Do an 30 day challenge!

Do an 30 day challenge!

Today I watched the TED talk from Matt Cutts with the title: Try something new for 30 days. The idea got me and I want to try a challenge. I think a challenge for 30 days can change my life indeed, depending on which you choose it will be a big chance or just a small change.

What I like the most about this idea is that you can do these challenges without spending a lot of money and everywhere and any time.

If you can’t come up with an idea for a challenge here below you can find some ideas for your challenge.

1. Take a photo a day on your way to work.

2. Give up something for a month.

3. Listen to a new song every day.

4. Don’t watch to the news for 30 days

5. Run every day

6. Cycle to work or maybe just a part of it

7. Write down a positive thought a day

8. Take a picture of your meal.

9. Take up a new interesting hobby — tai chi, free running, pottery…

10. Don’t use social media for 30 days

11. Do something nice for someone else every day

12. Don’t complain for 30 days

13. Do a brain training puzzle a day

14. Write a poem a day.

15. Don’t buy anything new for a month.

More ideas you can find here: lifestyle/hundred-30-day- challenge-ideas/

Pick your 30 day challenge — do it every day for 30 days — change your life in a month

Good luck!!

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  • Good idea - I was on a health and fitness kick up to St. Patrick's day and Easter. I must get back into that. I order some books on my Amazon gift cards from my old account so I must get back into reading. I must get back into writing even a journal and I have been threatening to write a few takes. I will try and use a 30 day challenge to get me started.