My Top Ten Favorite Movies of the 1990's

My Top Ten Favorite Movies of the 1990's

The 1990's seem to be everyone's favorite decade for some reason. Since I was born in 1990, I was a 90's kid, and I loved it. Of course, this is largely due to nostalgia, but it's also because I thought everything in the 90's was awesome! However, everyone else strongly agrees. I meet teenagers born in 1998/1999 claiming to be "90's" kids. I meet teens in the 00's saying they're true "90's" kids. I wouldn't doubt people born in 2015 will say they were "90's" kids. I even know some people born in the early 80's who hold onto the "90's kid" title. I don't know why everyone wants to be a 90's kid but maybe that just proves how awesome this decade is.

With that being said, some of the greatest movies came out in this decade! This is my second-favorite decade for movies(right behind the 1980's) and I loved it! So, here are my top ten favorite movies of the 90's.

Honorable Mention: The Shawshank Redemption:(September, 1994, starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins, in what is considered the best movie of all time. I think it's overrated but it could arguably border a top ten spot(not top five though.)

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(Debuted March, 1990.)

Genre: Action/Comedy

Starring: Judith Hoag, Elias Koteas, Brian Tochi, Robbie Rist, Corey Feldman, Josh Pais, Raymond Serra

This was a fantastic way to start off the decade! For anyone not aware, this movie is based off of the cartoon of the same title. And this was a huge improvement and very well played out.

The movie is about how the crime rates have now skyrocketed in New York City and they can't even depend on the police anymore. So now, it's up to the four famous turtles, known as the teenage mutant ninja turtles, to stop this crime! They later find out the crime is due to an evil man who goes by the name of Shreddar, so now he needs to be stopped.

This movie had excellent acting, exciting action scenes, hilarious lines, and was a realistic adaption to the cartoon. It's rare a movie can do what the cartoon does but it does that and does so much better. The actors and actresses used to portray the main characeters were PERFECT for the roles compared to the cartoon. If you're a fan of the cartoon series, you'll fall in love with this movie(I was.) If you're a fan of action or comedy movies, you'll love this movie. This movie is now a true classic.

Other movies/sequels: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secreot of the Ooze debuted in 1991, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III debuted in 1993, as sequels to this movie. The computer-animated movie TMNT debuted in 2007 but wasn't a sequel. It was based off of the COMIC BOOK aspect of the series. There was also a remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which debuted in 2014, with the exact same title. I didn't think the sequels were that good. I never saw TMNT but I heard it's terrible, however, I've heard the remake is amazing(I've never seen it though.) Needless to say, I think it's time to stop making these movies.

9. The Truman Show(Debuted June, 1998)

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Adventure

Starring: Jim Carrey, Ed Harris.

This is definitely the most underrated movie on this list. This movie is so unique, words can't describe it. It's tough to even classify this movie and it's not your typical movie you would think Jim Carrey would star in.

This movie follows a man named Truman who is on a reality show but he doesn't know it. As a matter of fact, he has been filmed on this reality show every single day since the day he was born: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The reality show is ran by a man named Christoff who is corrupt and likes watching Truman struggle. However, at the age of 30, Truman finally starts to realize something is not right. Something is off. It goes on from there....

Since this movie was released during the emergence of reality television, I almost can consider this a parody of reality TV. Realistictly, there is no way a man could film and hold one person captive for 30 consecutive years, without legal consequences. Not to mention the affordability would be a big issue too. However, that's the beauty of this movie. It's just incredible. The theme and possible theories behind it make it the movie it is(not the acting. NOT Jim Carrey.) This movie can be liked by anyone.

Other movies/sequels: There are no sequels/prequels or remakes as of now, but there was an episode of The Twilight Zone TV show in which a man finds out he had been filmed 24 hours a day and was unaware of it. I was bummed out in a way, since this movie director stole that idea.

8. Scream(Debuted December, 1996.)

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Suspense

Starring: David Aquette, Drew Barrymore, Jamie Kennedy

The Scream series in general is one of the best horror/thriller series but nothing beats the first one that spurred it all. It gave us a whole new perspective on the Grim Reaper mask, now known as, the "Scream Mask."

The story revolves around a small town, generally quiet. Suddenly, there is a serial killer on the spree, specifically targeting young people in high school and even their 20's. He wears a grim reaper costume, so nobody knows who he or she is. Who is it? Will they be caught? Is there a motive? Watch to find out.

The opening scene of this movie is one of the most famous opening scenes in movie history. It's so eerie and creepy, it still makes my skin crawl. Not only is this movie creepy and has some of the best thriller scenes, the suspense it brings is immense too. I was surprised to find out who the killer was and many others were too.

If you haven't seen this, you MUST! It's now a cult-classic.

Other movies/sequels: Scream 2 debuted in 1997, Scream 3 debuted in 2000, and after a long hiatus, the most recent sequel Scream 4 debuted in 2011. There is also a new MTV series titled Scream which is based on the movie. I haven't watched it yet, but I tend to think MTV does a bad job with non-reality shows.

7. Toy Story(Debuted in November, 1995.)

Genre: Animated/Family/Comedy

Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen,

The first Pixar movie of all time was one of the biggest hits in the 90's. To this day, it's one of my favorite animated movies of all time. This is an ageless movie in which all ages enjoy.

The story is a typical silly Pixar plot. A young boy named Andy loves his toys. When he's not around, they come alive and play with each other and they hide when they hear that he is coming back. However, one day, Woody(one of the toys) shoves the new and popular toy(Buzz Lightyear) outside and he is taken to a random place they must save him.

Who doesn't like this movie? It has an all star cast, memorable and nostalgic music, the graphics were entirely new at the time, and the movie is suitable for all ages. It is a very well made movie and if anyone else hasn't seen it, they must.

Other movies/sequels: Toy Story 2 debuted in 1999, and after a long hiatus, the sequel Toy Story 3 debuted in 2010. Toy Story 4 is in production and slated to be released in June, 2017(the director already said it won't continue the story of Toy Story 3, so I think this could be a disaster.)

6. Forrest Gump(Debuted in July, 1994.)

Genre: Drama/Adventure/Comedy/Romance(a HUGE multi-genre movie.)

Starring: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright

I know some people will be irritated I don't have this at least in the top three, but this is just my opinion here. However, this is an epic film indeed. It's a unique movie with virtually no other movie like it. In my opinion, this is Tom Hank's best performance in his entire career. However, what most people don't know, is this is based off a novel of the SAME title wrote in 1986 by an author named Winston Groom.

The movie revolves around a man named Forrest and basically his entire life story. Forrest is mentally slow, but physically, he's anything BUT slow. His legs were under-developed as a kid but one day, he breaks out of his leg braces and realizes he's one of the fastest people in the world. This leads to high school football and eventually college. It's hard to describe this movie but basically, it's his life story and his eventual romance with a girl named Jenny. I'll stop there.

It seems everyone has seen this movie but this is a movie almost any movie fan would fall in love with. It's funny, sad, interesting, quirky, and sometimes, vile, but that's what makes it so unique. This movie is a true classic and is regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time.

Other movies/sequels: There was a sequel, based off the sequel to the novel, of another novel, going to be realsed in the early 00's but it was cancelled. I like to think that's a good thing.

5. Vegas Vacation(Debuted in February, 1997.)

Genre: Comedy(maybe Adventure but in a comedic way.)

Starring: Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Randy Quaid and featuring Little Richard.

I'm sure when this was released(which I don't remember), people were skeptical and had low expectations. First of all, it's the first movie in the series which was not created by National Lampoon. Second of all, it's coming off a lengthy hiatus(eight years), which usually isn't a good thing in a movie series. Third of all, it was released in an era with other epic films(as you have seen on this list.) Fourth of all, they changed the actor and actress who played the "kids"(Rusty and Audrea)......AGAIN! Fifth of all, Randy Quaid is back in the movie, and I'm sure many people thought he was washed up by the late 90's. And finally, it took place in Las Vegas, which isn't even a good spot for a family vacation(or movie) anyway.

So, what happened? It turns out to be one of my favorite movies in the 90's, despite the fact the critics heavily disagreed(Although I will admit it had a cheesy ending but the entire SERIES is full of cheesy endings.)

Against all odds, the movie was spectacular. I laughed from beginning to end. Randy Quaid enhanced the film and the Vegas aspect actually created a new form of humor(que the "cheap casino" scene. Or the Hoover Dam scene.) The new "kids" add a Stanew personality to the film and who doesn't like an appearance by Little Richard?

If anyone doesn't know by now, the movie series follows the Griswalds as they go on whacky vacations. In this movie, Clark(the father) decides to go to Vegas, and turn it into a "family" vacation(haha in Vegas.) It turns out to be a disaster. Overall, the movie is laugh out loud hilarious.

Other movies/sequels: This movie has three predecessors. National Lampoon's Vacation was the first one and debuted in 1983, National Lampoon's European Vacation debuted in 1985, and the third movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation debuted in 1989. Christmas Vacation 2 debuted in 2003 as a "made for TV" spin-off movie, based on Cousin Eddie's family(instead of Clark Griswald.) I never saw this but I heard it was terrible. There was a 2010 online short film titled Hotel Hell Vacation which follows the Griswalds at a crappy hotel and it is solely a short film and nothing else, solely online. However, on July 29th of this year, the upcoming movie Vacation is a sequel, after an 18 year hiatus, of the Vacation series(I was so surprised to see this happen.) It will be based on Rusty's family and their quirks, while his parents and sister will eventually join in on the adventure. I have high hopes and I pray this isn't a fluke.

4. Happy Gilmore(Debuted in February, 1996.)

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald and featuring Bob Barker.

Here it is, my favorite Adam Sandler movie of all time. It may be quirky. It may have cheesy lines. It may have curse words plastered throughout the whole film and the humor is often immature. However, comedic genius Adam Sandler is even more stellar in this film, which I feel left Billy Madison in the dust.

The splot is simple, stupid and bizarre but that's Adam Sandler(and his movies) in a nutshell. It's about a man named Happy Gilmore, who desires to be in the National Hockey League. However, he misses the cut every time he tries out, so his girlfriend eventually dumps him. Meanwhile, his Grandma is about to lose all of her possessions and her house, because she couldn't afford to pay her taxes. After joy-golfing one day, Happy realizes he has a killer swing. He then decides he will enroll in the PGA tour and win some money and help save his Grandma's house. The probem is, he now has an expert golfer, as a rival, by the name of Shooter McGavin. Will he defeat his rival to win the tour AND save the house? Or will he fall short?

I could argue golf fans would love this movie but then again, this movie is pretty much a mockery(and insult) to the entire sport of golf. The movie is hysterical and the laughs are continuous throughout the entire film. The acting isn't the greatest but it's pure comedy, so it doesn't need to be. The music, memorable scenes(there is a fist-fight scene between Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker), as well as the ending and quirky behaviors, this film is near comedic perfection. This is one movie I could never get sick of.

Other movies/sequels: The only movie which starred Adam Sandler AND had a sequel(or prequel for that matter) is Grown Ups 2(and that was a disaster.) There are no prequels/sequels to this movie and I doubt there ever will be. I also can't think of any movies which compare to this one. It's one-of-a-kind.

3. Tommy Boy(Debuted in March, 1995.)

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Chris Farley, David Spade, Bo Derek, Brian Dennehy, Rob Lowe

Chris Farley was my favorite comedian(and actor for that matter), of all time. He is the only person that could make me laugh every time I watch his skits and movies, despite the fact I've seen all of them at least 50/60 times(no joke.) Needless to say, I have an obsession with the man. The movie has an all star cast(just look), but if Farley wasn't in the movie, it wouldn't be worth watching.

The plot is about a man named Tommy Calihan, who has never been the brightest bulb in the shed. After barely graduating from Marquette University, mind you after seven years(due to failing classes), he is now excited to run his father's business along side of him. However, not everything will go to plan....and he and his friend Richard may have to go on a little adventure.....

It's a Chris Farley movie, so do I even need to explain how much you will laugh? It's downright hilarious and my favorite Chris Farley film period. However, there is a sad scene(which is the only somber scene in Chris Farley history), and it allows us to see the sensitive side of Farley. I truly think he could have been a multi-genre actor. The plot is whacky, crazy and even David Spade enhances the film. Rob Lowe's character adds depth and a little "evil" to a Chris Farley film. This movie is legendary. End of story.

Other movies/sequels: Chris Farley never had a sequel, largely due to the fact he died after starring in solely a handful of films(he didn't live long enough to have sequels.) However, the movie Black Sheep, which debuted a year later(1996), stars Chris Farley and David Spade, and seems to be very similar to this movie(It was obviously purposely done this way.) I don't enjoy it as much but it's still comedic gold.

2. Seven(Debuted in September, 1995.)

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Starring: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwenyth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey

Where do I begin with this psychological thriller? This one-of-a-king film could be argued for the number one spot, yet, is often over-shadowed by overrated films, such as Titanic or American Beauty.

The plot of this movie is disturbing, as well as the theme and twists as well. It's about a detective nearing retirment, who goes by Somerset, who is accompanied by a rookie cop who goes by David Mills. They are to probe the aftermath of a series of murders, which all have one unique thing in common: The murder victims were proponents and absuers of the seven deadly sins(A big Catholic belief.) The murderer is apparently a religious psychopath, acting as God himself, and punishing people for it. Now, the detectives are to find this serial killer before he murders his planned seven victims.

This movie may not be an actual horror film, but it will give you chills down your spine. It's so dark, eerie, with creepy music and aftermaths of deaths which are repulsive to say the very least. The twists in the movie will leave you shocked and second-guessing, while the ending is a surprise ending do dark and twisted, I think it's probably the best movie ending of all time. The movie itself is a materpiece is every way. We see a stellar acting performance from some of the greatest actors/actresse to live. I would recommend this movie to anyone who can handle disturbing scenes and excessive gore.

Other movies/sequels: There was going to be a sequel titled Ei8ht, which was going to have Somerset come out of retirement and use pyschic powers to hunt down a serial killer with a different motive. THANK GOD this idea was shot down(it sounded terrible.) However, I do think a good idea is to do a prequel to this film: Show John Doe(the murderer) and what exactly he did to each of his murder victims(I can only hope they do something like this.) I can't think of another film this movie can compare to, it's the homage to anything unique.

1. Liar Liar (Debuted in March, 1997.)

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Jim Carrey

Yes, you read this correctly. The number one spot was not taken up by the following movie titles: Toy Story, Toy Story 2, The Shawshank Redemption, The Sandlot, Forrest Gump, Titanic, American Beauty, Varsity Blues or Dazed and Confused. I'm willing to be 90 percent of the people reading this list thought one of those movies would be number one.

This controversial choice may be controversial but I don't see why. It's one of the few comedies which actually received critical accalamation. It stars comedic genius Jim Carrey. The movie has a unique plot. Almost everyone I know thinks this movie is hilarious. It has excellent re-play value and it has a deep plot to be a comedy.

For anyone who doesn't know, the movie follows a lawyer named Fletcher who has a terrible habit of lying, even to his own son. However, at his son's birthday party, his son makes a wish that for just 24 hours, his dad couldn't tell a lie. The next day, Fletcher wakes up(after cheating on his wife, mind you) and can't lie(The wish came true.) What is Fletcher to do? He has cases where he was going to lie and defend a client but he can't.....(this would be a lawyer's nightmare in real life too.)

The movie is so funny, I must have seen it around 50 times now and I still double over in pain with laughter. Not only is this my favorite Jim Carrey movie, this is still(arguably) my favorite comedy of all time. The interesting thing is, actors and actresses who are not well known actually enhance the film and feed Jim Carrey. The ending is actually a little sappy and the plot goes deep at points: Which makes this movie more of a hit. This movie is suitable for anyone!

And that is all he wrote! The 1990's were a decade of epic movies(and much more.) Comment below what you think.


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  • Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, The Lion King, a bunch of anime movies, Jurassic Park

    and of course. Last but not least, Troll 2...

    • I've still never seen "Reservoir Dogs", or "Pulp Fiction." "The Lion King" is great but I don't care for anime movies too much. "Jurassic Park" was good but overrated in my opinion.

      I've never heard of "Troll 2"(I'm assuming it's a sequel to "Troy 1"?)

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    • Was it as bad as its reputation? Oddly enough, I never heard anything about it.

    • I haven't watched it in awhile so I don't remember too much about it but yeah it's just bad story and bad acting and overall cheesy.

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  • Im more of a horror fan so I agree with Scream being on the list. Toy Story was good it made me believe toys came to life when I wasn't around lol.

    My list would be
    1. Bride Of Chucky 1998
    2. Scream 1996
    3. Urban Legend 1998
    4. Basic Instinct 1992
    5. Usual Suspects 1995



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  • The Big Lebowski, dude. How could you forget that.

  • Damn this had a lot of feels. I grew up watching that Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles movie :D and also wanna add if you can put the Truman show you can put Shawshank Redemption. The Truman Show was over hyped.

    • Each to their own. I feel as if "The Shawshank Redemption" was over-hyped.

      I had never even HEARD of "The Truman Show" until 2008.

  • You left Jurassic Park out of the list! Also Interview With the Vampire, and Titanic.
    I agree with Teenage Mutan Ninja Turles, Toy Story, and Forrest Gump.
    Truman Show wasn't all that good, so I don't get why you listed it.

    • It's solely opinion man.

      I thought "Jurassic Park" was overrated. I liked it but I don't see why there was so much hype.

  • A very nice list, it is mindboggling you haven't included Pulp Fiction.