How can I show a guy I don't care anymore?

I am being honest.

I still love him and probably always will but he thinks I am still after him. We were (or are) still friends after our break up (that was 2 years ago) but we had a huge fight (we often have fight cause of my feeling and always become friends again). During the fight I had told him thanks for the birthday gift (my b day was 15 2 20 days before the fight) for the heart breaks he gave me. After a month after the fight I had told him I was sorry for being mean and I didn't really mean what I said and I shouldn't have been mean to him and that he is safe with me now. He writes back to me that "u are a friend please stay in the friend limit that's all I want to say." I had wrote back that "I only wanted to say sorry that's all." I do love him and I do want him back, but I have decided to let him go but we will see each other and I really want him to see that I have let him go and he doesn't matter to me.

Also note that I have crossed the limitation of friends but after he did. He always flirted with me first and he always started with the sexual conversation. I admit I only had started one conversation but all the others conversation he had started. He always took the first step and I followed.


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  • Break al contact, realize he is only trying to use you either friends with benefits or casual etc move on and met other people...


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  • just move on and pretend you never knew him. Cut off all contact and don't look at him. Put him in the crowd like everyone else and be polite about it too.

    Just focus on yourself and be happy, its probably the best revenge =]