Observations after losing 20 pounds in one month?


1. I am more confident, more self belief.

2. I am happier in general.

3. I am healthier, fitter, more athletic.

4. People are more friendly.

5. The way I talk to myself is more positive.

6. I get more attention from females.

7. Received a potential job offer (which I turned down kindly).

8. A girl showed love interest (but I was concerned about online dating).


1. No girlfriend in spite of 20 pound weight loss (for now).

2. I can see that actually for others, being physically attractive can be a burden, a curse. It brings out a lot of jealousy and insecurity in others - you would think life is all better if you are more attractive, but sometimes the opposite is true. Insecure people try to bully you, give you a hard time.

3. But being confident and physically in shape gives you the courage to stand up to them.

On balance I am still happy I lost the weight. I hope I don't come across as superficial or arrogant but it's hard to sort out how perception can change so fast - 20lbs in one month, and then it's like a new life.
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I think the biggest cons is that, to be good looking you need to have very good interpersonal communication skills. Because people pay more attention to you. And if you don't say what they want to hear, it is easier to hurt people and make bad impressions. It's hard to explain, but I have never been in this kind of shape before so it is all new to me too XD
Observations after losing 20 pounds in one month?
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