Is it wrong/odd for an adult to want an autism and bipolar evaluation?

I've always had trouble socializing and expressed myself differently, my childhood bullies made it clear that I was different from the other kids.

I had difficulty learning and regulating my emotions. I tend to distance myself from others, don't know if that's a disorder or from past trauma.

My teachers thought I was retarded, some of them actually using that word to describe me.

Bipolar disorder runs rampant in my entire family. I would be uplifted and motivated one moment just to crash and burn with depression the next.

As an adult I've grown more comfortable with myself. I'm still very awkward and have trouble socializing, but getting better at it.

I got a doctor's referral to see a neuropsychologist for ADHD, which is something I was diagnosed in childhood.
I'm thinking about asking questions about autism and bipolar disorder and possibly get a proper evaluation, but I feel odd asking as an adult, like there's shame in thinking you might have a disorder.

I see so many people diagnose themselves with a list of issues and it makes it feel awkward to talk about seriously. I want to get evaluated so I can better understand myself and my past and hopefully get treatment so I can live my life normally.
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Is it wrong/odd for an adult to want an autism and bipolar evaluation?
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