Possible cheating spouse advise?

So my wife has been doing things that make me think she's cheating. I haven't caught her or anything, but I have seen her texting and "kiking" a guy we both work with. But when I've tried to see the texts or even straight out asked to see them she's already deleted them. Every time I've asked why she deletes them she says there's no space on her phone to keep the texts. But we have the same phone and I have every text she's sent me for the last year and a half still on it. So I suppose my main question is what's the next step. I've confronted her more than once and get the same-ish answer every time. I've even told her it bothers me that she deletes them and all I got was a "don't worry about it". Which clearly made things worse. So any advise is appreciated.

Oh and there are a few other "signs" but I would prefer not to post them publicly.


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  • Sketchy. I get that memory can be limited, but if she knows you're bothered by this and is still deleting them that's very strange. She seems completely unconcerned that she may be ruining her relationship here. Besides, I thought usually people go for deleting pictures/videos on their phone (once they're saved on a computer) because those take up the most space.

    Honestly, I would confront her again, but in a clear and direct way, about how suspicious you find this and that it's leading you to think she's cheating or something. Maybe then she'll get the seriousness of this and either show you and tell you she's innocent or confirm your suspicions.

    • Well the problem is I've already explained to her, if I was texting a girl and deleting the texts she would be suspicious and would blow her top on me. And that's when the "don't worry about it" comment was made.

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  • Advise?


    Anyway, if her story is true (and it might be) phones do fill up their memory. I've had phones that could only handle three texts from other people because I kept every text from my communication with my boyfriend.

    That being said... it sounds sketchy.

  • People don't do that unless they are cheating my husband did the same thing he even put a password on his phone so I found out and packed my stuff and my dog and walked away


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  • Well, to be honest yes, there is a possibility that she could be doing something behind your back, there is a possibility of cheating, yes there are signs. I'll send you a link which you can compare with your situation and may help you confirm on your fears.


    Hope you will have the patience to read it.

    I would say don't go by only this phone incident, I mean when a person is cheating you can see a change in every aspect of theirs. That's why I sent you that link.

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