Pictures of traditional wedding dresses from your country :)

In Tunisia there are several parties and celebrations before the wedding day in which the bride can wear different traditionnal dresses. Every city has its own traditional dress.

1) 2 pieces "harem" costume, a top and puffy pants with bare stomach.

Lets share pictures of traditional wedding dresses from your country :)

It can be made with different textures and colors. It's worn during one of the celebrations preceeding the wedding.

The top is usually low cut and has a lot of details.

2) The caftans/Jebbas are usually worn by the bride during the celebrations preceding the wedding such as engagement parties.

3) This 2 pieces dress is worn during the wedding.

It's very detailed and is usually white or beige, but some brides like to wear them in other colors.

4) This wedding dress is made with real gold collected by the bride's familly from her childhood.

Depending on the city you come from, there are several other traditional dresses that can be worn during the celebrations preceeding the wedding.

What about you? Where do you come from and what do your traditonnal wedding dresses look like?

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    There again are various sects within these religions and there are those that aren't even in the census :)

    Can't put up links to all the possible bridal attires but here are a few

    You can well imagine the diversity that exists in every aspect :)

    The maroon / burgundy dress in your point 2 is <3 <3 <3 <3


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