Some facts about sex you never knew.

Found these in a book (these are US statistics), some are really interesting.

I'll only write a few for now, I'll write more if people are actually interested in this.

"Only 15 percent of sexually active adults have been tested for HIV, says the National Center for Health Statistics."

"Two out of three middle class nineteen-year-old males confess to having gotten a date drunk to coerce her into having sex. Two out of five have used verbal intimidation, and almost one in five have used force or threats. Nearly 60 percent of female college students say that they have had intercourse against their will."

"12 percent of men surveyed say they would not tel a partner if they were HIV-positive."

"Eight percent of people admit to having sex with a cousin, and six percent confess to doing it with a sibling or half-sibling."

"Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects approximately 18 million American men."

"One study reports that autoerotic asphyxia, or cutting off oxygen to the brain to achieve greater sexual satisfaction, claims the lives of 500–1,000 men in this country each year."

"Some men can experience retrograde ejaculation,or “dry orgasms,” when semen travels backwards intothe bladder instead of being expelled. The illness can becongenital, or caused by medications, diabetes, ordamage to nerves and muscles that control the opening ofthe bladder. It isn’t harmful, but it can cause male infertility."

"The sudden appearance of a sexualy transmitted disease (STD) in a monogamous couple does not necessarily indicate infidelity by either partner. Some infections can lie dormant for years after initial exposure."

"Human males, like rats, moths, and butterflies, give off a scent that has a physiological and psychological effect on the opposite sex. Researchers discovered that androstadienone, a chemical found in male sweat, raises levels of the hormone cortisol in women, resulting in enhanced mood and sexual arousal."

"Homosexuality stayed on the list of mental illnesses of the American Psychiatric Association until 1973. As did witchcraft, hysteria, alcoholism, lefthandedness, drapetomania, and demonic possession."

"The average U.S. male’s sperm count has declined 30 percent in the last three decades."

"Wearing too much makeup can mask the scent that attracts men to women during ovulation. An experiment found that a woman’s armpit scent was at its most attractive to men between the end of her cycle and ovulation, but that this smel is easily obscured by cosmetics."

"More than half of the women surveyed by Shere Hite in 1994 admitted faking orgasm, while fewer than half reported being brought to orgasm by a male partner through intercourse."

"On any given day, about 400 million people across the globe wil have sexual intercourse, which means that about 4,000 people are probably having sex right now."
Some facts about sex you never knew.
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