Guys: How To Look More Attractive!

Guys: How to look more attractive!

You can't change how ugly you naturally are but you can definitely improve your looks. And possibly even look like the guy above! πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

Here are some easy ways to be look less ugly!

1. Shower

This one is one of the most important part of looking attractive. You don't want to smell like jizz from when you jerked off last night do you? I don't think so!

2. Wear Cologne (optional)

This is optional but recommended to give off that clean smell. Just don't put too much or else you will smell like you did back in middle school.

3. Wear nice clothes

You don't have to look rich just dress your best at all times cuz you never know! You need clothes that fit you, not too big or too small! Even if you're going out to the gas station, don't go in your PJ's, go in a full tuxedo! (But seriously just don't ever dress lazy in public)

4. Underwear

Change your underwear EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! even if you're not taking a shower, that is a must! How do you think the guy above looks so clean?

5. Smile, but not too much

Yeah you heard me! Everytime you're in a conversation, smile! When you're alone, only smile when you make eye contact with people. Smiles automatically make you look attractive and give off that positive vibe!

6. Do something with your hair

Thw only exception is if you look good with that lazy hair style (even then you have to touch it up a little bit). Try out new haircuts if you can't decide!

7. Don't give a duck of what others think

Like me! I dress however I want (but follow the rules above) and I don't give a duck if I'm ugly! If people judge you for your physical appearance why hang out with them?

These are all simple thing to look more attractive! Shame on you if you didn't already know these lol


This was another take with little to no effort put into it. but I hope u at least got entertained by it lol

Guys: How To Look More Attractive!
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