The Role of a Good Wife Towards Her Husband in an Eternal Marriage

The Role of a Good Wife Towards Her Husband in an Eternal Marriage

hello ladies and gentleman, this is my 3rd mytake, i guess the title explains it all, hope you like it...🙂

let's begin:

1. Respect your husband.

When you respect your husband you reverence him, notice him, regard him, honor him, prefer him, and esteem him. It means valuing his opinion, admiring his wisdom and character, appreciating his commitment to you, and considering his needs and values.

primary needs most men have:

- Self-confidence in his personhood as a man
- To be listened to
- Companionship
- To be needed

To me, meeting these needs is what respecting your husband is all about. For example, try to encourage him by being his number one fan. Every husband wants his wife to be on his team, to coach him when necessary, but most of all to be his cheerleader. A husband needs a wife who is behind him, believing in him, appreciating him, and cheering him on as he goes out into the world every day.

2. Love your husband.

The Role of a Good Wife Towards Her Husband in an Eternal Marriage

A good description of the kind of love your husband needs is “unconditional acceptance.” In other words, accept your husband just as he is—an imperfect person.

Love also means being committed to a mutually fulfilling sexual relationship. there is a whole lot more to love than sex, Therefore, you must look at love from their perspective, not just your own.

Surveys show that sex is one of a man’s most important needs—if not the most important. When a wife resists intimacy, is uninterested, or is only passively interested, her husband may feel rejection. It will cut at his self-image, tear at him to the very center of his being, and create isolation.

3. Make love with him as much as possible.

The Role of a Good Wife Towards Her Husband in an Eternal Marriage

Your husband’s sexual needs should be more important and higher on your priority list than menus, housework, projects, activities, and even the children. It does not mean that you should think about sex all day and every day, but it does mean that you find ways to remember your husband and his needs. It means you save some of your energy for him. It keeps you from being selfish and living only for your own needs and wants. Maintaining that focus helps you defeat isolation in your marriage.

4. Submit to the leadership of your husband.

The Role of a Good Wife Towards Her Husband in an Eternal Marriage

A wife should submit voluntarily to her husband’s sensitive and loving leadership. Therefore, as you voluntarily submit to your husband, you are completing him. You are helping him fulfill his responsibilities, and you are helping him become the man, the husband, and the leader God intended him to be.

Building oneness in marriage works best when both spouses choose to fulfill their responsibilities voluntarily, with no pressure or coercion. To become the servant-leader God has commanded him to be, he needs your gracious respect and submission. And when he loves you the way he is commanded to, you can more easily submit yourself to that leadership.

Some husbands and wives actually believe submission indicates that women are inferior to men in some way. I have known women who think that if they submit they will lose their identity and become non-persons. Others fear (some with good reason) that submission leads to being used or abused.

Another misconception is that submission means blind obedience on the part of the woman. She can give no input to her husband, question nothing, and only stay obediently barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

The Role of a Good Wife Towards Her Husband in an Eternal Marriage

What does God have in mind? Here is a passage from Scripture:

Wives, be subject to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives and do not be embittered against them. —Colossians 3:18-19


5. Be a helper to your husband.

The Role of a Good Wife Towards Her Husband in an Eternal Marriage

While all of us are called to be helpers to others, the Bible places a special emphasis on this responsibility for wives. Genesis tells us that God realized it wasn’t good for man to be alone, and that He decided to make a “helper suitable for him” (Gen. 2:18).

It is interesting to note that the Hebrew meaning of the word helper in this passage is found hereafter in the Bible to refer only to God as He helps us. The fact that this same word is applied to a wife signifies that women have been given tremendous power for good in your husbands’ lives. God has designed wives to help their husbands become all that God intends for them to be.

😊 thanks for reading, till next time fellas 😊


Most Helpful Girls

  • be a good wife means keep trying to find ways to make sure the family is ok...
    if the husband does not give a EFF about the kids sleeping in their own beds at a rightful night time, do it anyways so that the husband and wife gets alone time and kids get sleep.
    the husband doesn't give an EFF about the money, and spends way too much without budgeting? do it anyways, budget and save as much as you can, stay on top of paying the bills.

    the husband doesn't give a EFF about improving communication? Do it anyways, go and read self help books, take classes on marriage and children classes etc.

    The husband doesn't give an eff about improving himself? who cares, improve yourself, pick up a few books on self improving watch ted talks and so on and so forth. Love yourself... empathize, accept and care for yourself even if he doesn't because most of the time... a lot of guys expect you to take care of them emotionally etc, and yourself at the same time.

    That's the best advice I give to myself and I've been married almost a decade with two kids.

    • Don't agree with you because these are not the traits of a real man, a real man knows how to handle everything in the house because he's the man of the house and his wife will be a sweet devoted housewife, she surely can help budgeting and giving opinions to her man and he will listen because her opinions might be helpfull...

      A real man will always try to make his wife happy because he knows that she's his only and true happiness, which means a happy wife=a happy house...

      A true man will never say i don't give efff... cause you and the kids are always his priority, his duty is to provide for you, take good care of you and assure you a humble beautiful house where you will all live inside, warm and protected 🙂

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    • Your right and i agree that it's his way and you shall understand it because your his wife, a good wife... but i still think that a man in general shall solve the problems of the family and his wife can tell him anything so he solves her problems too because she's his 2st priority...

    • It's complicated. Real life is more complicated than just, do this or that. My husband can't solve the problems... He just thinks if he isn't complaining than everything should be ok. But it is way more complicated than that. There are way too many issues. For example, i get upset no one eats veggies and dinner every night is a ding dong. He is happy, so if I am not than he will be 10000x more angry until i drop it. But his health, the kids health, my health will go down. All the sugar will cause mood swings... that's just one example. I can push for healthy food all i want but he will fight me until I don't want to fight anymore...

  • I agree and about having sex. Today a lot of people say, well you shouldn’t have sex if you don’t want to. True enough, if you are fighting or you are really sad I would say of course. But in a relationship with two people loving each other, caring for one another, I think that is natural that you don’t jump on them when their cat just died. But if you keep denying someone sex it takes a toll on their confidence, they feel rejected. You might not be in the mood at first, but once getting started it is hard to not get in the mood. I have a pretty high sex drive even more than my man I think, but in general I feel loved with physical tiuch and not only sexual. In the periods we don’t have sex or touch it feels like we are isolated from one another, the sex, the touching brings greater intimacy and connection. Having sex with your man, making love to him, I think it will make him feel desired, wanted, loved by his wife and so his focus be on her.

    • If there is time for facebook, instagram, etc there is also time for sex. I have two kids under the age of five. Me and my man still have sex almost daily.

    • Great article, it was a good read and I agree. :-)

    • Thanks for your insight, who cares about facebook, insta or any other social media when there is love and making sex...

      Also yes, like i said that sex is very important in a married couple's relationship...

      Usually a husband can have sex anytime he wants sith his wife, it's because she's simply his wife...

      Now of course if she was sick and had harsh reasons, he will happily accept her refusal and knows that she will make it up for him later 😊

Most Helpful Guys

  • Thank you for a great Take. People who consider Godly marriage NOT a partnership obviously didn't read your whole Take.
    “The woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam; not made out of his head to rule over him, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved.”
    ― Matthew Henry, "Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Bible"

    • Well said and totally agree with you... thanks 🙂

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    • I am not being the shallow one

      You are the one who is being oblivious if you think your wife will be happy that way.

    • @WitchsLove if my future wife will be happy or not is my business not yours, you think about your future husband and forget about me...🙂

  • 1) Truth
    2) Hell ya
    3) Fuck ya
    4) Preach it! Up with the patriarchy
    5) Agreed (in a non-religious way of course)

    I find no fault in this take whatsoever.


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What Girls Said 39

  • I'd have to completely disagree with everything you said... I think marriage should be a team work and the husband and wife should be equal... but that's just my opinion, guess I'm never getting married if guys expect this hahaha.

    • Your problem is the common problem. That people read all this and immediately start concluding that somehow they are not equal. If you cannot change that mindset, you will never have a healthy marriage.

    • @HaveNoName thanks for your reply, she's just a kid and she needs time to start understanding how life works...🙂

    • @aes321, i respect your opinion even though i completely disagree with you but can't blame you for writing such an answer. Your still a teenager exploring life... good luck 🙂

  • I beg to differ. A marriage should be a team work, and nobody gets to be the leader. The husband´s needs are not more important than those of the wife. Respect has to be mutual. The wife is as much a helper as the husband is. Both have the right to live fulfilling lifes with successfull careers, and one isn´t more important than the other.

    • Thanks for sharing and let's agree to disagree 🙂

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    • I read it and chose not to comment

  • Well-said!
    I must respectfully add that not every man is a natural leader so it helps for the woman (in an agreeable marriage relationship such as this one) to learn how to be the “neck” to the head (the man is the head). Though, everyone should learn to be capable of guiding and teaching in order to help, it’s especially good in relationships and child rearing. Or something like that 👍🏻

    • Agreed, your right that not all men are real men, and that's wherr a woman plays a big role, either to wake him up and remind him of his role or she just have to lead the way...

  • The only time I'll submit to him is in the bedroom. Otherwise, I believe marriage is a teamwork where both help each other and work out during the good and bad days.

    The part about placing sex as the most important priority ever, even on top of your children makes no sense. If my future child is having a fever for example, I'm not going to simply ignore him/her for sex.

    • That's true. Sex over everything else sounded pretty disturbing, however think this way. You definitely don't want your husband to cheat on you, I don't know how much you would allow him to watch porn, go to strip club or hookers etc... But if you allow none of that, then his only way of getting sexual pleasure and all is you. Think from his side, wouldn't he get frustrated if he feels like he's not getting enough sex? That's why I don't think that the point is really that bad.

      Regarding your point of child being sick, I totally agree with that. If you're not married, I hope you get a husband who will be sensible enough to understand that it is NOT the right time to ask for sex and he should be patient for some time. The husband needs to use his common sense too, right?

    • @CubsterShura thanks for understanding for understanding miss cubster shura and making it clear to her how this works...

      For sure if the kid is sick, it wilk be our priority but in my take i'm talking about sex when there is nothing urgent in the house and that everything is good...

    • @Vesuvius87 i agree with you on some points but it seems that you didn't get my point about submission... anyways thanks for sharing your opinion.

  • I agree with everything cause without a doubt these are the right things however the way you wrote it is offensive

    • Thanks miss angelic for loving mytake, that's a reality and if you actually want a happy marriage with a loving man, these are the steps to do...

      But always remember that you must have a real man to offer him all this because giving such things to a man who isen't worth will make you feel dead from the inside... so when it's given to a real man, he will make you feel like a princess.

      The way i wrote it is not offensive, it's up to you how you see things and define them...😏

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    • Lol don’t threat me babydoll, cause there is no point to it.
      And surely don’t you dare ever speak about my dad again, in your age he already had children and was a successful bussiness man, richer than you’ll ever get.
      You are nothing in front of him.
      If I had you in front of me, I would scream it your face cause you sren’t a real man and you need to hear it again and again.
      You can’t do anything after all, you can try but there is nothing to achieve.

    • Wow Man vs Woman let me get the popcorn out

  • Sex... over children? I could understand where you're coming from with the rest of this my take, but right there it's just... I'm sorry man, if my kids need me, I'm not going to skip out on them to please my husband's sexual desires. Call me a terrible future-wife, but my children will be my first priority in every aspect.

    • Totally right! Any parents number 1 priority should always be their kids!

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    • You're acting like I said a woman should not care about her husband, when in fact she totally should. Ever heard of communication and compromise? You can't expect someone to compromise for you when you yourself are unwilling to compromise on something. Kids need their moms, period.

    • @CubsterShura who said that i won't compromise, that's why i'm saying that i will never be with a girl who tells me that her kids comes before me...

      Yep kids do need their mom... and dad too 😏 they need both equally... period.

  • I think you’re just trying to trigger people. If you find someone to marry you.. let her me the one to follow your rules. Don’t shove it down everyone else’s throat.

    • I'm not shoving anything in anyone's throat, i just wrote my opinion about this case and your free to like it or not...

    • You’re telling women what they should do.. your opinion involves how other people should be. Focus on yourself.

    • I can tell what i want. and your just no one to tell me what i can or can't do, of you hate what i write so much, just block menor don't read what i'm writing... simple!

  • Very good my take

    Especially the part about sex. Men have needs and if you deny them sex or withhold it as punishment, he will withdraw and ultimately find sex some other way.

    An affair
    Sex with a family member, including a daughter or niece or grand daughter or sister in law or even a mothers law

    Likewise he needs to be aware of your needs

    Wham bamm thank you ma'am gets old fast

    • True, turning gay and indulging in incest may be just a little bit of a stretch but you do have a point there nonetheless

    • @wingattebaby16 thanks for your insight, i agree with you, even though he might not cheat but for sure will ruin the relationship...

    • Men also have self control and rationality they often exalte to make decisions that can overcome their needs, you are above basic animalistic behavior. A wife not engaging in sex does not make her responsible for her husband molesting their daughter.

  • oh yes god. That evil delusion that has justified genocide, slavery, rape, torture, war, censorship and oppression. Exactly what you want in your marriage.

    • Because it’s fair to shit on someone’s beliefs. Nice. While you’re attacking the Christian Faith for parts of a holy book taken out of context or no longer considered proper and acceptable, why don’t you take the same argument up with Muslims? It’s the same sort of argument—you can’t judge Islam by parts of the Quran misread, misinterpreted, or no longer in practice, just as you can’t judge Christianity forbid the same. Very similar religions.

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    • It's not you or anyone else who tells me if i'm from them or not

    • Sure. But fuck religion. There’s no point

  • I will take it as an echo of my mom's advises to me. I know you meant well with this Take but don't be surprised if some women here tell you that all these sound pretty biased.

    • Your mother must be an awesome lady, i hope that you learn some good things from her 🙂

      Now about some women who wilk see it biased, don't worry i'm used it and knows how to handle it... actually it's still good till now and still no psycho women have appeared yet 😄

  • I actually really like this myTake. I don't find annoying offensive about it but I understand why it is not for everyone today, I personally feel like it has a strong plus point. I think couples should be doing whatever is best for them, but I strongly believe men don't get enough respect, credit or appreciation for their work.

    And ladies, yes a husband does deserve respect and all traditional stuff but remember you also deserve a husband who is worth all of it and has a thing called character. Choose your man wisely. That was my plus point.

    • Thanks for your insight and i really appreciate it also agree with it 😊

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    • @Drinkingcoffee if a woman obeys her husband it doesn't mean that she has lost her independence, because she chose to obey him willingfully...

      It's respecting her husband, when a man takes good care of you, raise you and provide for you and makes you feel like a princess, the least thing you can do to him is obey him, your obeying a man who loves you, don't forget this, not obeying a master and your his slave, it's totally different...

      You can't make your own decisions anymore because your married and if there is something you wanna do, you must always take his opinion and achieve a compromise between you and him...

      Even your future husband will take your opinion in his decisions... but the final word is for him!

      If you wanna get out somewhete and he say no and give you a good reason, You shall respect him and if there is no reason, for sure he wouldn't say no...

      What if someday he wanted to got out with his friends and you came to him and told him: my king please stay with me

    • I missed you a lot, i really need you to be with me at this moment, do you think he will leave? If it was me and i'll appologize to my friends ans for sure stay with her, hug her and make her feel that no one comes before her...

      You just have to know to which men you shall treat like this cause the majority don't deserve it!

  • You would be hated in the place I live, but you aren’t wrong. It’s funny how the world works.

    • I don't care if i'll be hated or not, because we must speak what's in our minds anywhere and everywhere and if they don't like it, they can plug their ears 🙂

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    • I’ll read it when you do

    • Thanks 🙂

  • The husband should do everything you said for the wife as well.

    • Agreed 🙂

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    • Many women think like I do.

      And yes it is derogatorry to women.

    • @WitchsLove well there is nothing i can do if you feel like this, i am what i am and that's how i will always remain... maybe you csn close your eyes and not read because nothing will change 😏

  • Interesting, you have a very strict Christian-influenced view on marriage, and while I don't entirely agree, it's a curious read.

    • Thanks, maybe it's a christian view but if i don't accept it or feel comfortable with it then i wouldn't had wrote it 🙂

      When i have time, i'll make a mytake about how shall a man treat his wife in a happy eternal marriage, i guess you will like it 😊

  • I just hate how these kinds of opinions imply that the wife has to “give” her husband sex as if it’s a chore to tick off. It kind of neglects the idea that we women do have sex drives and require pleasure as well.
    I don’t want to keep I in mind that I should save energy because my husband might want sex later. I want an active, free sex life. If the mood strikes, we have sex. If I don’t feel like sex, sometimes I might pretend to be into it, other times I want to tell him I’m tired and don’t want to have sex. I don’t want a man that I only have sex with to keep him from cheating or leaving. No way!
    I also want him to put in effort and make me want to have sex regularly in the first place.

    • No problem, what your saying is logic but as a wife, you always must be ready for your husband cause your his wife, of course if your sick or very tired he won't rape you or force you, but you have to understand that a husband have rights on his wife unlike a boyfriend or partner...

      But since he's your husband, he knows that he's the ome who provides for her and take care of her and actually is her everything so for sure he will understand and won't force you because he know that you will make it up for him and also because there will be a harsh reason which made you refuse, so no worries!

    • Thank you for understanding my views. One point I disagree with is where you phrase sex as being a “right”. I agree to some extent. You marry someone, you expect sex. However, my body is still my body and to think of it as a right isn’t very sexy. Perhaps that was the wrong choice of words. When we start to think of sex as a marriage right is where sex starts to lose its passion.
      All in all, I liked your take. I’m assuming this is from the male point of view and that you of course understand it goes both ways. I would follow a man, but I would expect him to view me as an individual with hopes and dreams as well who is mature enough to support me on my personal endeavours as I would him.
      I like to think that men and women are equal but we play different roles. In today’s day and age, women have been liberated and we’re free to persue anything we like. But if we’re in relationships, we are literally giving half of ourselves to that person so we must look after them if we expect the sam

    • Yep agree with you and your welcome, for sure it goes both ways except that a man leads and a woman follows and don't worry when i have time, i'll make a mytake about how a man shall treat his wife in sn eternal happy marriage, you loved this one and you will love it more when i'll make a take about the man's role 😊

      It's isen't a right as right like under the law, it's a right which says a husband can make sex to his wife when he wants to cause the wife is his family, his love, will become the mother of his children and her everything till death so to make it clear that a husband is totally different than a boyfriend or fiances cause they got the blessing of god and they became one... that's my own belief and i know many will disagree 😏

      Now about her dreams and hopes, well i guess she will all share them with me... but when it comes to me i'd only marry a girl who wishes to become a housewife... it's just me and my own preference, i know people are different 🙂

  • Good take. Agree on most apart from the leadership point since not all men are leaders and not all women are followers so every couple should adapt for its situation.

    • I agree, mytake is made only for real men who are true leaders... some men are just males or shall i say the majority are males and is better for a female to take the lead, but there still some real men where a wife will happilly follows and trust their men blindly 😏

    • Blindly. Suuure... anyone with 2 neurons keeps their eyes and mind open to give sugestions as well or to lead from time to time

      I see marriage as more of a partner thing and less of a leader follower thing

      Even because sometimes the woman will know whats best and others the man will...

      Marriage is about that dialogue...

    • @WitchsLove miss witch why are you losing your temper, no matter what you say or try to explain, nothing will change, i'm someone who knows what i'm saying and think before i speak...

      It's your problem if you cannot accept me that i'm totally different from you...

      Don't waste your time trying to convince others because believe me no matter how much you talk the women who loves my mindset will never give you their ear and the poeple who are like you will nevet agree with me... so why not respect each other and agree to disagree 😊

      Because this is going no where...

  • Good take and as long as they are both helpful and supportive of each other the relationship will prosper.

  • Such thinking might've worked few decades or centuries behind, but I doubt it would today. First I noticed on comments you say that men that are not leaders are not real men, can you please explain why you think so, cause I surely doubt you can give valid points.
    Second - the sexual desire of the husband should be priority number one? Since when is that? Sorry, but it's not a priority, it's not a duty. Here's where you can say some men are not real men, cause real men would understand that they can't always be the most important thing in the moment. A real men would know to control his animal instincts and desires. No matter how much I love to make love, sometimes it would not be a priority and if I don't put it as such it won't make me a bad wife. Also would you say an asexual wife is a bad one?
    Next thing I'll say is that from your take I somehow get the feeling you think the man is always right and the woman should always follow. To me marriage is about making a team without a leader, taking each other's opinions and if they differ talk them through go get to the best conclusion. And it wouldn't be based on which gender did the opinion belong to.
    I really hope for you to find a wife that makes you happy and I hope you'd make her happy too. Just remember that respect and love go both ways.

    • Thanks for sharing, and no comment about what you have said because each person is different and if that's what you believe in so be it and i'll be the way i want to be...

      I won't keep repeating my answers for each member, you can find the answers to your comment somewhere in my comments to other gaggers in here... thanks

  • What is the role of the husband in the eternal marriage?

    MyTake for that too...

    And dont say being the leader 😒

    • You will love ot when i have time to make a mytake for how shall a husband treats his wife in an eternal happy marriage, maybe it will calm you down a little 😄

      And about the leadership, it won't change men have been leading women from thousands of years 😄

      Real men will always lead and the wife will be more than happy believe me but some men are just MALES which means only habe male genitals but are do not have any men traits or personality and that's where a woman shall lead because she have too 😏

  • Congratulations on having one of your post featured ☺️

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What Guys Said 24

  • Well, you have it mostly right, but it's rather more simple than that, but you are a talkative one. LOL

    #1 is Sex. You got that, but it's the first one. Without sex it's like roommates. It's the glue for any romantic relationship, married or not.
    #2 Food. It's true the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. If he's a hard worker as most men are, he needs nourishment. He's not much good 'till he eats. A smart woman knows this, takes care of her man.
    #3 Is the love/respect/attention - you made this your first three points - it's behind the other two, but still critical. A lack of respect is a leading cause of relationship failure, then the cheating and bailing starts.

    And then you had to throw the bible thing in there, which is fine, but you just sent most of your readers packing, even though it's applicable. They just need to see it in real terms rather than in biblical terms.

    A woman is an adjunct to a man's life, his partner, while he pursues his life mission. She's not the center of his life, not what he worships.

    • Glad you like it 🙂

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    • @ktdec please have some respect, cause if you want your opinions to be respected, then you must respect the others...

    • @ktdec - it's a woman's mission if she chooses it. If she doesn't she's free to pursue whatever endeavor she wishes.

      Most women are looking for a strong male to partner with, to create a life with, to make a family with. Some are not. It's up to each. You have to present high value if you're going to find a high-value guy. About half the women today think that if they show up with their golden vagina they're good to go.

      A real man is THE PRIZE. He's the one that makes things happen. Some women think they can be the man, and are sadly disappointed when their man just isn't what they had hoped for.

      Choose wisely, treat kindly. __Dr. Laura

  • I don't know about that submit to leadership thing. A relationship where either “wears the pants” isn’t equal. Both should lead at different times for different things. If my wife knows more about home buying or investments, I should follow her lead. It doesn’t matter the subject, defer to subject expert. BUT, I agree women often neglect sex in their relationship... and then wonder why their guys isn’t happy. That’s just some stupid obvious shit, and it’s an important part of the relationship...

  • Any reason this couldn't have been written from the perspective of "The role of a good spouse in an eternal marriage"? Nothing you talk about couldn't be a shared role.

    • There are certain points that can be shared cause men and women are different, what a woman gives you is different from what you give her...

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    • I'll try to make another take for how a man shall treat a woman for an eternal happy marriage, when i have some times 🙂

    • @AngelicEmpress I won't lower myself to your class, in the end your just a kid who needs to be taught about how life works and get some lessons in politness and respect...

      Your talking about your das as if you knew me why you don't know who your talking with and that's why YOU & YOUR DAD can kiss my a*s...

      Your right about that i can't do nothing about it if you keep barking that i'm not a man, but i can give you my adress so you come closer and say this to me so. your regret it all your life...

      But i have found a way to keep your mouth shut towards me and don't have to read the crap and sh*t that your spitting from your mouth which is... YOUR BLOCKED!!!

      Have fun😏

  • Respect and love obviously need to go both ways.

    Other than that, I want a partner, not a servant. If I wanted someone to quietly idolize and obey me I'd get a dog

  • Enjoyed this Take, although I personally prefer my marriage to be of one of equals, although being mutually supportive is crucial in a relationship.

    • Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    • Indeed one of equals

      A man that gets it

    • @WitchsLove miss witch people are different, we all get it but each person is different and has a different lifestyle, if someone's opinion was similar to yours it doesn't mean that others didn't got it, they got it but they are jusy different OKAY!

      Just learn to accept others as they are 😏

  • You'd have been right at home in the USA during the 1950's.

    • Men don't sit at home, they work outside, women does...1950's or 3200... it's the same for me, just a date a number 😏

    • Rational human beings don't let their life be ruled by their genitals.

      Your ideology sounds quite collectivist and limiting to people based on asinine traits.

    • For you it is because when a person have a small brain with limited a limited thinking will see everything shallow...

  • I would say that through communication and consent etc some couples may be happy to take this path but I would be interested to see the numbers (%) that would - TBH it seems a little Stepford Wives to me

  • I agree with everything but #4 (To an extent)

    There are areas I know more about, there are some areas she knows more about. I respect what she knows, she respects what I know. Both parties have to be on the same team, united. You're outnumbered out there and you need to have each other's back 100%, you can't let anyone use the card"divide and conquer" technique. If there's work to be done, it's not some else's job. Is there a division of labor? Yes. But much like our pioneer forebears, everyone works. Protip; if you use the term "mansplaining" don't wonder why no guy doesn't want a "strong woman" like you.

    • Yep i don't like strong women, women aren't born ro be strong and this is a trend today that women shall be strong, a woman is a woman, she's feminine and needs a man to protect her and make her feel safe...

      But since real men are rare these days, they are becoming like this...

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    • Ok...

      The way you phrase some things though is what irks me

      You should be more careful.

    • @WitchsLove well you got my point, that's all i think... i'm always careful don't worry 😉

  • If u are not able to do be this kind of woman with ur boyfriend/husband dont even tryto find someone dont waste sombody's time and first of all change urself

  • What fucking millennium are you from?

  • I agree with 1, 2 and 3. The rest is a little dodgy.

  • 5d

    Spot on.

    Like it or not most straight women, not all but very few exceptions, thrive in a submissive role to a good husband and end up depressed, stressed out and unhappy when they don't have a relationship like this.

  • Hmmm yeah I prefer an equal partner not a sycophant servant who puts out
    But to each their own

  • Nice. However, no human wheather husband or not should be revered. Reverence is a strong word of deep see and respect and should strictly be for God alone.

  • This made my day

  • Great take

  • Agreed 10000000000000000%

  • Awesome thread my friend thanks for the invite

  • Eloquently thought out and beautifully written

  • This is literally no female ever

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    • you need to time travel more often.

    • @stormbreaker06 i leave time travelling for you 😏

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