Is It True That Australian Men Love American Women?

So I heard this rumor that Aussie men love American women? Now I know this is more likely a stereotype more than anything, but I was still curious as to how many actually do like American women.

I want to visit Australia one day, it seems so beautiful, and I'll admit that I've got a thing for Australian men, especially the Aussie Cowboys.

But so do a lot of women. lol

Anyway I've also heard the opposite, that Australians hate Americans.

So is it one or the other? Both?

And if you do, what kind?

Just American women, or maybe New Yorkers, California woman, Southern women?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Wishful thinking anyone? xD

    • haha well if I ever do get the chance to visit Australia I'd like to know whether or not I'd be welcomed or if most Australians will be irritated. Besides, I have a hard time believing this hype, it seems like most other countries can't stand Americans.

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What Guys Said 6

  • I don't know but as an American guy I can say I love Australian women. A lot of them are beautiful and their accents are really hot.

  • All the American women I meet seem to have loud nasal voices and are very opinionated. They judge everything and everyone.

    But I'm open to be proven that not all yanks are like that.

    • I'm not a Yankee, I'm southern. :)

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    • Well I'm sure that more often than not, I happen to use a phrase or two about Australians that's too general. No harm done, just making a clarification. Would you mind telling me if Australia is as beautiful as I hear it is?

    • E.g. You would think that as an Australian I would be slightly offended by the Russell Crowe episode of South Park. But I actually think it's funny as hell!

      Australia... top spots:

      - Uluru aka Ayers Rock. (Never been, heard great things)

      - Blue Mountains (Never been, again, heard great things)

      - Great Ocean Road

      - Great Barrier Reef

  • I know a few American women, and I actually prefer them over Australian women, but you can never judge someone based on what country they come from, everyone Is there own person.

  • I am an Australian guy, and it'd be cool to have an American girlfriend.

  • i love American woman. i'm heading over to usa in 7 months, for 4 weeks, and hope to meet an American girl whilst i'm over there.

  • Australian men love women period. Doesn't matter where they're from.

    Although we do like to poke fun at Americans and their culture at times but not in a cruel or bad way.

    • lol good point and point taken. I see, I wasn't sure whether or not... anyway, I was simply curious. I mean, it's not only Australian men for me, it's just one of the kinds, you know, but I can see how that would have been misinterpreted. But it's actually kind of nice to think you can be American and visit another country and have no one think anything about it. Honestly is an Australian visited here I wouldn't think much of it. Then again, this is the giant melting pot. lol

What Girls Said 3

  • I wonder what if it was the other way around.. Hmm..

  • From what I have seen, this is true. my best friend (michael) has been constantly obsessing over American women, shall it be the accents or just the people. he loves the works.

  • I live in Aus, I haven't heard the guys say that they like American women, I've only heard that American women like Australian men.

    • I heard the same.

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    • I'll do a deal with you, we'll swap countries :) I like American guys, you like Australian guys. hehehee

    • lol agreed. A girl can wish can't she?

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