Can we escape society?

I'm not sure if this myTake belongs on GAG. It's not what people usually write about in here, but I would still like to hear what people have to say about my opinions.

Can we escape society?
The older I get, the more I realize what this world has come to. I feel trapped in society. I don't want to be part of it anymore.. But is there a way to escape it? I was born in Denmark.. According to the media, the happiest place on earth. Bullshit! Sure, we have free healthcare, we get paid to go to school and our government sort of takes care of everyone. But I feel trapped.

I have spoken to a lot of danish people.. The so-called happiest people on earth.. And I have to say that it's far from the truth. We have some of the higest "negative numbers" in the world. Depressed, suicidal, alcoholics. etc. etc. Since I was 12 or 13 years old I've felt like I didn't fit in. From that early age I started to realize that we, people, aren't meant to live the way we do. We are raised to fit into society, but in the end, we aren't meant to live like we do. All in all, we are just animals, but we expect so much more form ourselves, and the people that try to tell you otherwise are looked down apon.

I work as a teacher, teaching web development. The only reason I do it is to make a living. Earn some money so I can stay alive. The more I do my job, the more I feel like I'm taking part in bringing down society. I feel like the bad guy. Trapping people in a virtual world, the social media world. I'm not saying all of it is bad. Sites like GAG are wonderful places where people actually want to make a difference and help eachother. I'm thinking about sites like Facebook. In my honest opinion, Facebook is one of the worst things that has ever happened to us. It turns us into liars and spies. We want to be better than the people we befriend. Every day has become a struggle. I'm not happy with what I do anymore. I'd rather live in a forrest somewhere, away from society, away from all the pressure that comes with it. Be happy with what I got, instead of begin reminded all the time of what I don't have. Things I don't even need, but things that society keeps telling me that I need.

Today we have elections in Denmark. I can't help feel sorry for all the people that rush to vote, thinking they actually make a difference. It's just a big joke to me. All the politicians are filled with lies. They promise us so many things, but the second they gain power, all those promises turn out to be lies. One government is as bad as the other. It's always been like that. It feels even worse today, because all they do is cause problems via social media. Most news headlines are about what one politician has said about another politician on Twitter or Facebook. How is that helping your people? What good will come from that? It's all about votes.. Gaining power and becoming something they ain't.

Am I the only one that feels this way? I envy the people that don't see these things. It must be so much easier to be blind and just ignore all the signs of what's really going on around us. In society we don't have a choise. It's live or die. We are born without a choise, and all we can do is just do what they tell us to do. People in many countries spend their entire life hunting. Hunting happiness. But at what cost? Some days I wonder if I should just sell everything I got and go live in a forrest somewhere. Like we are really meant to do. Living in big cities is not what we are build for. This is the reason that so many people suffer today. The pressure is simply too much for some people. It's also the reason why I don't think I ever want to have kids. Not in this world. It's already overpopulated and it would be extremly selfish of me to create a life, when I don't feel welcome or safe myself. I read somewhere once, that if we as a species, need to survive, there shouldn't be more than about ~one billion of us. Today there are more than seven billion of us. See where this is going?

"Society" is slowly killing society.

I fear for the next generations. I'm sorry if this isn't GAG material. But I had to get it off my chest. I would love to hear your opinions.


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  • Sometimes I get pissed off with some things I see and/or I hear. But there's nothing I can do, the world was like this before I was born and it will continue to be like this when I die. It's sad, but that's how things are.

    I agree with you about the Facebook. That's why I deleted my account.


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  • " Living in big cities is not what we are build for. This is the reason that so many people suffer today." This actually isn't true. Humans are social creatures. We instinctively form communities to help us survive, and cities are just a natural extension of that.

    To me it sounds like your incorrectly putting your disillusionment with your life on society.

    This line especially:"I work as a teacher, teaching web development. The only reason I do it is to make a living. Earn some money so I can stay alive."

    Too many people these days live life "running the treadmill"... Clocking in their 40 hours a week so they can pay off their bills and stock the fridge, taking a day or two off, then going right back to it.

    The thing is, you can stop the treadmill at any time. It doesn't feel like it, but you can just hop in your car and drive somewhere... Anywhere. You only feel trapped by society. In reality, the only thing keeping you trapped is you.

    If the life your leading has you this disillusioned, stop living your life just to survive. Try something different. Find something your passionate about, and pursue that.

    "We are born without a choise, and all we can do is just do what they tell us to do" I also disagree with this. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, assuming you're willing to deal with the consequences. Nobody held a gun to your head and told you to be a teacher. You weren't legally mandated into your job by the Danish government, You weren't forced by society into a job you dislike. You settled on a job you disliked out of fear.

    Fear of economic insecurity, fear of being ridiculed on for making a poor life decision, afraid of what your family might think... Some form of fear drove you to choose the life you're living over the one you want to live.

    The answer is simple though:

    Stop living the life you're living, and go live the life you wanna live. You wanna be a painter? Fuckin phenomenal go get yourself a canvas. Music is your thing? Rock on brother. Do what you want, when you want, and be proud of it.

    • You're giving out really bad advice. Unless the OP wants to live in an illegal hut off the grid and hunt for his food + scavenge the forest floor for herbs and vegetables, how is he supposed to fund any of his projects? You can't exactly just put down everything you're doing in the World we live in to pursuit something with no monetary gain.

      We're slaves born into debt to an overseer that never allows us to break even. You're a tad too idealistic, and no amount of 'happiness has no price' will allow this man to eat when he's jobless.

    • I survive on the fringe in the middle of society without hunting my own food.

      Its doable... You just need to learn that laws were made to be broken.

      Like you said, they were written by a malicious overseer intent on keeping you enslaved.

    • Also he could do the starving artist thing if he so chooses.

      Like I said, he's only stuck where he is cause he chooses to be. There is no "perfect option". There's pros and cons to everything. He chose to live an easier life that leaves him discontented. Life will be harder, but more rewarding, if he chooses to go another direction.

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  • The woods of Montana are calling you


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  • I don't know how old you are, but why don't you spend your spare time discovering yourself? Find an alternative to what you're doing and when the time is right pursuit it. Sure, you'll still have to pay taxes and contribute to the economy and all the gov't regulated systems, but at the bare least you'l be getting paid to do what you like to do vs what you can't stand to do.

    Buy a small house/apartment; Focus on nothing but your hobbies and your work. Ignore commercials, boycott consumerism, take on minimalism, look into self-sustenance; Find you. You've been taught to compete with everyone over everything and to stress over what you have, how you're defined, and what success means to the betterment of your country, but clearly none of that shit applies to you and your life. Discover yourself; Plan a trip, contemplate life, come back and take action. You aren't trapped; You've figured out that this isn't meant for you. You're in a great position to change your life's purpose, others aren't so lucky.

  • I don't want to escape society.

  • What if we stood up on our opinion and still holding our belief in our dream. I know that there are vanity in society. They told us to be rich, study more and become professor and other unimportant things. The society can misleading the young generation.

  • I agree with what you're saying and I have a similar feeling towards my society but you do realise you can always move to another society or live away from society if it's an issue.