Why is my boyfriend sort of cold in text message response and never replies to emails?

It is a long distance relationship and we are both the same age. In the first year he used to hint at marriage and never brings it up anymore. We are over two years together now.


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  • Perhaps he has grown complacent. Perhaps he is restless and misses you and doesn't want to admit it. Perhaps he is busy. Perhaps he is losing interest. Perhaps he is seeing some one else. Perhaps he is planning to surprise you for your anniversary after a period of silence. Perhaps he is trying to figure out the best way to propose and doesn't want you to suspect anything so is avoiding talking about marriage. Maybe he is afraid to pop the question because each time he hinted at marriage he didn't get the response he expected. Maybe he wants to wait, or maybe he doesn't want to marry you at all.

    It is hard to decipher tones and intentions over the internet (through emails or through text messages). My husband seems cold to me many times. It isn't that he is disinterested, it's usually because he is preoccupied with something else or he is having a rough day himself. Perhaps ignoring you is his way of asking for space.

    Truly though, the only way you can know for sure, is to ask him yourself. You can speculate all you want, but it will only run you around in circles: link

    I find the best approach to any situation is the direct one. Don't be accusatory when you ask him - merely state that you have been concerned with the distance and were wondering if he noticed any changes as well. Be open and honest, and let it come from the heart. I find this is the best way for most things.

    Good luck, girl! Hope it all works out :)

    • Thank you for the advice, its helps to look back and see all the possible angles he could have been coming from. We have since broken up in the past few months so he must have been losing interest and finding the long distance element too hard to cope with.

      Done with long distance relationships for good!!! :-/

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