Did you end up marrying your type and are you happy?

My friend group is big on us dating and marrying women that are our type. I am the only one in the group who doesn't really have a type. I'll date any race and skin color. It doesn't matter to me. My friends think I'm struggling to get into a long term relationship because I am "not focused" and "don't know my type". They'll sometimes corner me and hound me asking, "What's your type? What's your type?"

The longest relationship I've been in was for 2 years, but that was long-distance with a white girl I met online. My other 2 relationships have been short, like 2-3 months, and they were with lightskin black girls. So by their logic, I have 2 types, white and lightskin black. Whenever I go for a white girl, they think I'm copying another guy in the friend group because he likes white girls, but he wound up marrying a darkskin black woman. Then if I go for a lightskin black girl, they think she's ugly. If I go for a darkskin black girl, they say that I need to elevate my "level of blackness" to get with her. If I go for an Asian girl, they'll say Asian girls smell bad and throw out a racist Asian meme in our group text.

All of the other guys in the group are either in long-term relationships or married. 3 of them are married to darkskin black women, 1 of them is dating a darkskin black woman, and the other 1 is dating a lightskin black woman. I think these guys are just insecure. Clearly 1 didn't marry his type, I can't tell if he's happy or not. I think they just hate me for whatever reason.

Even the white girl I dated online said that her usual type is brown hair, white, tall, and conservative. I just saw on Facebook that she married a guy who matched her type 3 months ago. By looking through her profile, she seems happy and posts him or stories about him all the time.

Should I lock-in on my type which seems to be white and lightskin black? Or should I still date all races and ignore these guys? What has your experience been if you're married? Should type matter?
Yes, I married my type and I'm happy.
Yes, I married my type, but I am not happy.
No, I didn't marry my type, but I am happy.
No, I didn't marry my type and I am not happy.
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Did you end up marrying your type and are you happy?
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