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5 ways to accept your imperfections


Reflect on your body

5 ways to accept your imperfections

Take the time to calmly reflect on how you began to perceive your body during childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Have your friends made negative comments to you? Did your friends make fun of you? Have you been physically assaulted? What is the place of the media in your daily life? Understanding the origin of suffering is a good starting point for learning to accept it and move on.

Sort your values

5 ways to accept your imperfections

When we focus on our imperfections, we forget that the physical aspect is rarely a priority in our life. Think about everything that really matters: health, love, family, friends, work, passions, etc. And put appearance in its right place among all these values.

Accept compliments

5 ways to accept your imperfections

It is not always easy for some people, but when you are given a compliment, try to swallow your negative thoughts and simply thank the person. Keep these nice words in the corner of your head or write them down on a notebook and think of them every time you are feeling low.

Stop hiding your imperfections

5 ways to accept your imperfections

This change of habits takes time and a lot of courage, but the results are worth it. Start by no longer hiding your imperfections when you are alone, at home, then try outside, or with someone you trust. Do you wear loose clothing to hide your belly? Change this behavior by choosing tops of a different size and color. And with each step taken, congratulate yourself for your courage.

Reverse the trend

5 ways to accept your imperfections

Whenever negative thoughts invade you, they translate into harmful behavior. Staying in bed all day to hide from people, lack of motivation when you feel out of shape, etc. Each person finds a different outlet.

Record these habits on a notebook to keep them in mind and do your best to reverse these trends as soon as the cycle of self-criticism begins. Replace these habits with positive gestures, encouraging phrases, and compliments from other people.

5 ways to accept your imperfections
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  • Nottoxic
    I was shorter than most of the boys (and a lot of the girls) until I started to really grow around March of 2019. Reading your myTAKE made me think about just how often people would comment on my height, pretty much multiple times a day at school and I think now, 'no wonder I had height insecurities'.

    I think it is typical for people when thinking about their problems or bad things in their life as trivial when thinking about things other people go through. But I honestly think that my experiences of the past few years have majorly impacted my confidence.

    Since I was quite quiet and small, people would call me cute, innocent, small and tiny, thinking I found it funny. However, all of these comments put me down, lowering my self-esteem many times a day. It also doesn't help that my Dad takes the mick out of me quite often in front of my family saying, 'It will broaden your shoulders'. Fair enough I stand up to him and give him some back, but I think that it has lowered my self-esteem and confidence even more over time.

    I am now surpassing the average height for my year around 5'10" and growing even more still whilst going to the gym which I have found has given me more confidence.

    However what else do you think I could do to boost my self-esteem and confidence to levels higher than they have even been?

    I need to find my voice and know how to become a mentally stronger person.
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  • Anonymous
    What's the use of me accepting it? Even though I do, some women continue to laugh at me and treat me less of a human. I don't understand why, I never even talked nor looked at them but all they do is just tell me that I'm a big loser. Yeah, I never had a girlfriend and I'm not ashamed about it but I don't get why some women think of it as an imperfection.
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    • If you aren't doing anything irrational they are the ones who are gonna/going to end up looking irrational.

Most Helpful Girls

  • FictionalCharacter
    Thank you and that’s nice. But I know what I see and how I feel standing next to other beautiful girls. That I know I’ll be happy with plastic surgery. 😊
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  • Why do you anon all the time when you give good advice?
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  • Funny I know I'm an unattractive fucker and I'm fine, I just don't give a fuck about the world or what others want me to be I just be myself and that's enough.
  • joker247
    I didn't use any of this. Honestly I don't care what anyone says or thinks of me. I've come up a very long way almost from nothing at one point I had less than nothing. Im very proud of myself.
  • casanova411
    I would say realize the difference between you and all the stuff outside of you. You is whats inside don't worry about the rest start from inside!
  • marsargo
    I've been bullied harassed and so many things through my childhood about my body
  • akanetuk
    Accept your weakness and work on them.
  • serious
    Good my take.
  • bolverk
    I just accept that I am perfectly imperfect.
  • robertKugler
    I own mine.. bought n payed for.