I Can't Social (filler)

I Can't Social (filler)

I can't social. That is a fact.

Nope, I'm not as socially inept as some people. But still.

(I am writing a lot of takes today)

The reason I can't social, possibly has something to do with my childhoo-

nope. Nope. I won't be that person.

Okay so what I'm talking about is my inability to get sarcasm. To pick up social hints. To realise when I'm going too far and should just shut the fuck up. And the whole anxiety thing of wondering if everyone just fucking hates me.

Im not that insecure. I'm really not. (I am I just pretend I'm not. Woo for fake arragancy and arsehole-ism) (I think I just worked out why people hate me.)

Okay. So. Why else can't I social?

Because I hate it!

I hate socialising! Just fuck people. Fuck off, leave me alone, don't talk to me and don't expect me to know who the fuck you are. Because I don't. You look exactly the same as every other white arse hole on the planet. (This is not racism if I'm bagging out my own skin colour)

I mean seriously. People say that Asians and black people and whatever else you categorise people into all look the same but they don't! White people do! We all look the fucking same! Why do you expect me to know who you are? Have we ever spoken before? Yes? When? Oh. You're the bitch who wouldn't close the fucking window in the middle of winter because you were hot! Take the jumper off! I'm sorry I didn't own a jumper! I'm sorry I was that sad poor kid with no friends who didn't own s fucking jumper! I go inside to stay warm and you go and let all the cold air in!

i can't social because people are cunts.

And I don't want to deal with them.

I have to deal with my family and they're cuntish enough so why do I have to deal with you?

I can't social because apparently I turn a perfectly good take into a bloody rant with all the swearing you can get. (It's not that much but I used to get slapped for swearing so this is a lot)

I can't social because I much prefer spend time with my gadgets and toys and things that I can control rather than with you unpredictable creatures that have a habit of annoying the piss out of me. And pissing me off. And all things piss apparently.

I can't social because I can't understand myself let alone other people.

I can't social because I spend s lot of my time complaining about my childhood.

I can't social because I'm scared to be myself.

I can't social because I've done things that I'm afraid of doing again. And as much as I am an arsehole. I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't want to do that thing again.

I can't social because I'm a depressive fuck who can't be alone for too long or she turns into what you see here. An idiot with dark thoughts.

I don't want to be around people. But people are what I need right now.

Why can't my boyfriend live in town?

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  • Well I can sort of kind of understand your feelings but I don't socialize because I haven't actively done so in almost a decade so I dunno how but I would like to.


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