Young Adults Please Be Careful With Protecting Yourself From The Virus. It Seems Who It Hits Has Changed.


New information out of Italy is that young people are getting hit hard by the virus. I feel like so many young adults feel like this virus is less likely to affect them. This is partially because in the earlier outbreaks that seemed to be mostly older adults or at least that is what the U.S. government officials were telling us. That has flipped now. Please be safe out there.

Young Adults Please Be Careful With Protecting Yourself From The Virus. It Seems Who It Hits Has Changed.
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  • Ziggystar
    I hate to put it out there like this but you really don't have no control of this you can take all the precautions that you want but when the government puts something out for control to control population believe what you want to but the bottom line is no matter what the government is going to control the population regardless don't be a fool don't follow the government listen to what they say because they going to mislead you to help get rid of you once again for population control use your sixth Sense if we have a virus going around but nine times out of ten it's an airborne virus no matter what your government tells you if you have a weak immune system I don't give a shit what you do you going to get it until the government decides to put the healing agent in the streets what's the population has been under control again please forgive me but fuck the government and fuck the world look after yourself do what you think you need to do that you feel in your heart to protect yourself because in the end it's all about what the government wants to do and how he wants to do it and when he wants to do it and when he decides the population is where he wants it to be
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  • Vencam
    With all due respect, I call BS on that.
    It's not new that young people get the virus too, but the healthier the person, the milder the symptoms, which is why most of the deaths are from elder people and many children get it and don't even realise becouse the symptoms are too mild (like a common flue).
    Also, the only thing the video said about it is that some "we have a large number of patients, some are young people in a serious condition". Nothing to be shocked, nor did what your officials said "flip".
    So please don't panic and be mindful of the informations you spread.
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  • silvermoon84
    Younger person here and I knew that we still get sick from the disease. It’s just less likely to be fatal for us, doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. My generation (millennials) is known for arrogance, and I can’t even say it’s the early twenties millennials because I’m in my mid-thirties and have had to set people my own age straight about the virus. Truth is we’re not invisible, and just because our generation isn’t the majority of COVID related deaths doesn’t mean we’re not susceptible to the virus. My state just reported a COVID death in which the patient was a 46 year old. Thanks for putting this out there. I’m sure there are plenty of other younger adults know this and the ones who don’t despite recent warnings from the CDC are just arrogant. Anyone with half a brain would have realized that diseases don’t discriminate.

    by the way, I’m not meaning to insult or sass you nor am I saying all younger people don’t understand this. I’m just pointing out millennial arrogance in the ones that think they won’t get it. By all means be positive, but also be practical and realistic.
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    • Furthermore, I live in New York and the amount of people I hear complaining about our governor’s orders to stay home and slow down the spread of the virus is astounding. So many people complaining about Yankee games being cancelled, bars closing and restaurants being reduced to takeout and delivery only and I’m hearing this from boomers and millennials alike. The only reason people my age are getting so violently sick is because they refuse to stay home.

  • jennifer_bloom
    It says young people got severe cases of the illness but it does not say they are more likely than old people to get the disease
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    • sejla

      No not more likely. Before the information we were getting were either mild cases or they weren't catching it. My concern is that many of the young adults I've talk to around in my city is that they have a really good immune system. I'm not sure if they are doing regular protection.

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  • Interstate
    I'm not trying to be a pessimist, but no matter what you do, you are going to end up with you if the one upstairs says you're destined to. It doesn't matter if you stay in (that's what she said) or go out, there really isn't anything at this point anybody can do to prevent it. I'm trying desperately to find a job, but with all this going on, I'm not hearing from anybody. All these places must be shutting down.
    • opnbuk59

      That's partly true but you can't leave everything to God must use common sense god helps those who helps themselves if you can prevent something do it don't sit and wait for God use common sense leave the big stuff for God can be complacent

    • Interstate

      For opnbuk59, there is really nothing anybody can do but stay in. But even then, from people opening the doors to your complex, it is still letting the strand in. But being that we are referring to a virus, there is no way to avoid it.

    • I love living in the sticks. I have no neighbors around me haha

  • BeMuse
    It’s not new information, you were just being lied to by the media for months. Obviously younger populations which are much larger in numbers will have the most number of infections. Obviously older people with weakened immune systems and multiple preexisting conditions will die more quickly when infected. It’s always been the case that more young people will become infected, but if they get the care they need they have better odds at making it through and recovering (even if they end up with permanent lung damage that shortens their lifespan). Where the rub comes in is when the healthcare system is overwhelmed and young healthy people can’t get ICU beds with a ventilator and 3+ staff to take care of them 24 hours a day. Then young healthy people start to kick the bucket in mass. Toss on the possibility of an ADE response on the second wave of a slightly muted version of the virus and people across the board will die in mass. But that will never get into the thick skulls of the mentally challenged no matter how early or often you tell them. That’s were survival of the fittest comes into play.
  • 4eyes2mouths
    Anyone can get the virus. It's just that most young people recover from it. While the older folks can't.
    • So if u get a fever that means u have the virus? Rather than normal fever people always get?

    • No you would have to be tested to have it. You may just have the flu.

    • Oh cuz it’s been cold here daily n people r sneezing n stuff. I sneezed rn but cuz I’m getting allergies n itchy back moved into a new room n needs be cleaned

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  • Jackpot777s
    It is not that it has changed it is that the disinfo media changes what they say about it every day. It has always affected young people and people without health problems. It really depends on the person.
  • Eutopist
    There's reports how the virus in more serious cases can do damage to lungs (resulting to even 30% smaller lung capacity), to kidneys and to testicles. Please be careful, for your own sake and for others <3

    ACE2 Expression in Kidney and Testis May Cause Kidney and Testis Damage
    After 2019-nCoV Infection
    https:/ /www. medrxiv. org/content/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022418v1. full. pdf
    • opnbuk59

      It's amazing how quickly we panic over this it's serious but the for us worse and no one goes to these extremes stop and think use common sense stop the hysteria if one thing comes out of this it's the government's around the world have plenty of data on how to best control it's population, take some time while in hibernation and ask why now! Think about it

  • cicchis0
    Nothing has changed. Older people are still at greater risk of death from this ( and all other illnesses, and young people were dying all along:
  • kitty71
    In my country is the same is hitting also young adults
  • heytakeiteasy
    Are you implying that young people are less cautious due to the media emphasizing that they are likely to survive?
    • sejla

      Some yes not all.

  • Stay home everyone
  • Anonymous
    The less vitamin D in your blood, the more likely this virus will be fatal. The more prescription medications you are on, the more fatal this virus will be. The more vitamins, minerals and immune system modulators you have, the better you will deal with this virus. The more you follow your Doctors advice, prescribed medication, government health advice, and the information on health from the media, the more likely you are to die. This virus is not about age, it is about ignorance.
  • Anonymous
    Anyone with any ages please stay safe 🙏