Okay a tough q here: how to support a friend with anorexia?

Just today one of my close girl friends went for a blood test and I am pretty sure the doctors diagnosed her with anorexia - as we were speaking about her earlier today and my other friend let me know why she was so quiet. Anyway this friend with anorexia I know has struggled with depression before. She never really puts our advice into action so sometimes I get frustrated that all our friends try to help her with other past problems and she just seemed to go on doing her own thing and complaining again when nothing changed. BUT obviously this is now a much more serious condition and I need to now how I can really properly help her snap out of her enchantment and come to terms with what is happening around her and the fact that yes we all understand that it is a dreadfully difficult and complex thing to even start to recover from. I won't pretend to understand what is going on in her head and what has made her feel so depreciative of her body image. She recently lost her v to her boyfriend so i thought thats good she trusts him with her body and surely makes her feel comfortable but i realise that this problem is on a much more personal level. I feel bad for thinking that she has wound up here because it is a call for attention as she has a reputation for that kind of behaviour. But i am putting those thoughts to the side. I already have experience with my auntie who is also anorexic and has been fluctuating for years now. I do appreciate you can't just tell them to eat take medication get better. this is why I just want to know how best I can support her and keep her in high spirits as it is our last year in school. I don't know if her boyfriend is helping her much but yeah. thank you if you got this far reading
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She went to get a blood test done as well as a check up I now realise they didn't make a diagnosis of her physical condition from her blood exactly. I was just stating that that's why the problem arose more seriously - I think after the doctors got to check up in her again after a while.
Okay a tough q here: how to support a friend with anorexia?
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