar and his pendulum just kept swinging further and further until he cracked, meds or no meds. Family history of problems (genetic tendency?), so, not a huge surprise, sadly.

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  • Lliam
    Damn, Laurie. That was a great MyTake!

    First, it's interesting to learn that you were a member of the Nationwide Volunteer Search and Rescue Team that came to Paradise. I don't live far from there. I'm in the foothills between Marysville and Grass Valley, if you're familiar with the area. We could see the smoke and glow from our house. It looked really close. A lot of people who fled Paradise came to our area. My wife and I worked to raise money and donated goods for those who lost everything. Bless you for your work!

    Second, I couldn't agree more with you about drug addiction. I admittedly did my share of experimentation when I was young, but I never stuck any pins in my arms or went the route of addiction. I never really liked the red, yellow, rainbow, or anesthetic feeling much. I was too busy to be sitting on a couch feeling "comfortably numb".

    Aside from what you mentioned about doctors and the pharma industry, another thing that is really screwed up is how the CIA dumps massive amounts of coke and heroin into inner cities while the government zealously prosecutes a "war on drugs" against the unfortunate people who use those drugs.

    Lastly, I have to say that I loved the videos. Steppenwolf was big when I was in my teens, although I never had a chance to see them live. I did see Wing's Band on the Run, Venus and Mars, and Speed of Sound tours. That band kicked ass.
    • Thank you so much!

      Yes, I know where you are, I have cousins in Grass Valley. It is so beautiful there :)

      I wish more people knew what was really going on like you do... CIA, etc. ... these things really happen but most people are in the dark

      You are very smart!

    • Lliam

      It's an honor to get to know you, Laurie. :-)

    • I was short on time and didn't say all I wanted to say earlier so here is more.

      Thank you so much for your donations! This is maybe the one thing that conservatives and liberals can come together on, as there where so many donations from the community and no one cared what your politics where. We were actually turning away flat bed trucks loaded with pet food and supplies because so much had already been donated.

      And I also wanted to say how mind blowing it was as we followed in a caravan behind the Fire Chief, since no one else but first responders were allowed in the fire zone and to see the miles of burned out hills as far as the eye could see. It was mind blowing and sobering.

      I have since been back and toured the area and drove through miles of nothing but brick chimney's sticking out that had once been attached to a house and the skeletons of cars for miles and miles... very surreal!

      Thank you again!

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  • iwantabeme
    I want to first start out by say thank you, I'm a first responder my self, retired now, but we are breed of it on, after reading I couldn't answer your question because there are to my hand in the cooking pot, I very had a multiple severe head injury's, broken neck, 3 bulging desks, shredded cartledge in both shoulders and more, I will be loosing the uses of my arms soon, now let's talk about the pain I am going through, it's so unbearable at times the I'm looking at my quality of life, I'm still young and have many years of ahead of me, but I feel that if I have to live like this for 5 mins more it's not worth it, when I can't I do mean can't get out of bed, im crying because of pain, the doctor want do surgery on because the insurance company won't pay for it, they will pay for the drug though, the drug companies know just what is and isn't addicting, there are making more money on me and keeping me in a helpless state of living, I don't like mood altering drugs, I like me as me, they have sent me to a pain management, basically it is bite the bullet and get on with your life in pain, but I can see how poeple are and do get addicted to anything, we as humans naturally are addiction personalities, The cigarette company's learn what it takes to make some make them money, they are now ownership in the pharmacy the pharmaceutical the insurance companies the hospitals they are the glove that is only thinking of how do they make more money not how to cure or treat the problem, and after they are done with you and you have nothing left to live for the police arrest you for being on drugs and the state makes it's money on you, for every one person in jail the state gets money from the feds, we have decided alcoholism is the disease but a drug addict belongs in jail, does that sound right to anyone, do we throw an alcoholic in prison because he's addicted to alcohol do we let a drug addict because he's got a disease I need to be treated, either way the state and the FEDS don't make their money either neither does the corporate companies, have all of this only the lawyers are making money everybody else is hurting, we're all in pain it's just a matter of how much pain can you endure before enough is enough,
    • Thank you for responding to my post!
      I am so sorry to here of your accident and injuries. It is hard to know what to say in a situation like yours, it's more of a "you have to do what you have to do" scenario in your case.
      I find it amazing that there is no insurance that will pay for an operation, if that is what is needed. Maybe something will chance along that line in the months to come.
      You will be in my prayers for sure!

  • lightbulb27
    You go girl! The issue is using common sense vs emotion. Parents vs broken families. Trapped in a culture vs getting out. Lust for status and $ vs being content. Having access to good help (resources) and support.

    A movie on the subject on netflix... White Boy Rick.
    • Super, I will watch that. You are so helpful... THANK YOU!

  • DocilexElle
    I'm not addicted to alcohol... but sometimes I drink when I'm sad, bored or actually hanging with company. It's become weekly.
    • Be careful Ms Elle, because alcohol destroys brain cells by the millions and will destroy your liver as well among many other detrimental side effects. Do it in super moderation and not regularly.

      I told you what to do when you get sad and I can tell you even more :)

  • Kit_Kat88
    Adderalll is really addicting and I admit to taking more than prescribed on several occasions to get more work done. I want to stop but it's so hard, I'm not taking it as much anymore.
    • Kit_Kat88

      Stop taking the drug completely I mean

    • Wean yourself off slowly by taking less and less.

      Talk to your doctor or call the drug addiction hotline at the end of this mytake and they will give you advice or tell you where to get it for free.

      I am so rooting for you.

      Please let me know when you are safely off of it Ms Kit, please so I will not be worried about you!

    • Kit_Kat88

      That's so kind of you and I'm seeing my doctor next month.

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  • s2firestar
    Umm... I never... used drugs, or even smoked?

    That said, your post is pointless. Drug addicts won't read 10 page long posts during their addictive states.

    The best you can do is if you find a junkie on the streets, you don't just go by, but call an ambulance.

    In my country, using drugs will land you a hefty prison sentence, but at least you will be forced to study, away from drugs and will be given a job if you graduate from the training. Which most people do.
  • jacquesvol
    Very few people can be rescued from a drug addiction.
  • monkeynutts
    You got any tips for a sex addict, I got it bad baby. And keep up the good work.
  • Sevenpointfive

    • myTakes are suppose to be long.

      Questions are suppose to be short.

      Look at the caption above the "Pusher Man" song and then listen to the song... that will be relatively short :)

    • it's a noble idea,.. but i'd rather you go back to saving the animals. i guess you have that hero complex in you. it's not a bad thing at all. i have it too, to an extent.

      i will admit i drink a lot though. i wish i'd never touched alcohol or tried any drug ever! even some prescribed drugs will mess you up.

    • You are so right Mr SPF. One day you will want to quit, do it then but the sooner the better.

      I have witnessed an older person, close to me quitting alcohol cold turkey one day and they ended up in the mental hospital for over a week with hallucinations, so that is an example of what it does to the brain.
      Good luck!

  • Kayla45
    Hugs not drugs. 🤗
    nice take
  • Kelly1979
    Sex is my drug of choice and my boyfriend is to.
    • That is very nice.

      That drug is not addictive... OH WAIT... I take that back! ... lol

  • It's bad hobbit
  • NYCQuestions1976
    Very detailed and well done.
  • Nice222
    Great take and thank you for your service.