How do you get the line down your abs like these models?....

I have pretty good abs. I just want to get a split line down the middle of my abs the best I can. You know...I guess it just shows them off better and gives them better definition. Really separated abdomens are nasty...I think those come from genetics.

I heard doing standing crunches makes that line down the middle of your stomach. It's kinda like a dance move but you contract hard when you do the standing crunch. Basically arching your back a little and contracting the abs.

Anyway here is what I'm talking about...

link link link


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  • You have to eat right to get abs like those and some guys can't get those kinds of abs at all no matter how healthy you eat and how hard you work out. I'm not gonna list a whole diet plan here but you have to basically cut almost all sugars and eat a lot of protein. I can't remember the last time I ate a pizza or a piece of cake lol.

    • Hahah nice. Me neither actually. For me, I'm blessed with an extremely fast metabolism so I can reveal abs easy. The hard part is just putting on the muscle. But I agree! Thanks for the knowledge!

    • thats not your pic lol


  • Maybe you're just going to have to keep working out to get that kind of definition...:/


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