We all have Flaws.



Such a strong word that can bring many people down about themselves. Intriguing really, we all obtain such flaws that make us look or be unique to every other person. Our world constantly revolves around the perfection we should achieve towards how we physically look. Advertisements after advertisements portray what they think the perfect male or female should look like, this includes the product that is being showed that of course has to cost pretty much an arm and a leg. Then it makes you wonder, will this work? If I use this product am I going to look like them?

We all have Flaws.

No. No product will every make you look like that person on the screen, not even plastic surgery, it might bring you that much closer to achieving what you want but not the exact same. I'm not saying don't use products, hell, I use multiple products a day also. It's just these advertisements are grabbing our attention, giving promises that if we get what "they" have, we can just be as attractive as them. But it's not only just that, during this process you get even more carried away, there's always that one more extra thing you want to add to this transformation, but in all this time, we're just hiding our unique characteristics, slowly making each one of us look the same.

Perfections is a Myth. I think we've all had that one friend that we see as perfect and wanting to be like them. Did you go through that time where you spent so much time with them that you found out that they aren't as perfect as you think? That's the thing! Each of us have our flaws, flaws that make us stand out and become noticeable. Sometimes it might eat you up, get you bullied, bring your confidence to pretty much nothing, but it's what we're born with, we might as well just deal with it and make it the best looking flaw that you can obtain!

Our flaws are not simply unwelcome nuisances, they are integral parts of our lives. Each of us has our own combination of flaws and struggles that make us who we are. They make us unique, special, and beautiful.

We all have Flaws.
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