Are we still slightly sexist?

Are we still slightly sexist?

I never really thought it was a problem...

Until recently, where I've noticed the views on men and women are very different in society- especially when it comes to sex and sexual promiscuity. I think the problem goes deeper than just things like equal pay (which is still very important) and that there really is a social problem.

It's definitely not as bad as it was; women now have equal rights- according to the law at least.

However, I've seen a few examples of societal views and opinions that make me question the social equality of the sexes.

For example, if a guy wears a tight top to show off muscles- it's totally accepted and he would most likely recieve praise about his figure. Or if a man goes topless, it's fine. And I get this, there's no problem.

Whereas on the other hand, if a woman wears a tight top or a crop top that exposes the midriff- some people frown at it. Not so much crop tops, but a lot of women and girls get stick for wearing tops that are tight and reveal their figure, being called 'sluts' or 'slags' for showing off about their body.

I'm not saying that I particularly want to go topless, nor that men should be criticised for showing off their figure- but just because women have breasts and they like to show of their figures, they often get looked down upon. I agree that some clothing is inappropriate and is too revealing, however, it's disappointing to see women shot down because they're proud to show off their bodies (in a non-revealing fashion). I used to think that myself- when I saw girls in crop tops, I'd think,

Why would she do that, she's just showing off her boobs- that's nothing to be proud of.

When actually, now I realise, it's no different to a man showing off his chest. Having breasts is natural and every woman's are different- so why not wear clothes that make you proud of them? If they're not literally on show- why not?

Why are women frowned upon for doing the same things as men?

Another example is that whenever you hear about unexpected teen pregnancies etc. the girl involved is often frowned upon- but a lot of the time the father of the child, who is equally responsible, doesn't seem to get as much stick for it. I recently saw an American article that said:

Floozy 14-year-old gets pregnant!

Yet, just below this title, it speaks about the

baby-faced 12-year-old boy

who is such a victim in this situation- who actually turned out to be the father (and the sex was consensual). This article slammed the girl for getting pregnant and said how the father of the child didn't deserve it. America- land of the free- comes across as pretty sexist to me. But I can only assume this isn't representing all Americans, and I know that it isn't only Americans that are guilty of this. I, as a British person, know that it happens here too- and can assume it happens in a lot of other places also. However, that girl still got almost all of the blame but we forget it takes a woman AND a man to make a baby.

This is wrong. Blame both or blame nobody and leave it alone.

Then comes the massive problem with sexual promiscuity altogether. If a man sleeps with a lot of women, he is often called a 'player' and is almost congratulated for it- whereas if a woman sleeps with a lot of men, she is called a 'slut'. How unfair! I have no problem with people having several sexual partners- if you're safe and sensible, it really shouldn't matter! People should be allowed to do as they choose intimately. If it's not hurting anyone, why is it such a problem that women can sleep with more than one man?

I understand that most people aren't sexist- but think about the different ways you judge men and women. Are they equally comparable? Do you shun one gender for an act and not the other? These are simply my own views and observations- but I would like to think they're quite well-grounded arguments.... Is it just me that feels this way?

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  • Clearly we still are sexist, since you seemed to only notice when things affect women...

    • I can't vouch for guys really- I don't understand their opinions so it seems unfair to represent them inaccurately. But I do agree men suffer too- like in domestic abuse cases and stuff. I just don't feel like I'm the right person to voice that...

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  • Society is still sexist towards both genders. There's no denying that. But there's also no denying that it's worse for females and always has been.

    • ughh what? when and how,, things have gotten so good for women its incredible

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    • I'm sure the millions of men drafted for war to fight and die agonizing deaths far from home were reveling in their male privilege.

    • The agency that drafts men into war was created during the First World War - led by other men. Women were not allowed to be in the military at the time, much less be drafted. The argument of "men can be drafted and women can't it's not fair" is invalid because men were the ones who created the draft. Women had to fight to be able to be in the military. Even so, I do agree that we need to require women to sign up for a draft despite the fact that there won't be one anywhere in the near future. This only further makes the draft argument not only ironic, but archaic.

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  • Yawn. This point, while perfectly valid, has been made a million times before.

    Men are shamed for being creepy perverted dirty old men or horndogs who are only after one thing.

    You just don't notice it because it's your own team doing the shaming.

    • Both genders shame each other and themselves and it's so idiotic because at the end of the day, they're doing further damage. There's no need to pretend that we're the same, but there is also no need to pretend that we're on these two separate men vs women teams that should constantly be firing shots at each other. I mean come on. That gets old.

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  • Yes many men still have a sexist attitude towards women and many women still have a sexist attitude towards men. Both men and women still suffer from this and it is not cool. I personally don't have the time or patience for being around me being sexist.

  • Here's the problem with this, your complaining about people's opinions. That same guy who wears that tank top, might be called a douche bag as well. One woman might love it, another girl might think he is a cocky asshole. This is called an opinion, not sexism. Same thing applies to women, if a girl shows off her body, some people will love her for it. Others will think she is a slut desperate for attention. It's just the way of the world. People currently have to bury their children because of starvation, civil wars, air strikes, and lack of medical care. I just think life or death issues are more pressing, and first world problems are a joke. Also, the further back in history you go, the harder it was on everyone, not just women. No one had the right to vote for thousands of years with few exceptions. People were ruled by kings or despots, and they lived in much more dangerous times. Globally however, most women are still second class citizens. Just not from most of the countries where our gagers reside.

  • Of course we still are. But men and women BOTH are sexist towards each other. Not equally, net less or more so, just each in their own way.

  • we all want sex, we all like sex and after all girls and guys are noticeably different. i don´t even see why it´s bad.

  • It makes me happy every time I see takes like these and remember there are lots of poeple who understand what I think.

    • It's so difficult to explain it properly and be concise- I'm glad you understand how I feel!

  • What's wrong with double standards?

    Everyone knows standards are good. Thus double standards must be twice es good.

  • i don't think where sexist but we don't deny the truth anymore as much
    if you want an example ask

    • Don't get me wrong women are sexist too- but I probably notice it more for women than against women though (because I'm woman), just 'slut-shaming' and things that make me angry, because it's a personal choice.

    • you're young no worries as you get older you realize it doesn't change it'll always be the same no matter how old you are

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