My Top 5 Time Wasters

So, anyone that's seen me around a bit wuld know that I'm a bit of an internet addict. I'm online a bloody hell of a lot, and would be on GAG a lot more if it weren't blocked at school.

But, I decided just then, out of the blue, that I want to share with you all, what I do on this great big expanse of nothing.

So. Here we go.

1. G@G

What? You didn't see this coming?

My Top 5 Time Wasters

I spend a bucket load of time on here guys. Did you really not expect to see it here?

2. PokeFarm

Yup. I'm a Pokemon fan.

This is my profile on PokeFarm yes. Get over it. Go click my eggs.( )

(Just so you know, I'm not a Pokemon fan who automatically assumes that makes me an anime fan. I don't like anime.)

3. Torn City

Heh, yeah. I like Torn. Growing out of it a bit though.

Basically, Torn is a text based rp where you are a criminal who makes money through illegal acts. You can get a job and all, but I've made over 30 mil by stealing and selling cans of energy drinks. (sadly the director of the company fired me. Don't know why...)

( )

4. Wattpad

I read and write. I'm an ameteur author. Why do you think I write so many takes? And that I'm an editor?

( ) Read my stuff, you will. Vote for me, you must.

Actually, no, seriously guys. Go check out my story Psychic, and tell me what you think. I would appreciate that so much.

5. Comics

Comics, comics everywhere.

So, this is Off-White, I have been following this comic for about six or so years now (holy heck . . . Don't think about it Bailey. That does not make you old.) and it is great.

Other comics I read: (Not a Villian)

If you want any others that I read just message me. I can't be stuffed putting them all down.

But yeah. This is what I do when I should be doing homework.


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  • Definitely going to be checking out Torn and Pokefarm :)

  • I used to be super obsessed with Wattpad and now I rarely log in there.

  • Wow and I thought I spent too much time online!