What To Do If You Look Ugly


Do you look ugly?

Is your face too wide?

Is your nose too big?

Is your mouth too thin?

Are your breasts too small?

Well, I have a brand-new solution for YOU!

What To Do If You Look Ugly

This brand-new solution will solve all your self-image problems! And it is so simple that you can do it right now.

Here it is:

Stop looking at mirrors.

The thing about mirrors is that they are made by humans for humans. That said, do you really need a mirror to survive? No. It is not a need. It is a want and a modern convenience.

A long time ago, it would be very difficult to check out a reflection of yourself. First, the materials used to make a mirror - glass and precious metals - made mirrors a status symbol for the upper class. Now, everybody has access to a mirror, and the easiest way to access one is to walk into a lavatory.

Alas, this easy accessibility to a mirror may be your greatest enemy when you want to ignore mirrors. But it is possible to not look at mirrors. In your own home, you may cover the bathroom mirror with a bath towel. That way, you can still access the sink without looking at your reflection in the mirror. In public places, you may look up or look down and mostly use your sense of touch to guide you into a stall.

What To Do If You Look Ugly

The main goal is to stop caring so much about what you look like and start caring more about how others perceive you and your relationship with others. If you care more about your relationship with others and how others perceive you based on your interactions, then you will learn to emphasise relationships and behaviors more than appearances. Now, what if others perceive you poorly by judging your appearance? Well, you can always think to yourself, "I have no mirror. So, I can't do anything to change my appearance. I can, however, control my behavior."

Here's what you can control:

- washing your hair (especially when a relative or friend says your hair is noticeably dirty)

- brushing your teeth every day (because you don't want to get cavities down the road)

- brushing / combing your hair (because your Mom will complain if you don't)

- washing your hands (because everyone else will complain about your lack of hygiene practices if you don't)

- washing your entire body (because everyone else will complain about how much you stink if you don't)

- drinking only water, as opposed to sweetened beverages (because you don't want to get cavities or diabetes down the road)

As you can see, the little mole on your face is not something that you will be aware of and thus have any control over, if you don't have a mirror.

So, do yourself a favor.


What To Do If You Look Ugly
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