Stalking = Desire > Reason


Stalking = Desire > Reason

Stalking = Desire > Reason

This is a very important topic. A topic that I feel is often taken too lightly. This is something I have been a victim of myself. I wanted to shortly highlight just how sick the mind of a obsessed stalker really is.

Warning: If this offends you you're probably a freak or a stalker!

Stalking = Desire > Reason

When the desire or want for something overtakes the brains ability to rationalize a situation or a relationship, the human mind can form deadly obsessions. The chances of a woman being stalked are an estimated 1 in 14; for men, it is 1 in 50. Other sources claim even higher numbers of victims.

1 in 5; women will be stalked in their lifetime, compared to only 1 in 25; for men.

-American Psychological Association

Stalking = Desire > Reason

What Are They Thinking?

Stalkers are obsessed with their victims, and this obsession is expressed in many ways. Some common reasons for this obsession include power, control, and sometimes revenge. Most stalkers don’t take responsibility for their actions and blame others for making them do what they do ( kill, torture, harass ).

Stalking = Desire > Reason

Since most stalkers are unable to develop normal personal relationships through more conventional or socially acceptable ways, they have only a life of fantasy relationships with persons they hardly know, if at all. They are usually very socially awkward and a large number have a criminal history of some kind.

Stalking = Desire > Reason

General Characteristic of a Stalker

The vast majority of stalkers suffer from a mental disorder. Regardless of the specific disorder, nearly all display some delusional thought patterns and behavioral problems. This behavior can usually be tracked to the stalkers adolescent years. This is when the brain starts a new process of its development.

Stalking = Desire > Reason

Are There Different Types of Stalkers?

Yes, they actually there are several different types of stalkers.

Thankfully, The American Psychological Association developed a clinically now validated stalker classification system to identify an individual stalker’s type, risks, and probable responses to management interventions of the Five + types of stalkers.

Thanks for everyone reading and remember.....

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Stalking = Desire > Reason
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  • TonyMetal_1986
    Never knew that owl girls get stalked 😄

    Who stalked you OWLY girl? Weren't they afraid when they saw that you never smile and looking like an owl!

    Anyways, i believe that sometimes you should face your stalker and have a chat with him cause maybe you can reach an agreement with him so he doesn't become dangerous and causes a threat on your life!

    I believe that a married girl will face such cases a lot less than a single girl and a married woman would feel a lot more safe in her house especially when her husband is around her, the stalker knows that he should target single women and single women should always held something for their own safety...

    If the stalker is negotiable, things can end easily with agreements and if he'a aggressive and will cause a threat on your life then you should report him to the police, be cautious and try not to stay alone as much as you can!

    Next time if someone stalks you owly girl, call me so i beat him with my stone age wooden club, after i save you, i want you to bake me 20 pieces of muffins and a glass of FRESH orange juice 😋
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  • lightbulb27
    you have me very in intreagued.

    Would this be why dudes try to kidnap kids, it's in their fantasy world. Any idea what their fantisies end up looking like as they get into "treatment"... eg. did they think teh child was an adult, etc..

    Lastly, what is the normal treatment for them? and does it work?

    I've been reading what a counslor built up over years to effectively locate and heal childhood trauma wounds. I wonder if this is being attempted with tehse people or if it is really just the same old USA approach... drug them!!

    It's not easy to rewire a mind, they have to want to rewire their own mind... and see their flaws. and that is a big challenge

    and these people are walking around all over the place becuase they get out of jail, if they ever get there... we need mental hospitals again... or maybe an entire state...
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    • Wowgirl30q

      I am not a doctor and can not make some of those types of recommendations sorry

    • gocha. I wasn't asking for recommendations but got the sense you may be familiar with how they are treated so could provide insight. no problem.

    • Wowgirl30q

      I am but its so much stuff to get into

Most Helpful Girls

    @Wowgirl30q your living up to your name - that was amazing... but where's the rest! You've got me hooked and I'm like noooo where are the 5+ types of stalkers? Can you send me the link to where you got this information I want to read more!
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  • anniisa
    Good Take, was really interesting. Was ready to learn the types of stalkers there are and then it came to an end lol. I'll carry on reading up about it
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    This pretty much sums it up. Stalking = Desire > Reason
  • Excellent myTake, you perfectly nailed it.
    I had to deal with such a person, an ex girlfriend and her associate, and it's true those people can make life a living hell and sap the will to go on.
    What's worse about them is that they think they "own" the person that's object of their obsession, and would rather destroy it than letting go.
    • Wowgirl30q

      Thank you.
      You get it👍

    • "I prefer for us to be unhappy together rather than have you happy without me" ("Preferisco che stiamo male insieme che averti felice senza di me) - an actual thing she texted me.

    • Wowgirl30q

      Thank the Lord you got out of that.
      Boarderline at its fullest

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  • I like that you acknowledge that they are not thinking normally. But part of me thinks about dating culture and wonders if the are connected, do women find dates easier than a man does? I'm not saying that's a complete reason at all but it's an idea of a breeding ground for a desperate mind... I wonder, if dating was more common with many people, if stalking from both genders would go down in numbers... But as you said for most it involves a mental disorder which is not that far serial killer
    • Wowgirl30q

      Peeping Tom's are next actually

    • Jjpayne

      I'd say peeping Tom's are more innocent than stalkers... I'd say that comes first... Stalking is an action to hunt and find a girl which can lead to a violent action where peeping Tom's just stare and are generally scared away... At least that's my take it

    • Jjpayne

      *my take on it

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  • OlderAndWiser
    The incidence of stalking is impossible to accurately assess. There are some people who falsely report stalking as a means of getting revenge in relationships gone bad, there are some people who will report two phone calls as stalking, and there are people who will not report stalking when it does occur. Men are probably less likely to report stalking because they feel less threatened by an obsessive female.
  • courtney06
    Great take. You described one of my exes. He went from trying to get my attention outside my job several times a week, to several times a month, to once a month, and now to once every 6 months. I admit, I used to love when he stalked me because it made me feel romanced, important, and wanted. However, once he showed me his true colors, l made it clear verbally and nonverbally that I want nothing to do with him. Now if he were to come inside my workplace today, I would just call the cops on speakerphone and report him for trespassing since my boss already told him not to come inside. I would not react to him, look as if I am under distress around him, or have any form of dialogue with him because that's what he wants. If my boss is present he can tell him to leave.

    My ex hasn't come inside my workplace in over a year now I'm proud to say that. Last year when he tried to get my attention through the glass window, I just got up and went to another room where he couldn't see me. My boss saw the whole thing. I think that really embarrassed my ex and hurt his ego because I didn't see him for months after that. Serves him right.

    When his stalking was more frequent over a year ago, I did try to get a restraining order but it was denied. Since he lives too close to my job and I had a history of being on and off with him romantically, the judge didn't take it seriously. It might have been a blessing in disguise that the restraining order got denied because my ex might be the type to retaliate and cause more problems if he were to find out he got a restraining order against him.

    Yes I made a poor decision when I chose to get romantically involved with him. I was desperate and naive at the time and learned a valuable lesson. I thought I was in control but I wasn't. With the criminal history my ex has, I'm lucky I survived that without physical wounds and still have a clean record (because people with a huge criminal record can drag someone with a clean record into their mess). There were some things lost that I'll never get back, but I still have my life and now an improved level of self-respect. Now I stay far far away from people like him the minute I pick up those bad vibes. I don't even want them as friends or acquaintances. Out of all the relationships I've been in, that really pushed me to change.
  • SamirahD22
    Yep and there is someone on this app who literally stalks other users post only to copy it verbatim then lie. It's no "secret". Sorry just ranting (not referring to you) but I'm sure you are aware of this user
  • PeteyB
    I definitely agree, most stalker types suffer from sort of disorder, be it social or mental. I also think people of certain levels of general awkwardness or anxiety may exhibit stalker-like behaviors while not intending to exert power or control over them.
  • wankiam
    its not always the motive though. quite often it can be a control thing or some notion of misguided power rather than something as simple as desire
    • wankiam

      still a good mytake though and some very good points raised

    • Wowgirl30q

      Thank you

  • monkeynutts
    Interesting topic, probably right, I think the use of stalking now can be even political, and for the purpose of harassment, I wonder if paparazzi could be charged because they constantly follow and photograph celebrities, and do they have the same types of mental disorders associated with stalkers.
  • JimmyQ
    If I want to get to know you and you get all weird, then I know everything about you I want to know. I think some people's twisted little minds want to make others out to be bad just so they can have something to talk about.

    According to the BJS, most reports of stalking are false. Only 45% are verified and of those that are, the great majority are X-lovers, X-wives, X-husbands, xxx.

    Then when I try to look up how many people per year are killed by stalking, the figures don't exist.

    My take is, if you don't like someone, just tell them you don't like them. Most people will be happy to leave you alone.

    You know, you weirdo chics are making this world a dangerous place for men to survive and then you wonder why no one is interested in you.
    • kymberz

      i don't like the way you chose to word this but your point is very clear and i would have to say that in the end - i agree with you! your last sentence is so very true but we have to find a better way to say it because yes - if it keeps going like it's been going with the victim society and the hashtagmetoo! thing then we are all screwed - not just the guys!

    • kymberz

      oh one last thing - what i really like about your last sentence is - yes we are making it incredibly difficult for men to survive! i couldn't agree more. and we need to stop. so that decent guys can finally breathe again!

    • You think the fact that stalking itself isn't the act that kills someone is a mitigation? Of course "stalking" doesn't have a statistical body count because when stalkers MURDER people, the crime goes under the MURDER column on the chart. Absolute knobhead😒

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  • Robertcw
    Lmao. This guy looks like me Stalking = Desire > Reason
    • Wowgirl30q

      The night stalker, wow

    • Robertcw

      Well it's not my fault. lol

    • Wowgirl30q

      I know but it's creepy

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  • Sevenpointfive
    well you had me, but because it was interesting but why not go ahead and list the 5 types and make a poll about which type we are?
  • lovedejj_xo
    The person that sexually assaulted me practically stalked me. I keep things on me at all times because I will stab him next time he does something like try to break into my car again and I stated that to the cops. They let people get away too many times for stalking a protective order means nothing to a stalker or someone that lacks boundaries lol
  • XavierSteele
    Interesting my take and totally spot on as well. It's sad but true.
  • 4mazing
    I really disagree with this take. Most of the stalkers I have heard about that ended up harming someone were possessive, jealous ex-boyfriends or current boyfriends - not mentally ill guys who imagined the entire relationship.

    Mentally ill people are LESS likely to be violent than the general population, but often get blamed. Whereas lots of mentally sound guys commit unspeakable acts of violence, e. g. many of those implicated in the Holocaust.
  • DonCachondo
    You've pretty much covered the 'mania' stalkers, but you're totally missing the ones who have severe anxiety disorders that may have been undiagnosed or untreated. Some people's brains trick them into believing that a particular person can quell the turmoil in their souls IF ONLY... Those thoughts can linger and cycle on in your head until you just can't take it anymore. In those cases, it's tragic for both people involved.
  • scooogy
    I've researched on the characteristics of a female stalker since I seemed to run into one more than once around university. After it seemed to cool down again, I remembered a fellow student of mine tell me he'd have hidden from these women due to suspecting them of stalking.
  • Babygirl_S
    I am being stalked by the idiot I refused to have sex with. He is not even smart about it. He has made a lot of fake profiles. I don't want him in my life.
    • got2getya

      I had 5000 followers on my last site this site is more low key a good place to rest!!

    • got2getya

      Lots of horny people around

    • got2getya

      Any one know s more advanced site where you can post all u want

  • vxlsir
    I've been stalked by women on several occasions.. I guess im abnormal I. That if it's that rare for it to happen to men
  • The_man_whol_aughs
    I disagree with one thing and that is that stalkers suffer from mental illness

    Stalkers know exactly what they are doing and how uncomfortable you are so when you confront one show him no mercy

    Mental illness is just an excuse
  • s2firestar
    Lol I am stalked professionally. Twice a year when the background checks are done. It's not the same, but I had a similar feeling, especially when I found a camera installed looking in one of my windows. I got pissed and made sure to let them see my rather hairy ass as many times as it was feasible. Trust me... it has never happened again.

    Internal affarirs realised that I am an idiot, and not at all afraid to set some boundaries. XD

    Then again, "civilian" stalkers are not a problem for me. I am good at hiding my tracks and also being invisible and hard to get to.

    Perks of livong in a military base.
  • hillbilly311
    I can see that on both sides... woman want what they can't have as much as a man... when I hear stalker. . I'm thinking of some weirdo sitting in a parking lot with banockulars or something...
  • jessicarosen
    Great take here. Excellent breakdown. This gives me very interesting insight. I will keep it in mind!
  • lofii
    From what I'm looking up online about stalker types. Everyone in the world can be classified as a stalker
  • WhiteShoulder
    I want to know more about this topic
  • Smegskull
    Is this some lateral thinking way of claiming that women have reason? What they just select not to use it in conversation? Or is it that women have no desire or are all stalkers?
  • backinblack22
    Good insights. You make a good point about mental disorders having a major impact on a stalkers behavior. That doesn’t let them off the hook but society needs to identify these problems with kids/adolescents early and get them treatment. I read that stalkers usually have very low serotonin levels.

    Also about 1 out 5 women and 1 out 25 men being stalked. Does this include someone checking up on social media on somebody constantly (but not making any contact) lol. I’ve had people do that to me and I confess I’ve done it to other people. Not healthy either way. But just saying I believe 4 out 5 young women and 3 out 5 young men might have been cyber stalked.
  • crazy8000
    Just be careful of accusing people of being it since it's used little to often be mentally ill people to getaway with their shit or to manipulate.
  • Jennifer_32
    Damn, I wish a cute nerdy Asian chick would stalk me like in the K-dramas. Nobody ever stalks me. I'm jelly of Wowgirl.
  • soleil2666
    In all I know/have heard of it, women do the stalking (and then turn it into a big deal)
  • DiegoO
    Not sure if it's stalking but now and then I check my ex LD girlfriend FB, wondering what she is doing with her life because she barely publishes anything on her page and asking her is equal to been ghosted. Even though I don't ghost her when she asks me how I am doing.

    I also do it because sometimes I still ask my self who is she exactly. We never get to know each other well. I even reach to the extreme of looking her up on Google, and recently I check her address on google map (she lives in another continent). The google map address was saved. I taught I deleted everything related to her.

    For the sake of my sanity, I will delete the address.
  • DanOh2018
    Is it really that common, seems like a lot of effort.
    • Wowgirl30q

      It is that common when I say stalking it can be online to live action stalking though

    • DanOh2018

      What like poking around their Facebook or something?

    • Wowgirl30q

      I guess more troll like behavior but constant

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  • Wolkmi
    Without offending, women are more harassed but also more desired. They have sexual value over men and suitors and options in tinder and so on. I do not justify it only that women suffer harassment because they are the ones that are approach because men want sex more, women also boast of the sexual power they have... I just say that men do not suffer harassment but I would like it if it had a great sexual value in the world of love and dating and sex, or having partners easily, or having unrealistic standards and having dates that fit into them or using men as kleenex.
    Harassment or sexual violence but be desired and have suitors and that people take care of you i think is better than, like many men, be alone and have nothing.
  • nickyhclark
    Women can stalk to I’m a victim of it don’t be sexist
  • armleg
    wow i actually agree with wowgirl
  • Joker_
    This offends me
    • Wowgirl30q

      No surprise

    • Joker_

      Thank you

    • Wowgirl30q

      Guy can't take a sex joke but calls himself a joker🙂
      I'd say was a easily offended fello

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  • got2getya
    It happens on social media a lot
    • Wowgirl30q

      On here too it's horrible

    • got2getya

      Men get obsessed so easy and want to show me their cock

    • Wowgirl30q

      Wait till one starts dressing up like you. You can't prepare for that one

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  • Poppykate
    So creepy! 😳
    That was a good my take.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • KittyMilk
    I had a stalker only because I owed them money
  • Jltakk
    So love then. Its antithetic to reason.
  • Sabretooth
    sadly, any guy can be labeled as such.
    • Wowgirl30q


    • Sabretooth

      yup. i had one girl brainwashed against me who labeled me as such. it can be used for showing any interest or anything.