Why are some marriages unlucky?

Back in the days when I was in a LDR, I made some online friends with girls from different countries that had a same problem. They couldn’t go back to their husbands, fiancés or boyfriends.

One of them, was from Philippines, same age as me. She got married with a Chinese man and often told me how happy she was. She got married 2 months before the pandemic was officially announced and month later after marriage, she left for Philippines just to settle some things and then go back to her husband. Then the pandemic was announced and they were unable to go back to each other. They were only away from each other for a year, as because they were married China allowed her back after a year of lockdown, unlike other people who weren’t legally married.

She told me she was suspicious about his husband cheating and when she confronted him about the facts she saw, he blocked her.

And left home for a month. Then he went back and asked to her forgive him and they were together one more year but he was treating her awfully.

In the end, he finally run away with a woman, he was cheating her with while long distance. And lied to his wife that he was in trouble and asked her for money which he used for his new girlfriend.

When the wife realized the truth and it was already a month since her husband left, she left for her homeland Philippines, where she can’t divorce his husband because of the laws in Philippines, so even if they divorce in China, he will be single in Chinese laws and she will be married in Philippines laws.

I feel so sorry for her.

Why are some marriages unlucky?
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