Natural remedies for period pains


Natural remedies for period pains

Period pains or its medical name dysmenorrhoea, can stop some women in their tracks. It can take a week out of your life, once a month, reducing you to a sofa bear, wanting to just sit still eat chocolate and envy boys.

Hopefully, after reading these, something may help you to get your life back for that week when you usually just want to stick an "out of order" sticker on your forehead and call it a day.

1) Bananas
Many women notice improvement of cramps and moods when they eat bananas daily for the week leading up to, and during their periods.

2) Exercise
I know it's the last thing on your mind, but numerous studies have shown that women who exercise more before their period have less pains. And gentle exercise like walking or bike riding has been shown to lessen pains while you're on.

3) Heat
Tried and tested, and probably the most commonly known. You can use a heat pack or a hot water bottle and snuggle up with some movies and chocolate to make yourself feel better, or take a nice long warm relaxing bath.

4) Orgasms
Fun to try out, even if it doesn't work for you. Either pop a tampon in to keep the blood at bay and make it less messy, and bring yourself to orgasm via clitoral stimulation. Or, get your boyfriend involved and make it fun for the both of you.

5) Chamomile tea
Not only does chamomile relax you, help you sleep better at night and bring down angry moods, it's also been shown to aid in relieving period cramps.

6) Evening primrose oil
A very old method, used successfully for generations. You can buy capsules almost anywhere. Dosage varies depending on the company that produces it, but it's been very well known to reduce or stop pain when taken regularly.

7) Nuts
Lots of nuts contain vitamin E, omega 3 and magnesium; all of which have been proven to help relieve cramps.

8) Ginger tea
Some grated ginger, a couple spoonfuls of honey and water. Simple as that. Just boil it together and relax with your hot drink.

Also, I think it might be obligatory to eat chocolate during this time 😜 right?

Are there any natural remedies that you know of that I didn't mention here? Comment and let us know your own remedies that help you.

Natural remedies for period pains
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  • Prettykangaroos
    I just power through it! My abdomen is like The Hulk!! RAWR!!
    Is this still revelant?

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  • front2back
    You forgot to mention "drink plenty of water" and "get extra sleep".
  • kaitlovesyou
    Lol for me masturbating/sex helps me the most. Most of the time pain relievers don't help the only other thing that helps is sleep and hot tub
  • been_waiting
    I take more than recommended dose of Aleve and bitch incessantly
  • e92brah
    thank god i never have to deal with any of this
  • Hannajenky
    Tea meditation and excersize. Great article
  • SurströmmingLover
    Must the bananas be eaten in public?
  • Anonymous
    when I have my period I take aleave or midol
  • Anonymous
    My remedy is to just think about sex and cuddling and that works for me.