Bingo wings after weight loss?

I've lost over 111 pounds in one year & 4 months. I did it by changing my eating habits and getting my fitness on: cycling, dancing, dumbbell exercise.

Despite working out regularly (!) I now have bingo wings (excess skin on the underside of my arm). Thankfully *just* on my arms. Then again, I'm still not where I want to be weight-wise. It could get worse.

It really annoys me and I'm doing what I can to make it better and not get too frustrated about it, but I read a lot of articles on the subject saying that one cannot get rid of excess skin by training.

What do you think? True? False? Depends?

Also, are you guys bothered by these so called bingo wings (attraction wise)?

I should add:

I'm 26


currently 148 lbs


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  • How far away from you are you from your goal weight? Or ideal weight. There are tons of people who confuse fat for excess skin. When you get within five pounds of your goal weight, then worry about excess skin. Moisturize regularly, and lift weights to build muscle. That will help burn more fat and if you do have excess skin, to fill it out. Don't ever let excess skin stop you from being healthy!

    Your skin is an organ, it shrinks and grows with us, it can amaze you.

    • Thx so much for your encouraging words. I'm at 148 lbs and my goal at only 5'2 is 1) average weight ~138 lbs 2) ultimate dream weight ~ 117 lbs. I'll make sure to keep on working my triceps / arms in general. :)

    • No problem! Those last ten pounds can be tough. Just wait and see how different your body will look in just five pounds! GOOD LUCK!

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  • This can be fixed, don't feel to worried. I would say eat a lot of sulfuric vegetable, eat fatty meats. You need to eat a lot of fat. Fat is vital for synthesizing protein into muscles. Just make sure you get it from a whole natural source. I would suggest taking a fish oil everyday anywhere from 1200-2400mg. This will help your skin become more elastic which is what you want. Don't let anybody tell you saturated fats are bad for you, they are vital for living!

    • Thanks for your answer! Will make sure to look into that some more.

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    • Your welcome, and feel free to add me and ask any question you have on diet & wellness.

    • I took you up on that offer and added you. Not on here too often though. Feel free to find me on Instagram sasseka. And the #askquestions offer goes for you as well (with whatever topic I might be able to help). Cheers.

  • Building some muscle in the arms sure helps, although it's true that time is the only effective treatment, barring surgery. With time, MOST of the skin will resorb..but working out is pretty necessary to get rid of it totally, I've found.

    • Surgery is not an option for me, so I'm hoping that what I'm doing will help - and if not make them disappear at least make it better to some extent. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

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    • Do a lot of range of motion exercises too, that seems to help he skin resorb faster. Stretching the upper back and arms.

    • Will do! :-)

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  • You definitely can't 'get rid of' skin by exercising. Your skin has elastic properties which is why we can gain weight without busting. However, especiailly as we age, our skin can only be stretched so far until it loses some of this elasticity. This results in sagging/excess skin. If it's only a small amount of excess skin then you can tone up to fill out the skin a bit, however if it's a lot of skin you some people opt to have it removed cosmetically. You can also where compression bandages to keep your skin tight around your arm and this can SOMETIMES help with elasticity.

    • That's what I kept reading when researching this topic. Hopefully it's not excess skin yet but rather a bit of flab - I can work (or rather #workout) with that. We'll see how things go. :)

    • Myabe even see your dr and ask them what they think?

    • Good idea. I'll wait until I hit average weight. Only a couple more pounds to lose and then I'll go to the Dr for a complete check up. :D

  • you just need to tone up, if you google it, you'll find hundreds of excercises that focus specifically on that part of your arms, lots of women have issues with it, even those who have never been overweight.

    • Thanks. :-) However, there seems to be a difference between flabby & excess skin. The latter is - apparently - much harder to get rid off.

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