Can I get my boyfriend's mom to like me?

I care for my boyfriend very much. We've been together for a year, and I don't care if you all say that's not very long, it's long enough for her to get used to seeing me around.

She always looks so surprised when she sees me and not in the good way either. She always makes comments about how I don't fit in, or how my boyfriend should hang out with his friends more and not me.

I'm a decently nice person, I mean, no one's perfect. I'm not ugly. I'm not the prettiest thing out there, but I keep myself in very good shape, and I take care of myself. I'm on the shorter end of average, 5'4, and I have blond hair and green eyes. I only mention my stature because his family is very tall. They're all up around 6', girls included. My boyfriend, at 6'5, is the giant of his family, but none of them are short. His parents take great pride in their height, a trait I find rather ridiculous. I mean, sure, it's great that you're tall, but that doesn't make you the greatest people ever.

Anyway, I go with them to family functions, and he comes with me to mine. My family has been very welcoming to him and are always glad to see him. My parents love him. His dad doesn't mind me, just finds it weird to accept that his son has a girlfriend. His mother, on the other hand is very cold towards me.

I just don't get it. I'm polite, helpful, and kind to everyone in his family when I'm with them. I honestly am on my best behavior around them.

Our parents have been friends for years and my mother, a CPA, has worked with his father, a lawyer, on a few occasions. They get along very well.

I knew him for three years before we started dating. The only potential issue I see is that I'm two years older. I'm a Freshman in college at 19, and at 17, he's a senior in high school. I don't see why this should be an issue seeing as we've been family friends for years.

Anyone have any idea what she's thinking? If there are any parents on this site, put yourself in his parents' shoes and tell me how you'd feel about the situation.

I really want her to like me and not treat me like the devil come to kill her little angel. Cause let's be honest here, of the two of us, he's the one who has the dirty mind, and I'm the one keeping him in check.

Also, we are not sexually active, so she doesn't have to worry about that kind of stuff.
Can I get my boyfriend's mom to like me?
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