For the (busy) guys with a lot of female friends. Was I right to leave?


.i can count on one hand how many times I got him alone for more than 15 minutes. after he had back teeth removed he was really swollen and in pain and didn't want me to see him like that. so after about a week he was well enough to see...and I ended up sharing him with 3 other girls. a mutual, his ex/"best friend" and his friend.( no idea the ex would be there...again) on the way into the store he wouldn't let me hold his hand because his exes mom was there and she's racist. in the store you would have sworn he and his ex were dating and not us. and leaving he sat in the back of the car with his ex while I drove. I ended up dropping them off at his house and he called me later to tell me he was still hanging out with her and was actually having dinner with her right then.i hung up and thought about how many times this had happened. I tried not to be jealous but all the times kept popping into my mind,at the mall, movies, at his house at our friends house, church and at dinner.and that entire day was the icing on the cake. so I called back and dumped him. I still can't believe he got the nerve to be upset. and eventually called me possessive (of him I assume).

so I guess the question is how possessive is too possessive? wanting more than 15 minutes alone with you a week and being upset when you give it to your ex/"best friend" instead?

calling once a day to talk to you?

not calling you when you say you're going out with your friends?

saying I miss you after a long time away?

or did it go to far when I offered to bring him something to drink when he was sick?

where does showing interest meet possessive?
For the (busy) guys with a lot of female friends. Was I right to leave?
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