Why girls should not feel insecure about their small boobs!!


Nowadays many girls with small breasts feel insecure about them and would like to have bigger ones or are thinking of getting implants. I have to admit that I used to feel this way too. This article is for all the small breasted and I hope you will feel better after reading this.

After reading so many breast question here in GaG I want to ask you girls: Would you like to have a relationship with a guy, who cares only about breast size? I´m sure not. Fact is that there are guys who dont care about breast size at all as long as you have a nice personality and a nice body overall. Even if you may not believe it, there are guys too who prefer smaller ones over bigger- yes they exist. Studies have also shown that men who prefer smaller ones over bigger, are more loyal to their gf.I know it isnot always true,but generally spoken if he prefers your small breasts, chances shrink to cheat on you.

I have to add that high school boys tend to prefer larger ones, but they are mostly inexperienced and believe what media shows them. As they grow up, they appreciate the smaller ones as much as the bigger ones. In addition, smalller breasts tend to have a nice shape and more sensitive nipples. I have heard many times from guys that big boobs on a bra look look nice, but small breasts win when naked.

Sometimes I feel that both men and women have forgotten the main reason why breasts exist: The primary function of the breasts – as mammary glands – is the feeding and the nourishing of an infant child with breast milk during the maternal lactation period. As long as small breasts can feed a baby during pregnancy as well as big breasts can, there is no problem with having smaller ones!

Now Im going to to explain you why small breasts rock, although Im sure you have heard of these many times:

  • They make you look younger. If you are now young, you dont appreciate this fact but trust me girls when you grow up it´s something you will appreciate.

  • They don't sag. I know you have probably heard of it many times, but when you will be older and all your big breasted friends will have saggy ones, you will thank god to have smaller ones. Sometimes small breasts can sag too, but not as much as bigger ones do.

  • You usually won´t have problems with sexist men. Guys who only like girls with big boobs are shallow but it is proven that they are sexist too.

  • You feel more pleasure in bed. I know I have wrote it before too, but it is just amazing.Researchers found that large breasts are 24 percent less sensitive than small breasts.

  • You can go out braless. I have to admit that I have never gone out braless, but really why not? Your shape is amazing and men will stare at your nice perky boobs!

  • You don´t look "slutty". I know that big breasted women should not be consideres slutty as well, but it happens. My large-breasted friends get always sexist attention, and really it is not nice at all.

  • They look more elegant.I think I dont need to explan this more, they just look more elegant.

  • It is "healthier". You won´t have back pains at all. I have friends who are only 18 and are complaining about back pains. I think it is awful!

  • Many stars have small breasts. Like Keira Knightley,Taylor Swift, Olivia Wilde but there are still guys as you see who think they are beautys!

Why girls should not feel insecure about their small boobs!!

There are many other reasons too why you should love them, but as I know that many girls don´t like them because they think they are not feminine and guys won´t like them I want to talk more about this.Small breasts can be feminine too, I have seen lots of sexy small breasted women. Of course there are guys who prefer larger ones over smaller ones, I know that. But personally, I would never date a guy who cares only about breasts. I dont want to be with a guy who only wants big breasts or small breasts, but I want to be with a guy who doesn't care about it because he loves me and find me sexy the way I am. I know that media is making you girls insecure, and many of you are considering a breast augmentation, but there is no need to do it really. Would you prefer to be with a guy who won´t date you with small breasts, but will do with big ones? I think no.

I have never judged a guy by his penis size, and guys should never judge girls by their breast size.It is so disrespectful and shallow. It isn´t our fault that we have small breasts, it´s our genes.One day a good male friend asked me: Would you prefer to have big breasts? I think I gave him the best answer: I don´t care if my breasts are a D cup,an A cup or if I don´t have breasts a all.I would always love myself the way I am and honestly there are things more important then breasts. He never said anything about my breasts till then!

So girls, love your breasts no matter how big they are love yourself and don´t let anyone make you feel insecure about them(don´t let media too). You will find a guy who doesn´t care about your breasts at all and who wouldnot change them if he could. Who ever doesn't appreciate you the way you are, doesn´t deserve you-just remember that.

Why girls should not feel insecure about their small boobs!!
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