My Story Of Overcoming Insecurities


This is for anyone that is struggling with self confidence, or insecurities. As everyone knows, society has always shoved "Beauty Standards" down every adolescents throats; be it male or female.

At age 9, at my old Baptist church (Where I thought I was safe at the time), a group of high school girls were making fun of me- calling me ugly. The four letters everyone dreads. I had no self awareness at the time, I guess you could say I just looked in the mirror everyday and thought "Oh hey, that's me!" Instead of "Wow, you look hideous today. Look at that zit, and those puffy eyes. That red skin. Disgusting."

I went home that day and went straight to my mirror. I stared at myself and it soaked in, "You are ugly". It only took one group of girls to say one word to start me down a 6 year battle with my insecurities. I was constantly judging myself thinking, what is it that makes me ugly? I was always pondering why until I was 12. "It's your teeth. They are so crooked and yellow. Oh, and your hair is so frizzy and unkept. By the way, have you looked at your NOSE recently?!?!" My mind is shouting at me. I don't know how to fix it. I want to look beautiful like the girls on TV. "No one will ever marry a dog like you" No one has called me ugly since I was 9, except MYSELF. Everyday was a constant battle of how to look good, how to impress people. Then I had a bout of cystic acne, because thinking you're uglier than a camel isn't bad enough. It was at that time I had also noticed that I was as flat chested as a boy. I realize I was only 12, but at 12 a lot of useless crap is a big deal. I hid under pounds of makeup, hats and baggy clothes. At 13, I remember bawling and pleading with my mom and dad to get me a nose job. Convinced that it was making me so hideous. They declined, saying I was too young (Which I understand now and thank goodness they didn't let me.)

One day at 14, I was reading my bible when I realized, "Hey, God thought of me before time began. He designed my face, my body. God thinks I'm beautiful." I remember breaking down in tears and looking in the mirror. I said to my reflection "You ARE beautiful." Everyday, no matter how hideous I felt, no matter how big that zit was on the middle of my forehead was, no matter how bulbous my nose looked, I said "You ARE beautiful. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!"

Then when I was 15 1/2, I started believing it. I was looking in the mirror and saying, "Hey, you're looking GOOOOOD today girl!" And walking out of the house in confidence. As soon as I started believing it, I was getting compliments left and right! "Wow, your hair is gorgeous!" "You have such beautiful eyes." "You're eyebrows are amazing!" "You have the perfect body." But none of that matters. What other people's opinions of how you look DOESN'T matter. It's what you think of yourself. How GOD thinks of you.



(Attached is a pic of my side profile I used to loathe so much, now at 17 I think is unique and beautiful!)

My Story Of Overcoming Insecurities
My Story Of Overcoming Insecurities

Here is a bonus pic of me at 12, my most self conscious phase.

My Story Of Overcoming Insecurities

I hope this MyTake helped you today. It was my first!

I just joined so I don't think I can message anyone yet, but if you would like to talk go ahead and privately comment and I'll try my best to get back to you.


My Story Of Overcoming Insecurities
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