What does it mean he wants to catch up?

A couple of moths ago my ex boyfriend broke up with me. At first, I did not hear from him for about 1,5 month. Then he sent me an e-mail that he thought it was the right decision, but still wanted to see me. We met shortly for one time, he was emotional. After that we haven't had any contact either, except for one time at a party, but we didn't talk, although my friends told me he kept looking at me. Now, about another 1,5 month after the previous meeting, he sent me another e-mail and asked if I wanted to meet to catch up. I think I still have feelings for him and want to protect myself, so I answered to better not do that. He replied that I had to let him know if I feel like it... So, what does it mean if an ex boyfriend wants to catch up? How do men think about this?!


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  • I had a similar experience a week or so ago. 2 of my exes made contact wanting to "catch up".

    In both cases it sound like they wanted to test the waters with me again. I think your situation is similar. Men try to get better, they try other girls and then realize what they've lost in you. My one ex actually admitted it! He was on the brink of proposing to another lady but before proposing wanted to know if I really don't see a future with him!

    If he has treated you well and you do still have feelings for him, why not give him the benefit of the doubt? Chat to him, see where it goes.If he wants to get into a relationship again and you are scared it will end the same way as it did last time, tell him your fears. And make him understand that if it should end again it will be final. Making up & breaking up constantly does fuel passion in a relationship but that's no way to love & build a future together. You will start to project all kinds of insecurities on yourself believing that if you do make the slightest error he will run!

    Good luck on your decision though.


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  • It sounds like you both still like each other but I think it sort of depends on why you two broke up in the first place. Was it over something serious like cheating? Or was it just because of something like you two grew apart? If it was pretty much over nothing then I'd say you still have a shot. When you hang out I'd maybe make a joke about how he obviously still likes you and see what he says.

  • It could be going either way. I feel like he might be feeling guilty and confused about his decision but at the same time he might just miss you as a friend.

    If you still want him then go for it, no other way to know for sure.

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