Need motivation to lose the rest of the weight?

Hi everyone,

I've been overweight all my life. And about 4 months ago I started the Cambridge Diet. Which in my case is eating 3 shakes a day, each 5 hours apart. Other than that I only drink about 2.5 liter water a day and coffee and tea without milk or sugar. I am allowed to use sweets for in the tea/ coffee.

So far it's going really well. I've lost 30 kilo, which is about 66lbs.

And I'm really happy, since I was really getting to an extreme. Well I'm out of the extreme now, but still I'm a 100 kilo.

I wanna get down to about 75/80 kilo. So that is about another 20 to 25 kilo.

But somehow now that I've hit this milestone it got so much harder. I can't seem to get motivated again.

The fact that I'm just sitting at home doesn't help, I know that. Looking for a job every day. And I think it doesn't help that I have the sweetest boyfriend who doesn't think it's neccesary for me to lose more weigth.

I just can't seem to stop thinking about food and cheating and eating something. Sometimes it's just a sandwich or a salad. And sometimes its candy or something.

Please give me some advice cause I don't wanna quit now. I've come further than I ever did so far. And I wanna be slim and toned and just have more confidence.

Need motivation to lose the rest of the weight?
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