I hope he finds what he is looking for

I think at some point in our lives we have all been stuck on what we want and where we are heading. I, at 24, stuggle sometimes. I think I want something and then it's not quite enough.

I recently dated a man that is 37. Now most people wouldn't approve of this relationship however we were friends for 4 years before dating and we always had unreal chemistry. That's what it was, unreal.

After on and off dating for 2 months and not getting anywhere we broke up, only for him to come back to me 6/7 weeks later, it was probably my mistake to let him back so easily. Things were great for a few weeks, I even met his family (mum, stepdad, sister and nephews) and we all got on really well.

He lives at home and has done for the past few years, he drives a sports car, he's inconsistent and he can even be selfish. I think this is because he's never had to consider others.

Anyway, 3 months into our official relationship and I noticed a message on his phone from another girl thanking him for the compliments. He admitted to flirting with her because he had been feeling overwhelmed by the time we were spending together. We talked and I told him I needed to be able to trust him and that I was now struggling with that.

A few days later I told him I was really struggling and I couldn't see it working out, he admitted he didn't know what he wanted and we went our separate ways.

He hasn't told his family about our break up nearly 2 weeks later. I know this because they messaged Me to make sure everything was ok between us - obviously not.

He is unwilling to talk and try to salvage even our friendship. I've been getting on with my life, enjoying time with my girlfriends and family. I can't help that worry that he has bottled things up and that he has thrown away a great friendship over anything else.

Whatever it is, I hope he works it out and finds what he is looking for.

I hope he finds what he is looking for.


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  • That's sweet and big of you. He does sound immature to me and I think his family is right to be worried (I mean, he's 37 and he's acting that way?)

    Then again, I know some guys that do not want to be friends with exes because it's painful so if that's what he's going through, I understand that approach.