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  • sawno
    Nah, the people that predict that are not following what is happening.
    The virus is exactly how i thought it would be back in February, mild for most, heavy for a decent size of the population. We still don't know the exact reinfection and immunity rates making it unpredictable and a vaccine either possible or not possible.

    However, here is the important part. We learned Key details about the virus. We know that the severity of the symptoms depends on the amount of Zinc in your body. So if your body is fed enough Zinc for example by eating some nuts that contain it, beef and especially oisters you will have a higher chance of getting it mild. Same with some social distancing.

    But more importantly the hydroxychloriquine and azithromycin drugs are known drugs that make your body absorb the zinc in the cells. Combine it with zinc and you heal as the virus fails to replicate properly. The approval of that treatment won't take 2 years especially at the current laws in for example the US were people are allowed to try it at their own risk.

    So effectively if this treatment is indeed safe and widely availible you got a 20% chance of getting the severe version, and then a medicine that according to a dutch doctor interview i have seen has a chance of 1 in 10,000 of side effects. Which means ultimately that out of the 100% of society only 20% will need it and only an extremely tiny portion would get side effects according to what i know.

    That situation would not warrent a lockdown as long as there is enough supply of the medicine. Then you just let people get infected and cure them if they get it severe.
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    • Wow that was a fascinating explanation thank you!

    • should I drink cow piss too?

    • sawno

      @ChefPapiChulo Cow piss won't have zinc as far as i know.

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  • standingUP
    This thing has gone on too long and all these sheep are just going along and welcoming being owned. You people better start standing up for yourselves we are not meant to be controlled like this...
    Do you know why CNN and all the liberal media is brainwashing fear into you? Because they are developing the right scenario for the chip in your hand. The problem with their plan is it's not ready on the phase one level they are introducing. Because do you what the best thing for the immune system to fight ANY FLU/COLD is?
    "Vitamin D"
    Guess where we find THAT? The Sun... Summer is get'n close isn't it sheepoeople?

    Stop being an idiot and get your ass back to work !
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  • PetrovaFire92
    I hope not, I have stuff to accomplish. But then again I'm saving my money so I don't care either way.
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    • Nevertheless most likely the worse will fall within the first two waves.

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  • confusedgamer
    What the... Finally getting close to relationship and this stuff happens, that aside, yikes. Let's hope it ends earlier
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    • sawno

      On the bright side the anticipation is higher which may boost your chances to get the relationship :D

    • @sawno Hahaha!
      Yes, I'm starting to get too woman starved.

    • kitty71

      That is what I meant if people a hve to be in social distant fo rlike 2022. New relationships will doom or current relationships will be as they cnat be togehter no hugs no kisses no touches so what kind of relationship will taht be? I eman not even you can hug your family or friends or any person you have to be distant for like 2 years now? How can people handle that? DSO does tha tmean that you will see your family and friends and SO in 2 yrs? Please I hope this vaccine comes ooner than later. There will be a depression and suicide rate pandemic if people have t be isoalted from other peoplke for 2 years and in lock down

  • NatalieKeller95
    there's no telling how it might go, but yeah it's likely, most pandemics tend to last 2 to 3 years, it might end February 2021, maybe it could have the same duration as SARS or Swine Flu, on the timeline, but nothing is certain, we'll have to dig in and hold out until a vaccine or other form of treatment is available
  • Daniel3035
    2 years without serious issues. 1 year? Would take a miracle and that's without having tested its safety just to see if it works if we have an issues depending on how severe could be 3 years.
    And do not forget at any point in these 3 years working at full capacity if a serious side effect shows up the whole vaccine may have to be scrapped along with all the years of work put into it just like hydroxychloroquine.
  • Nades
    Schools won’t return til a vaccine is created. If they open and someone gets positive, them there will be a shet ton of lawsuits. People are thinking it’s all going back to normal in a couple of weeks
  • Liam_Hayden
    That will cause a depression. A real one, not a state mandated one.
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  • Gedaria
    Is it such a big thing to do. I could save your life...
  • David2298
    I think in one year we will have the vaccum
  • Cryptic-Game
    That is a very unlikely projection.
  • Anonymous
    I don't trust anything I hear from CNN anymore than I trust what I hear from Fox.
  • Anonymous
    It will be longer than that none of the states ste doing what needs to be done.