Some latest and bet most of you never seen compilation of information for Corona virus...

Some latest and bet most of you never seen compilation of information for Corona virus...

As the pandemic continues and was getting tired of nonsense information from media, so thought of compiling some useful information. If you have some time, read and share it. You will not get many of this from media ……….

1. What’s the thing causing people to go crazy?
It’s one type of coronavirus, SARS-Cov-2. This strain is new not the family that’s most fortunate news for us.
2. How it got out?
Even if your resident evil brain is drooling over some conspiracy theories, (don’t blame yourself, media people are for that) its very unlikely cause the world has seen previous encounters with SARS and MERS (similar syndrome) so just give it a rest.
3. Whom are safe, who are not?
Nobody’s safe not even celebrities. But don’t panic, just follow instruction from proper authorities. We know you want to party, be around the world in 80 days (or less). But it’s not the time. So, keep your shit tight.
Also, this virus can stay active on most surfaces for three days……
4. How the virus infects our body?
After transmission via any medium, the virus uses Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (Ace-2) receptors as an entry point in Cell. Contrary to popular belief this enzyme can be found mostly in epithelial tissues (lungs, small intestine, and blood vessels). So, gargling with hot water will not take the virus to your stomach (one popular spread in media).
5. How to detect?
By now almost everyone knows about the symptoms which are somewhat similar to flu. The actual process is testing the saliva/nasal wash with rRT-PCR kit (which isn’t large available everywhere and time-consuming). Today FDA issued authentication for a new rapid testing kit (test in 45 minutes). A CT scan also detects but not in the early stages.
6. Who are more at risk?
Everyone can get infected. But children and adults are doing fine by the statistics. Aged persons are more prone to danger. That’s why Italy is in very bad shape now.
7. “The virus can’t spread in High Humid and temperature areas”.
A nonsense study from social science people, most of them actually not science. No need to rejoice and partying, stay at home.
Also, 5G network is not responsible for it.
And your pets aren’t spreading it, you are. Don’t throw them away.
8. Some more nonsense -----
“Take something it will boost your immunity”
Yes, you love home remedies. So even if you love thy vinegar, herbs, turmeric, ginger-garlic (maybe virus came from bats but it's not responsible for vampires), lemon-honey or whey powder (as suggested by your gym trainer), cow-urine. Nothing can boost your immune system high as you behave high on weeds. The immune system is a very complex system. It stays healthy if you eat healthily. No particular substance can boost you (Harvard Medical School).
Also, it's safe to eat well-cooked meat…..
9. What’s new?
Since the virus uses Ace-2 receptors, new studies showed that thiazolidinediones and ibuprofen like anti-inflammatory medications and some other medicines for diabetes, hypertension and some cardiovascular diseases, medicines for some autoimmune diseases actually increase the Ace-2 receptors in the body. Which can be fatal if infected with the virus. This new data is confusing and not every doctor knows this by now cause generally increasing ACE-2 reduces lung inflammation but hers it’s opposite. Talk this with your doctor (The LANCET journal) and better take paracetamol for fever.
Also, the virus is causing some liver damage if infected.
10. What to do now?
As you already know to stay in isolation and at home reduces the spread. Also washing hands, clothes and not touching face helps too.
Guys are getting infected more cause apparently, we take pride in wearing one shirt for a week.
Women are always more hygiene oriented.
Do not panic buy or go for high priced hand sanitizers. Liquid/solid soap with water is best cause they wash away dead viruses, dirt, oil and almost everything out of the body. Even if you like those Purell ads and dispensers, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are actually much less effective than soap. They can’t kill many other bacteria and viruses and can’t wash away heavy metals poisons from hands (CDC).
Also don’t panic buy face masks (though you have already bought many) leave them for doctors and those cheap masks are sometimes can’t provide any protection.
11. What’s our hope?
You may have seen people from various countries are clamming to get medication for it. But it’s actually not. Don’t believe in fake news. Drugs like Lopinavir, Retonovir, Oseltamivir, Chlorphenamine, and hydroxychloroquine are antiretroviral/antimalarial drugs, they can reduce secondary infections but not primary. I have heard IICT(Indian Institute of chemical technology making those with Cipla) .
By synthesizing the protein spikes, we got antivirals for SARS and MERS before, by the same way we can get results but it will take some time.
National institutes of health’s clinical trial for new drug remdesivir(mRNA-1273) have already started but it will take some months to finish.

So as far, social isolation is the key mostly. Don’t get scared by the death stats cause most people are recovering too. For doctors’ ultrasonic detectors will be more useful than stethoscopes as for now.
And at last but not the least, this outbreak has shown us the dysfunctionality of our society. As bill gates also told. We are not ready and very fortunate that it’s a coronavirus and not something no one has ever seen. Promote research and healthcare ………

Some latest and bet most of you never seen compilation of information for Corona virus...
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Cocacolaaddict
    Yeah but it was already easy to hate China! honestly everyone is being dramatic acting like this is an apocalypse are you forgetting all the other illnesses we deal with even worse than corona virus the flu Is a phnemonia illness too! corona virus is basically flu 2.0 and yet because a new illness comes out its automatically the end of the world like a bloody zombie outbreak it's quite frankly stupid out of 80.000people infected in chine only 3000 have died which are mostly older people that is almost nothing! are we forgetting people die everyday from illness its not a new thing that has started every day there's at least a million people with an illness in the world everyday. yet now because another one is joining the club hey let's lock the world down its pathetic corona virus isn't even that bad my family has already had it and recovered and when I get it I too shall recover illnesses were killing people way before corona virus and will continue long after its gone.
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  • zagor
    Fortunate that it's a coronavirus? I believe there has so far been no vaccine developed for any of the known coronaviruses...
    Is this still revelant?
    • Manab

      There were for SARS and MERS

    • zagor

      No there are not. The SARS and MERS viruses were stopped by isolating the sick. They were more deadly, and perhaps not as contagious, both of which helped, as there were fewer carriers walking around without symptoms. But even though work has been going on for a vaccine for 10+ years no vaccine has been developed for them.

Most Helpful Girls

  • orangecherry
    Retonovir might actually stop the virus or slow it because it interferes with the RNA to DNA. I read an article on it online yesterday. so that might actually be true.

    should I tell my dad to stop his blood pressure and diabetes meds?

    is Tylenol ok for symptoms?

    im so scared...
    Is this still revelant?
    • Manab

      Don't need to stop until infection of virus , if you want to ask anything specific dm me...

    • October808

      Tylenol should not be taken if he has a fever. He needs that fever so that his body can produce white blood cells to destroy infection. A fever s your body's natural response to fighting infection.

    • @October808 Fevers also cause brain damage and death if they get too high. Coronavirus causes _very_ high fevers. So if you aren't allergic and don't have some other reason to not take them, then yes Tylenol is definitely okay for symptoms.

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  • Why virus can't spread in hot temporature? Usually it’s hot in March and now it’s raining daily. So June July this virus will go? Disapear?
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    • October808

      No. Phillipines has hot weather. Cases are on the rise.

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  • Curmudgeon
    Generally, I am suspicious of "Pop Docs", but Dr. Drew Pinsky is spot on here:
  • Passinggas
    It isn’t that bad for most as I have had it and over it but still isolating to prevent spreading it. While there are those in cc or dying, that is all the media focuses on. This thing is turning political and that is a sign it is not that bad.
  • Bananaman177
  • Regmorus
    Wow, if assumed that it all is truth (about which I can't be sure just after reading, but it seems that way to me), just superb, perfect!
  • sean1234
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂and yet its not even as bad as the common cold.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • wewpet
    And it is very dangerous. I cannot believe that China is in a period of economic recovery. And the world is opposite
  • pizzalovershouse
    Great post 👍👍
  • Doncastar
    There are no vaccines for SARS OR MERS. Wrong info
  • ChefPapiChulo
    poorly written, and misquoting bill gates. 0/10
    • Manab

      Thanks. I didn't put any quotes , that was the message he was saying. With or without him the statement is true...

    • You’re not very smart are you.

    • Manab

      I can't change anyones opinion about me...

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  • Anonymous