I need nutritional and diet advice please?

I am seeking some advice on my diet and exercise. I am 5"1 and not sure of my exact weight but last time I went to the doctor she said I was within my weight range and this was about a month ago. I have not gained weight but I would like some help and advice on my workout and eating. I'm not looking to lose a lot but definitely maintain and maybe drop a few pounds would be nice.


I do cardio 3-5 times a week...usually 4 times. When I do I go to the gym I do either elliptical for an hour or I rotate between elliptical, stairmaster, and treadmill for between 50-60 minutes between all of them. Once in a while I also do stairmaster for an hour but that is usually too hard. When I do the treadmill I don't run fast I walk at a high incline since I hate running. Then I finish with some leg and ab weights..I do the hip abductor and leg curl and stomach crunches with weights. I always sweat a lot from the gym.

Eating: I am not really on a set plan. I try to cut carbs as much as possible but I don't have a set plan and I would like a good nutritional plan perhaps if anyone has ever followed a good diet or nutrition plan from a professional and can give me the guidelines? Thanks!

I need nutritional and diet advice please?
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