The best at home, cheap workout equipment for when your country is under quarantine too


Since we're no longer allowed to leave our homes unless we have very important reasons (buying food, working in health care/food supply etc., helping others, going to doctor (after calling their office first)), I thought I'd share some fairly cheap products with you that you can use at home for the time during which your country will also announce it's locked down and everyone is quarantined.

I think it is safe to assume by now that this will happen almost everywhere until herd immunity has been reached - flattening the curve is essential when it comes to helping the health care sector take care of everyone and not becoming overwhelmed with all the severely sick people.

I have all of these products at home and use them daily, I bought them myself and like them a lot, so this is by no means an advertisement for Amazon, but much rather a suggestion for you :)

I know that most of these products are available from fitness influencers, I have never bought anything off of Instagram/YouTube, but these products have lasted me more than a year each already.

Blackroll dupe

Blackroll dupe - to be found in link above
Blackroll dupe - to be found in link above

Awesome for sore muscles. Will get a Triggerding soon.

Fitness/"booty" band (the small one)

Small loop band (NOT rubber)
Small loop band (NOT rubber)

This one is much better than the rubber ones. My rubber ones all snapped at some point, this one is very durable and very strong.

Also available in other strengths (green is medium and orange is light). Unlike the rubber small loop bands, they do not slip off. They will stay in the same shape, or at least this is the case for the (again, very strong) blue band.

Here are some ways to use them:

Big loop band

Big loop band
Big loop band

I use this for practicing my splits. Great quality, I've had it for more than four years now. I've used it so much that I always think it'll snap but the quality is still the same as it was when I purchased it. You can be extremely rough with it and it's fine.

Here are some ways to use bands like this for stretching, especially for the pose at 1:00 it's extremely helpful.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks
Yoga blocks

I use these for yoga and to overflex/stretch my muscles (also for splits). I don't like that they're plastic, but for overstretching, the cork ones are way too hard. I'll purchase a soft cork one when I find it. Had these for three years, still look great. Easy to clean.

I hope this was at least somewhat helpful - feel free to share your own suggestions below!

The best at home, cheap workout equipment for when your country is under quarantine too
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  • Harleigh90
    As a dance teacher, I would highly recommend no beginner to attempt some of these stretches. But to maybe watch some YouTube videos on simple stretching and counting to 5 focusing on..
    Shoulder stretch
    Triceps stretch
    Lower back
    Hamstring stretch
    Quadriceps stretch
    Calf stretch

    Otherwise a great take from original poster 💓
    Is this still revelant?
    • I used to dance, and since I've stretched with multiple teachers, I feel like what I learned can be summed up by "listen to your body".
      Of course these are advances, but there are hyperflexible people out there and I figured it's motivating to see where you can go in terms of mobility.
      Thanks for pointing this out though :)

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  • Can_I_Get_a_Do-Over
    I’ll have to try that blue band. I work out in the pool every day and use lots of rubber bands but they don’t last very long. Also use swim gloves, ankle weights, water dumbells, noodles, etc.
  • Cynicaldreamer
    Good take!
    Outside of fitness videos on YouTube (there are plenty), I also recommend a jump rope: they're cheap and a really good workout! You can burn as many calories jump roping as you can running.

    Or some dumbbells: they don't have to be heavy, some 5-10 pounds will do. You can do resistance or supersets.

    And of course walking. It's free, requires minimal effort, and you'll get some fresh air.
  • 5_AM_Oracle
    The sad thing is, I already do these resistance band exercises because I just refuse to spend going to the gym. I'm in lockdown even without a virus
  • Katerina_Belle
    This is a good mytake!

    I would even recommend BodyBoss for at home working out I use this for days I can’t go to the gym.
  • TallAnon
    Note, big loop bands seem hard to get in proper sizes when you are >2m
    Mine ended up being too small.
    • I mean, I guess it depends, mine's fine though it's more difficult for me to handle it (I need more strength in my arms) because it's already mre stretched than it would be when shorter girls use it.

  • Good take, I personally like using these

    1.) captains of crush grippers
    2.) Baoding balls
    3.) Gripmasters
    4.) Ab wheel
    5.) weighted jump rope
    6.) push up bars
    7.) iso7x
    8.) curl bar
    9.) fabric loop bands
  • Mindwipe
    Resistance bands, stability ball, ab wheel, door jam pull up bar. All can contribute to a great workout with little cost.
    • Those are great too! Thanks for adding them :)

  • Creepazoid
    I have a sledge hammer, a tire, battle rope, and boxing equipment
    • Those are great too! Thanks for adding them, especially the tire

  • horsenrhinounicorn
    Use a strong backpack with proper support to add water weight to. Use milk jugs filled with water and a big long stick to balance them both
  • GraveDoll
    I so lucky my gym is still open but i have a treadmill and weights at the house so i dont have any interruption to my exercise game if it does happen
    • wmbd61

      Hi hru this being and quarantined sucks. a lot of people here not doing it

    • GraveDoll

      My gym 24/7
      and it a smaller part of town and like everyone else we are watching it like everyone else.

      but i go at 5 o'clock am and ther hardly anyone there. I got to keep some normalcy to my life during this troubling time.

      I have notice more of the older people/pregnant woman have stop coming.

  • PeytonVB
    I couldn’t do this for the life of me so I know that yoga would be quite challenging lmao. I have yet to try these workouts and see if anything will be suitable for me and won’t kill me completely.
    • Hey, good for you that you want to try it out!
      I used to dance but never quite reached the splits - I got really really close yesterday after completing the following sequence for the second time in a row (though over the past year or so I've probably done it 30 times). It's short and good for beginners (I didn't do any yoga until I found that video!)

  • DorkVader
    Jack Lalanne lived 1000 years in peak health from juice and calisthenics. Good enough for him, good enough for me
  • zagor
    I may finally take the elastic exercise bands I've had for 5 years out of their package, as my gym is closed.
  • SydneySentinel
    Even using your own body weight is good! Nice take!
    • _gigi18

      Hey if you're interested search up Calisthenics. The results are insane

  • genericname85
    there's calisthenics. in a pinch, you don't need any equipment xD
  • DanOh2018
    I really like the boxing app on my Nintendo switch. My pre quarentine irl trainer said it taught me good fundamentals and it's a very hard workout.
  • moonpie89
    I don't use any equipment. I just move my body around. I mostly do full body workouts
  • JesseTheMan
    It's called a human body.
    Just do some pushups and situps or something.
    • It’s called life.
      Just do successful stuff and don’t be a dick about it or something.

  • Chris1690
    There are many exercises you can do just using your body weight
  • Razal
    Good Take.
    There are many exercises that one can do without any equipment
  • DannyFanny
    Guys won't care about all the text.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Good to know.
  • spartan55
    What country do you live in?
  • brittany23
    Thanks for this!
  • FelicityJ
    I hate workout. I hope I'm always skinny.
  • Cool ideas
  • prashant9643
    private yoga