Personality Disorders aren't as bad as they seem

Personality Disorders aren't as bad as they seem.

For this myTake I would like to try and bring up people. I want to tell you how having a psychological and/or personality disorder can be beneficial towards you as a human being. I have a lot, and I will only be going through mine because every other one is worthless. So let's begin.

Megalomania- You crave power and become obsessed with your own power. This is great so people cannot take advantage of you if you take a position of power, because you are obssessed with it and know other people cannot control it.

Narcissism- The obsession of yourself. With this, you will never have low self esteem and can get as confident as you want.

Sociopathic- Not feeling sympathy towards others. This will become handy in situations where you do not want to date someone anymore. You can break up with him/her without having to care about their feelings.

Plutocratic- The obsession of money. How would you like it if you were a lot more cautious with money? Most of the time from what I have observed, people with this are very cautious with their money. I cannot say this is true for everyone with this however.

Superiority Complex- Believing that you are superior to everyone. People may look down on you for this, but never fear. When you have this, you look down on everyone else! Everyone, and I mean everyone is inferior towards you. You are on top, and you don't have to care about others.

God Complex- Believing that you are god and/or believing that you are greater than god. This is basically the same with superiority complex, and having both is a dangerous combination.

Perfectionism- The pursuit of perfection. This is extremely useful because you never settle for low quality objects or services. You want everything perfect, and that alone makes things higher quality for you.

So, what disorders do you have? I'm happy to talk to you about it. I hope this made you feel better about yourself.


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  • You are the definition of delusional my friend.

    Yes there can be advantages to having a mental disorder (as some of these are mental, not personality linked) but generally, more times than not, the disadvantages out weigh the advantages.
    There is nothing helpful about having dyslexia. Or anxiety. Or depression. Your point on sociopathy (which is a mental disorder, not a personality disorder) is valid, as typically sociopaths won't pursue relationships let alone date as they don't see the need to. Yes they have needs, but unlike the rest of the world, they don't generally feel the need to put up with some bitch to fulfil those needs.

    I have a friend with a superiority complex. She knows she has it. She doesn't care, but it isn't getting her anywhere. All it's doing is making the rest of us want to wrap our hands around her neck and squeeze. Nobody else will put up with her.

    Greed and power are not advantages to having a mental disorder. Often times they are the down fall. How about gaining some maturity and actually researching these before you start making the gullible want these.

    • I'm not delusional, I am looking at things positively. Calling me delusional is calling everyone who is positive delusional. You should stop thinking so negatively/

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    • @baileyisDarcy
      the disordes make it impossible to confince him, since the disorders make him glorify himself, there for he will see these as positive things becuase it glorify's himself
      he simply refuses to see that the negative outwieghts the positive becuase that would mean he is less then he thinks, becuase of that it must be positive becuase he thinks he is so amazing

      so yhea.. no chance of confincing him

      Unfortunnaly he doesn't understand that its a disorder becuase it hurst the qualitiy of life more then it benifits it

      and @PublicEnemynumber-1
      If you're treuly a sociapath then these kind of sites would have no intrest to you since its based on other people commenting on you... wich you dont care for
      and if you do it for the social interaction then you cannot deny that some of these disorders hurt your social life

      i simply see 2 option here
      1. you're delusional as fk
      2. you're a lair

      If you care the slitested about anyone you're not a sociopath

    • @TheGamingOne This site isn't based on people commenting on me it's based on asking and answering questions. Plus, a sociopath is a person who does not care about other's feelings, giving me the ability to answer questions to full honesty.

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  • Oh boy we can name all our mental illnesses :D

    ADD (combined wit high IQ its a nasty combo)
    Anti social personalety disorder ( i hate people, i hate to spend time with you i want to be alone)
    machiavellianism (i only do things that benifit me)
    Superiority Complex (wich i refuse to give in to)
    DSPS (long story short, i can't sleep before 3 at night in a morning based society)
    Anger isseus
    Severe suppresion of anger and other emotion (geus how)
    Highly sensetive personality disorder (very strong feelings, when i see something embarecing on tv i feel so ashmed that i switch channels)

    now we had that fieldtrip

    you can tell me how im supposed to see this positife while every i tried to learn with about 4 hours of sleep a day, while the subject is so easy and boring you can't even focus on it? sleep deprevation kills my focus, ADD causes bad focus and concentration, high IQ its al very easy cuasing even less focus and concentration, and thanks to ADD i simply forget to take exams, forget to take tests failing the same year twice beacuse of that

    Well socially its better right?
    NO, First fo all i cannot bring myself to do anything that does not benefit myself and i hate spending time with people eventhough im simply amazing in social sitautions
    and even if im forst in a social situation then there are so many people talking and so much happening that i go crazy if i stay there too long (add related)

    And i must focus all day long to suppress most of my emotions so i dont react over the top.
    i have to do this so much it feels like im dead inside

    But lucky me!, there is a sort of good side towards all this right?
    you know the negative aspect wich affects you massively, packed into a positive few in a life time expierances?

    And do some proper research, the god complex is that you are convinced you're flawless and cannot do anything wrong, if anything goes wrong it is someone else his fault (eventhough you couldve messed everything up)
    And these complexes aren't set in stone, its something you created for yourself wich you can work on

    But i'd still like to hear those "positive" things you stated in your title

    • I am not here to make you feel better about yourself, that's your own job. You find the positives in them.

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  • You remind me of how my boyfriend is sometimes and this char from an anime I've seen, lelouch.

    only disorders I have is a mixture of ADHD/autism. They do affect my personality, way of thinking, etc.

  • I might be a narcissist, just because I used to feel very bad about myself and now I'm trying to do all the opposite

  • lol, well that was interesting, never thought about it from that perspective.

  • Lol?

  • I'm definitely a perfectionist! <3

  • I avoid people with any kind od personality disorder. I have a relative who has Bipolar and a relative who is a Sociopath. They have both destroyed peoples lives by their behaviour. They have left a path of devastation behind them.

    • You are making an assumption base off 2 people. That's like saying "My father abused me, so all fathers must be evil!"

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    • You still have yet to supply a name.

    • I highly doubt he could help me. :D

  • Disassociation, functioning.
    Basically when i get stressed and cannot deal with something, i start pacing and going over it in my head (usually for 4-5 hours at a time). Then my thoughts become the only focus, and for a few days after that everything around me doesn't feel real or tangible. When i look at my body, like my hands or legs they don't feel real or like they belong to me, and sometimes when it's really bad i have trouble recognizing myself in mirrors and just generally freak out about who my reflection actually belongs to.
    It got really bad in my last year of university, so i saw a therapist and now it's not so bad I know the process and all the triggers so i can stop it.

    I know what you're thinking, super fun FUN FUN!

    • I am assuming that was sarcasm.

    • Lol, the last bit is. The first bits true. It's like any thing though, somethings wrong you figure out what it is and how to deal with it. It's workable, everything is.

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  • Eh... personality disorder alone doesn't really do that much. They all look similar to me, money and power have a tendency to go hand in hand (they both give us influences); Narcissism, Superiority Complex and God Complex are also pretty much the same in my book - over-value one self.

    Everyone has a bit of disorder with themselves because otherwise they would all be monks, living in a mountain and eating air.

    Most of these will become problematic if you have low intelligence and lack discipline. Highly intelligence people with those traits tend to be very powerful and influential people.

  • I haven't been officially diagnosed but after recently having a physical exam, my doctor said that it's probable that I have an anxiety disorder.

    I looked up all of its symptoms, and I think I have it too, but I'm going to be switching therapists specifically for that.

  • Nice take. Very informative.

  • Most of what you mentioned are not severe personality disorders or even the kind that would come up in a psychology college class (I took one and didn't hear many of those).
    For somebody who has a serious personality disorder like bipolar or schizophrenia this MyTake is offensive because those disorders are disabling. Many end up homeless, in jail or remain on disability for the rest of their lives because they can't cope with their problems.

    • You say this is offensive even though the point of this is to be optimistic about your disorder? I see this disorder of yours is worse than I imagined.

    • Unless you have a disorder you don't get to tell people there is a silver lining to it. And that last comment proves you don't actually care and are just being an ass.

    • Everything has a bad side, but you should try and look at the good side.

  • Agreed. These are useful traits for a true alpha male such as myself.

  • I'm a perfectionist.

  • Sociopaths predominate in prisons, so I cannot agree that sociopathy is a good thing. I rather think genetic engineering needs to eliminate this like they would (if they could) colorblindness.