A guide to different face shapes

Every individual are different from each other..when it comes to face shapes they come in different shapes but people are sometimes confused about the way the shape of their face is called..so lets have a look at the different face shapes and their description

A guide to different face shapes

1. Oval

A person with an oval face shape also called the "ideal face shape" will have a symmetrical face with; a wide forehead, elongated towards chin, narrow towards chin and also high cheekbones.

2. Square

A person with a square face shape will usually have a broad and strong face with a wide, angular jaw and square chin. People with that face shape have a prominent jawline.

3. Round

A person with a round face have a wide softly rounded forehead and chin with full cute cheeks.

4. Triangular

A person with a triangular face have wider forehead, cheekc but narrow jaw.

5. Long

A person with a long face have prominent chin but their face is not wide like other shapes but mostly long.

6. Heart

A person with a heart-shaped face wider forehead and jawline and a pointy cheek.

7. Diamond

A person with a diamond face shape will be having a highly angular face (which might look bony) and is widest at the temples.

Below are examples of different face shapes:

so GAGers! what face shape do you have?

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  • @zombiebabe you should do a mytake of how change in slightest facial structure can boost someones attractiveness. Gender neutral face and changing of features gradual can make them either repulsive or super attractive.


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  • This is something I'm seriously forever confused about... like one makeup artist will tell me "I love the pointy chin of your heart shaped face" and then the hairstylist will be like "this style of bangs would look sOoOo cute on your oval shaped face" ugh can y'all please just come to an agreement 😒
    It even went so far that two of my friends had an actual argument over my face shape like.. How..😩


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