The control freaks of the world and why I can't understand them!

I have noticed a lot in the past months how some people are only about "me me me" I mean in everything from parents, partners to even friends trying to control you and tell you what to do it and I'm sick of it. I'm sick and tired of the controlling behavior of people and I decided this mytake will be about the people I do not like and why. Sorry if there any bad grammar or spelling mistakes I don't care to change it.

Controlling parents

You probably have them or you have friends who have these control parents as parents. One big reason why I hate these parents is that they don't care for their child's happiness or they claim they do in their own sick twisted way. I mean by setting their child up with their career path choices, who they can see (dating wise) or be friends, what they can do on their spare time, if they can move out or not etc. I feel like if I love my child why would I control their life in a way they don't want it to be? and if it all falls apart (like they hate their job and quit it and end up homeless) shouldn't I feel or be held responsible? its not about the child its all about them they revovle their child life their decisions around them. Claiming its the right thing to do but if they truly knew their child feelings would they keep doing it? yes because its not about love for their child its all about them. I'm sick and tired of these parents I will never become this parent because I feel like my child should have the right to their own life and if they makes mistakes that's on them its their mistakes not their parent's mistakes.

The control freaks of the world and why I can't understand them!

Controlling partners

Boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wifes whatever you call your lover your poo bear you get it.

Now these type of people I don't understand them in general they change your life to suit theirs but they don't realize you can easily replace them any second. I had a ex who use to control me and I couldn't deal with it anymore. The more they control you the.More.You.Want.To.Snap. Its so ridiculous how they try to control you and the reasons oh lord the reasons. Like for example don't talk to this boy. Why? he been my best friend for 4 years. I don't like how he acts around you. Like they give spit out a dumb ass reason for them to control you. I believe now if they love you they wouldn't try to control you to do what they want. I have no time for shitheads like these in my life.

They use your fear of losing them to gain power I think its mostly the power they love so they do what it takes to have that power over you and they enjoy the hell out of it. Fuck these people.

Controlling friends

I hate these type of friends these people will try to make you do what they want like controlling parents and controlling partners. I think controlling friends piss me off the most its like yo in a few years I won't remember your ass don't stop acting like your important to me and I should do what you say. I mean these friends will tell you who you can hang out with, tell you not to hang out people they don't want you around with, and they think their opinion matters in your life. Fuck these people and fuck all control freaks I believe in everyone should be free as a bird.


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  • Despite what we are told, most people don't want to live in a free society. Most people want to live in a fascist society where everyone else has to conform to the way they want them to be. Very few people are okay with the personal freedoms of others. Even political parties that seem to have nothing in common share this trait. The right generally want to tell us how to live and thereby save our souls, whereas the left want to tell us how to live and thereby save us from ourselves. It seems like everyone is telling everyone else how they should live their personal lives. They think they know what is better for that person, than that person does. So people controlling you is something you will have to deal with for your entire life.

    Of course you can take anything to an extreme, but overall, I do understand why parents tell their kids what to do. I don't always agree with them, but overall I do understand why they are controlling up to a point. Unfortunately a lot of people take it too far.

    "they don't realize you can easily replace them any second." They do realize that. Which is why they rip apart your confidence to the point you stop believing that you could replace them. I think boys and girls should be trained better at spotting an emotionally abusive partner, so they can escape before any lasting damage is done on their confidence.

    I have never had any controlling friends. I can't stand those people long enough to become friends with them, but I have met them. They typically have a hierarchy in their group, and for lack of a better word consider themselves the alpha. This would be alpha is easy to spot, and should be avoid at all costs. It has been my experience that they generally seek out people with low confidence to be friends with because they like being in charge.

    • Unfortunately this is true. Most people need rules and order, because they can't handle true freedom.

      Having freedom requires a big set of skills like self-responsibility, self-created morals (and not just copying what is believed to be wrong or right), overcoming the fear from the lack of safety which more freedom creates (freedom and safety are contradictions. More of one almost always results in less of another), etcetc.

      Only few people really have such a set of skills and thus prefer to be lead, to follow authorities or simply follow the mass.

      Being a control-freak isn't any different. Just that the control isn't fully from the outside, but also from the inside, but often a result of various fears and the desire to feel more safety and stability.

    • @FakeName123 You bring up some good points.

  • Well first off I don't try to control anyone. If my SO doesn't have our MUTUAL best interest at heart and in mind then she can get the hell out. You spew about control freaks such as a parent , yet your age does not appear on this post. If you not yet considered an adult in the eyes of the court system your parents are legally responsible for the shit you do this it is their right to tell your ass what to do. If a friend of mine tells me I shouldn't hang out with a person or persons I take their advice into account , I make up my own mind how ever but I don't get all but hurt over it.

    • I know about the parents part but you do really have to force them in a career they do not want to be in? or tell them certain people are not good but you never met these people so you can't be judgmental and its not for your child. But sure you can say it and that be done I mean friends you keep pressure you not to hang with that person. I have known who did that to other people. I meant those types of friends.

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    • I know that but I just want to make a mytake on this so I did

    • I understand young Lady. You did make some viable points

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  • I could not agree more! Let me tell you what I have learned about controlling people. Inside, they feel out of control of themselves and it gives them so much anxiety they think they can fix that by controlling someone else. These people are mentally and emotionally sick. Fuck them though! They are emotional predators.