Stop Saying All Girls Are Beautiful


Stop Saying All Girls Are Beautiful

I have an issue with telling all girls they're beautiful. Not that I'm jealous, or that I'm insecure about my own appearance, or that I think that conventionally attractive girls shouldn't receive compliments on their appearance. My issue is that appearance seems to be the first and foremost thing we judge women on. (I mean, yeah, when we first meet a person, we're going to know nothing about them except what they look like, but I mean with people that we know.)

You see posts on social media and whatnot telling girls that they're beautiful no matter what, and that society is ugly for judging people on their appearance. Instead, I think we need to get the message across to women and girls that they possess positive qualities beyond their body shape, their makeup, their hair, their fashion sense. Women have the potential to be smart, funny, kind, talented human beings, and by just embracing the idea that all women have the capacity to be beautiful is dangerous because it covers up the idea that a woman's worth as a human being can be based on anything more than external appearance.

You don't see really men judged in such a way, and if they are judged in this manner, it is not nearly to the same extent, with the same frequency. Much more than women are men judged by their talents, their personality, their intelligence, their sense of humor, etc.

While I do applaud the destruction of traditional ideas and standards about beauty, and I do advocate the idea that everyone should feel confident in their appearance and feel beautiful in their own skin, I personally feel that it's insulting when the first and only compliment women ever receive is "you're beautiful." I have seen smart girls with great personalities have their self-esteem destroyed because they were worrying about what they looked like. I just want to take them all by their shoulders and tell them, "You are more than what you look like!"

Saying that all women are beautiful and leaving it at that (while praising men for their internal qualities) continues the dangerous stereotype that a woman's purpose is to be pretty, and that's it. Regardless of how inclusive female beauty becomes, when we ignore the other positive qualities that women possess, we do not come closer to gender equality.

It's so insulting when the primary compliment the female gender receives is "you're beautiful." A woman is so much more than her body.

Stop Saying All Girls Are Beautiful
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