Diet, sleep, fitness and meditation and why it is vital in an air polluted world


Here are 4 key aspects on a healthy lifestyle and what it requires to keep track. As I go into each, I will inform how to have the winner's mindset.


As you know, the old saying you are what you eat rings just as true today as it was in the past. Junk in, junk out. Our bodies were designed to feed off what we put inside of it. While organic and unprocessed is ideally the best, we can get far with a variety of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils. Having a nightly pint of ice cream will make you sluggish and unmotivated to be the healthiest you that you can be. Here are some foods that you need:

Quinoa: it is the only known grain that support's all 14 essential amino acids your body needs. The next most has 9 or 10 like rice or barley. We have a total of 20 amino acids but our body only synthesises 6 of the 20. The other 14 must come from food.

Tomatoes: This fruit is loaded in zeathanthin and lutein and protects eye acuity very well where fields require strong eyes like pilots and skyscraping. It is difficult to reach these levels in berries and citrus fruits so make sure to eat tomatoes.

Wild caught fish: This type of fish is 15 to 20 times less toxic than its farm raised varieties for most fish. Make sure to load up on this for omega 3 impact to support a healthy brain.

Diet, sleep, fitness and meditation and why it is vital in an air polluted world


As we know that getting our zzzz's is great as we can recover and rejuvenate our mind and body. While it is not important to get an exact number of hours sleep, I would recommend between 7 and 9 hours as this range seems to support the best recovery for our bodies to perform better. If you are constantly getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep nightly, you will feel the weariness and heavy eyes sooner or later. Seek an sleep expert if you are getting too much or not enough sleep.

Diet, sleep, fitness and meditation and why it is vital in an air polluted world


This is basically exercise but could be a combination of diet, sleep and exercise. By fitness, I mean making sure you get a balanced workout. Here are 3 I recommend:

Jogging: This speeds up the heart while doing it but after constantly doing it, you will have a lower resting heart rate and better circulation. Strive for 15 minutes of jogging 3 or 4 days per week.

Shoulder press: This will make the mobility between your shoulder blade easier to stretch when your lungs can expand easier and more flowingly. Strive for a minimum of your body weight of 5 sets of 15 each with a 2 minute break between each set for 3 times per week.

Leg curls: This will help your legs strengthening so your gait will be smoother and posture more balanced. Strive for 2 sets of 25 at half your weight with a 5 minute break between sets and do this just 2 times a week to prevent muscle tear and torsion.


This helps keep you spiritually healthy as your mind and body becomes more harmonized and in unity with each other. Failure to meditate could lead to anger, depression and suicide. I recommend to get in a private or special place and meditate 15 minutes daily.


With us having a highly polluted world, it is best we counter by doing all 4 of these for magnificent results.

Thanks for reading.

Diet, sleep, fitness and meditation and why it is vital in an air polluted world
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  • Justacatlady
    While I think all the points you make are valid, I also think a person needs some type of enrichment. Something that really makes them happy like a favorite hobby. Also, continually learning. Just like the rest of the body, if you don’t keep feeding your brain, it loses its capabilities
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  • sasukeuchiha7
    Just one modification I suggest is doing sprint bursts instead of jogging. You sprint at full capacity for 30 sec then followed by 60 to 90 sec of slow walking.
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    • Sure. Sounds good. I guess it depends how much endurance the jogger or sprinter has.

    • Ya it just helps burn fat cause it put your body in an afterburn mode.

  • Truthatanycost
    To add to the meditation, I highly recommend everyone look into the Mushin state / No Mind. Remembering how to 'stop' thoughts is life changing.
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  • hugzy
    so typical for humans to try and prolong the inevitable...
  • Great take