Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a feminist sex symbol? Appealed to Kennedy women and?

You've all heard he fathered a child with one of the housekeepers..

Please RATE already!


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  • feminist sex symbol? Arnie's a cock!


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  • Ah yes, Schwarzenegger. As they say, you can't spell "Schwarzenegger" without "Google".

    But on a side note, I always find it interesting how a lot of these cheating politicians tend to be Republicans and, funnily enough, tend to be the sames people that are against gay marriage because they need to "protect the sanctity of marriage".

    The irony and hypocrisy of such a statement is incredible.

    • just spell "Schwarzenegger" like "black n*gg*r" in German.

      Even his name is an insult.

    • Jacquesvol: Laughing haRD! thanks I needed that ;0)

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