Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry Scandal right now?

(Skip to 58 seconds for the video of the interview if you have not already seen it) Curry has publicly come out stating she feels like she doesn't get enough male attention and she feels inferior to her husband because he always has groupies and she just never gets that attention and it bothers her. A lot of people are mad about this though because they say she's ungrateful and she's pretty much publicly saying she wants to cheat I however feel this isn't the case. What she clearly meant to say what she wants to feel beautiful enough for her husband she feels like there may be a reason why her husband is the only person that seems to want her and she may think the whole groupie thing may have a direct correlation too if she is good looking or not. This is just my opinion though what do you guys think about what she said?
Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry Scandal right now?
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