"Sweet ol Mother "

I dont really understand my takes so i'd thought I do something i'm good at which is poetry.

So here go nothing ......

Stuck in a lonely house with nothing much to do. Alcoholic mom does nothing but ridicule you. Cook, and clean was all there was do to so maybe i'd clean myself of you.

Foster home to foster home you tried to put the pipe down but the alcoholic courage didn't help you out. I thought to myslef why'd you hate me so much and what did I do ? Its not my fault you asked for a boy but got a girl not one but 2 . you finally got your dream child my brother from God to you. Only to tell him you hated him too. Bullied at school to come home to bullying here to so I'd cut my arms hoping I'd rid myself from you . you just told me i'd did it wrong straight down in the way . Counseling after counseling nothing helped you lied to everyone even yourself . I cried and cried not from the beatings but because I was done, my souls was in the deep end .

Don't ask for pity nor anyones tears but love your child because thoughs of death could appear .

( I hope it makes sense it may not be that great but it was how I was feeling nothing usually ever make sense in my head

but hope you enjoyed sorry for any spelling mistakes ).

- Tyra 💋💋


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  • Don't know if I could say I enjoyed it, rather depressing. But it was pretty good. Is it autobiographical?

    • Thank you <3 and yes it is autobiographical

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    • Your right! And thanks a lot

    • Not a problem, thanks for sharing.

  • nahhhhh I dont agree a bit


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