A married women wants to date me but?

Last night I got a message from someone over on a dating site. She messaged me then we chatted for a little bit then she mentioned that she was married then she said "so what are you looking for on here" then my mind went all boy.. 🙄 then I try to come up with something very lame to push her away but after what told her that I wasn't looking for any dates or relationships but she still finds me interesting and she's looking for chattings and dates. She also told me her marriage is open. After that I found out we have common Friends. She also don't drive like me and she does have a disability like me. Mild learning disorders.

So my question is why is a married woman with a open marriage is chasing me ( men ) instead of chasing women because in my area it's uncommon for married women in a open marriage to be chasing men because the Open couples in my area always chasing woman then men. Also on the dating sites almost all the local open couples in my area are mostly looking for women then men. So why is she chasing men than women. It's supposed to be FMF not MFM. She didn't mention about poly relationships or at least not yet.

It's will be best if someone who is an expert on open marriages, couples in multiple relationships like 2M1F or someone in poly relationships? That will be great! 👍
A married women wants to date me but?
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Turns out the bitch had low self-esteem was acting immature and was playing the dating games then being serious 🙄
A married women wants to date me but?
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